Kash Doll - Feel Something Lyrics

[Teyana Taylor:]
Yeah, mm
Yeah, yeah
Hey, ha

[Kash Doll:]
All these diamonds ain't gon' keep me warm at night
Plus my jeweler, he just left to catch a flight
It's a shame just 'cause I'm bossy, dripped in ice
Made it hard to find a nigga unintimidated by my life
Look, do I got time to want somebody? I'm on tour
How I'm supposed to love somebody? I'm not sure
Too busy throwin' dollar bills in
But every now and then I tap into my feelings
Ride, ride, ride, I need a rider
Got my own bag, he still be providin' (Damn)
Callin' up daddy (Ayy)
We in it fastly (Ayy)
I need to get nasty (Ayy)

[Teyana Taylor:]
Don't need no more designer, yeah
I've been with all the finest, yeah
I just need a real one (Need a real one)
To make me, make me feel some
'Cause I'm just tryna wine, dine
And be together long time
But you gotta be special
So baby, make me feel some
So baby, make me feel some

[Kash Doll:]
Laying in these silk sheets, rollin' through that car lot
Got plenty options but I'm way too picky for 'em all
My bad habits be like, fuck it, we know how to ball (Oh yeah)
Do you see me or do you see me my money gettin' tall?
Look, can I trust you when I'm in a different time zone?
Wanna be your wifey but I don't know if the time's wrong
I'm a queen, need a king right here on the throne
Ass out, throw that back out, ayy

[Teyana Taylor:]
Don't need no more designer, yeah
I've been with all the finest, yeah
I just need a real one
To make me, make me feel some
'Cause I'm just tryna wine, dine
And be together long time
But you gotta be special
Baby, make me feel some
So baby, make me feel some

[Kash Doll:]
Money over boys, money over boys
Always been my choice, been my first choice
This paper over niggas somethin' I endorse (That's right)
But now I'm in feelings, wanna share my toys
Got the Audemars to match, nothing else attached (That's right)
Adding to my stash, I cannot relax
Just like a fire beat without a tag
Bad bitch about her bag
It's my year, Kash right here, be my, yeah

[Teyana Taylor:]
Don't need no more designer, yeah
I've been with all the finest, yeah
I just need a real one (Need a real one)
To make me, make me feel some
'Cause I'm just tryna wine, dine
And be together long time
But you gotta be special
Baby, make me feel some
Baby, make me feel some

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    This sounds like Chris brown hurt the same

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    wait wasn't there more views than 120,066? or am I tripping?

  3. Nautral Nay

    Go KD💓 ima be there you got my attention in Cleveland Ohio when them lights went out when you were performing. That shot was RAW you kept rapping💥💥💥💥💥 learned from you. In your words "Make them know who you are."

  4. Chris G

    This album trash..hopefully cardi ex can get her on the map..these nursery rhymes are making my ears bleed #stepthebarsup

  5. Danielle Henry

    love from new zealand see you in 2020

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    underrated af

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    I only know bout these people from shaderoom but they're actually talented. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    New song working for the president comming soon

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    This song is fire and she is underrated 😤❤️❤️❤️

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    Paschal Agwunobi

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