Karen O - The Moon Song Lyrics

I'm lying on the moon
My dear, I'll be there soon
It's a quiet and starry place
Times we're swallowed up
In space we're here a million miles away

There's things I wish I knew
There's no thing I'd keep from you
It's a dark and shiny place
But with you my dear
I'm safe and we're a million miles away

We're lying on the moon
It's a perfect afternoon
Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I'm
Okay and we're a million miles away

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Karen O The Moon Song Comments
  1. Laly Xiong

    I keep coming back to this song and movie even after years have passed by. That's the effect it has on me.

  2. Phoebe Kaplan

    bea’s cover is too good

  3. TwiztedVampire

    People here talking about the movie, me just enjoy hearing Karen O sing 🥺

  4. squidwardcreatedaprettygoodpainting

    I jerked off listening to this

  5. UGC

    As shitty life can be, you are much stronger than you think... Keep your head up :)

  6. Jenifer Malavé

    My dear I'll be there soon
    It's a quiet and started place
    With you my dear I'm safe

  7. James Taylor

    "Her" broke me in half

  8. Luana Siqueira

    so I meet someone 3 years ago and we discovered we both know that song and we play and sing it together, also recorded. now we live together and we are having difficult moments in life but as I listen to this song I feel so embraced cause even life is difficult our relationship is honest (There's no thing I'd keep from you) and bigger than life problems. I believe we will pass trough all of it. if we are together, we are safe

  9. Deep Sea

    This movie make me feel like piece of shit, it's gonna make you realize how horrible you're in relationship.

  10. Slagjan Biskovski

    This is beautiful, kinda gives me the Life is Strange vibe ❤

  11. Hanna Elizabeth Castro Herrera

    Im crying

  12. arturleaorf

    this and the scarjo version are completely different. hers is very airy, almost as if she’s losing breath, and kind of other worldly, this feels more down to earth in a way.

  13. Aaditya Rauniyar


    It's the best cover for this song so far. I am not remotely connected to the channel, I just liked it and want the world to see this cover and support the channel. Kindly click the link and see. If you do infact like it, a like will help the YouTube community to find this song as well. Share love

  14. Franco Aranguren

    esta canción me recuerda a Ti An Maury ...

  15. lizzy

    i need katerino to do a full cover of this

  16. João Borges

    God damnit Carson, you lucky bitch

    Ahmet Toprak

    lmao, i'm here from that stream too.


    @Ahmet Toprak me too my man

  17. Mrs. Dream

    Who came here because of the movie bubble gum?

  18. Kaye

    I'm lying on the moon
    My dear, I'll be there soon
    It's a quiet starry place
    Time's we're swallowed up
    In space, we're here a million miles away

    There's things I wish I knew
    There's no thing I'd keep from you
    It's a dark and shiny place
    But with you my dear
    I'm safe and we're a million miles away

    We're lying on the moon
    It's a perfect afternoon
    Your shadow follows me all day
    Making sure that I'm okay and
    We're a million miles away

  19. Nitin

    Reminds me of a girl, who's million miles away.. what's the extent of missing someone? For I, feel its been an eternity..

  20. Misfortune Follows

    im not sure how we all wound up here

  21. Call Me Comrade

    I came here after Katerino sang this to CallMeCarson


    Actually same

    Jaffa d Goon

    Kate sang it better too

  22. Haley Magana

    Cute song

  23. Nicholas Hall

    Carson was like AWOOGAAAAA when kate sung this

  24. mariana

    kate 🥺🥺 you’ll never see this but i love your voice

    Nicholas Hall

    Carson's going awooga rn

  25. Aleyna A.

    Güvende hissettiriyor...

  26. Account

    I listened to this song about a year ago and I saw the movie a couple months ago I now know how to play this on guitar and I just love this song and the movie

  27. 정성경

    a spike jonze love story

  28. Denise Guzman

    I look forward to hearing this at night and cry myself to sleep 👍🏻

  29. Ben

    I met someone and they're gone now. The hole they left can never be filled. The sense of direction we gave eachother only for it to eventually point us in the wrong direction. I miss her. Alot. I wish it got easier.

  30. 한라산

    그냥 좋음

  31. ShlumDOG

    The faster the playback speed is the less depressing

  32. Ausfaq

    getting a very faint autumn leaves vibe???

  33. KoalasFuckingSuck69

    I hava a problem, im actually in love with the moon.

  34. mmairee

    open your eyes.
    can you see him?
    the mighty prince from the galaxy of blue.
    he sits atop of a small,
    blue star.
    his coat made of the blue bondings of star dust.
    a telescope in hand,
    made from the silver galaxy,
    where he is searching.
    searching for his lost love.

    ~ ~ ~

    the mighty prince flies so gracefully
    through many galaxies,
    with his heart growing fonder,
    his fingertips ever so slightly
    touching each and every star
    searching for her presence.

    ~ ~ ~

    it has been a while now.
    the prince of the blue galaxy
    is still searching.
    his eyes open,
    for his love.
    she is laying,
    ever so peacefully,
    atop of her loved silver star,
    wearing a coat
    made from the blue bondings of star dust
    from the blue galaxy.
    her long lost love.

    ~ ~ ~

    the prince has travelled great distances
    to search for her.
    now he is here.
    open your eyes now,
    and you’ll know
    that he has met his goal.

    ~ ~ ~

    a prince of blue.
    his outline,
    she sees in a distance.
    he sees her;
    a beautiful figure,
    through his telescope
    made out of the silver
    that she made for him.
    the far distant galaxies settle peacefully;
    alas, for they have now met their goal.
    the prince flies ever so gracefully
    towards her.
    they look into each other’s eyes,
    as they are the portals
    to the universe’s soul.
    he takes her delicate,
    silver hand.
    she takes his fond,
    blue hand.

    ~ ~ ~

    a trip throughout the universes
    they will take.
    may the princess and prince
    rest at peace now,
    for they have fell in love,
    perfect for their souls,
    their eyes forever open,
    for they have met their goal.

    ~ ~ ~

  35. David Garabito

    I can't help but cry every time I hear this song.

  36. Ellasena Divinaché

    This desire of touching that person that u love carress her and kiss her to see deeply in her eyes but there's between us a million miles away

  37. Sam Black

    I think the line that got me the most in this movie was "It's like I've already felt everything I'm ever going to feel"

  38. karl

    Karen took the kids

  39. Anna Shaw

    This movie was so raw and beautiful.

  40. J.J.

    This is the kind of song that makes you feel that you wish you had someone.

  41. Lando What

    I'm sorry

  42. Kristian Zantua

    I miss you Camille, I'm stuck between fighting for what we "have" but I don't want to stop you from healing, if I'm hindering you from that, then I'll accept it even though it hits like a sledgehammer. Timing never really was my thing, I'm sorry for being irrational, it's not like me, really. There's just... something about you, I was falling hard, and falling fast, and you weren't ready for it. I'm sorry, it must've put a lot of pressure on you. But if there's a chance you're reading this, I just want you to thank you for everything, maybe someday we can go back to where we left off. I miss you, you fucking caprisun

  43. Thuận Thiên Nguyễn

    Her brought me here

  44. MrSean5123


  45. Nathalie Torres

    A million miles away

  46. Janna Maglaqui

    I made a cover of this song. Come check it out? ♥

  47. nova larocca

    my dear, i’ll be there soon.

  48. Bonn Czech

    Adventure time vibe

  49. eve froot

    I hope you're happy and in love. even though you left me i love you enough to always want the best for you. please take care and try your best to be happy. I'll always love you. i still think about you everyday.

  50. ShlumDOG

    This song sounds just as good but more positive with playback speed up 2

  51. Gacha Grave

    reminds me of sailor moon

  52. Arkaprava Chakraborty

    An Introvert, listening n the middle of the night in a dark empty room with an empty heart in 2019

  53. Kevin

    I miss you Tammy 💕

  54. Sierra Ashley

    Hi, I really love this song can anyone recommend other songs like this one

  55. Lauryn Gibson

    i was 12 when this movie came out, and its only getting more beautiful.

  56. MALAKI the TERRIBLE 222

    Such a happy sad song😞☺ love it

  57. dave Douglas

    my main problem with the movie is the guys cell phone. dude is constantly on the phone, and you never see him charge the phone once!!!! WTF

  58. sᴇɴsɪᴛɪᴠᴇ _ʙᴏɪ

    Now I can have good dreams while I sleep at night ! :D

  59. lina winters

    Өнөөдөр би чамайг
    Өчигдрийнхөөсөө арай жоохон их саналаа...

  60. Annette Strauss

    I have no romantic story, i just love this fucking song.

  61. Jonathan Meddis

    This song makes me feel ok no matter what, it reminds me that life is beautiful not in spite of adversities but because of them. We are all doing the best we can to find peace, we fall so hard but are still capable to get up and find our slice of meaning in this universe.

    And now my eyes are sweaty.

  62. Sofía González C.

    Me rompe el alma.

  63. Black Clover

    Phichim if you ever read this... You were the best I ever knew.. I think things ended up for good.... You are a different person, this world doesn't deserve you.... I hope by the time you read this, you have some fat ass healthy kids.... 😂😂😂
    Always yours....

  64. Wyllia

    Missing someone is harder when you love this song.
    I think I will watch Her again this evening. I love so much this movie

  65. Junior Teixeira

    pqp que coisa linda

  66. luison022

    Y de repente aparece un comentario en español.

  67. Lorenzo Villafana

    what's up foo'!? what the fuck you doing!?

  68. Danny M

    this Song reminds me of the constant battles i have with my own head. Telling me to try harder but always finding fear ti make me invisible. I just never thought id ever want someone to understand me so much than now. Its like im blank and i cant write anything on my paper because no matter how often i look for a pencil ill lose and ill always forget what i wanted to write down.

  69. Natalie Riddle

    this is one of the songs that sound like something your mom would sing to you when you were six

  70. Sabina Lamsal

    I'm lying on the moon
    My dear, I'll be there soon
    It's a quiet and starry place
    Time's we're swallowed up
    In space we're here a million miles away
    There's things I wish I knew
    There's no thing I'd keep from you
    It's a dark and shiny place
    But with you my dear
    I'm safe and we're a million miles away
    We're lying on the moon
    It's a perfect afternoon
    Your shadow follows me all day
    Making sure that I'm
    Okay and we're a million miles away

  71. Harsh Singh

    917 people's OS cheated on them

  72. Micael Judá

    Eu amo essa música <3

  73. Luna Paola


  74. Wahyu Gilang satiaji

    Sebenernya aku mau minta kontak kamu tapi bingung gimana ngomongnya dan takut engga di kasih karena baru juga kenal beberapa hari udah minta kontak aja ga sopan wkwk tapi pengen aja rasanya ngobrol langsung gitu 😅
    Atau gini aja deng, ini ga win-win solution sebenernya cuman kalo kamu kasih kontak kamu, kasih aku challenge juga buat dapetin kontak kamu, gimana?

    Wahyu Gilang satiaji

    Atau apa kek yg lebih enak, pokoknya aku gamau dapet kontak kamu secara cuma-cuma 😂

  75. Usual A

    Can someone tell me what‘s the music genre of this song?


    white rose acoustic

  76. Einshine

    Her, please make movies like this again 2019

  77. I Don't Know Elisa

    Wow I used to cry to this song like everyday and now I’ve met the love of my life whom calls me his moon and now the song has changed for me because I literally cried to this and repeated it like 1000x times

  78. Salujathustra

    Sometimes I look at the glass of water and wonder that it's free. I mean of everything this glass of water is free, something that fills you with life. You cannot have a drop more than is needed to sate your thirst. Same with the air, same with everything that is essential to life. Should be same with the love, unless sensuous ego creeps in and lays it claim on love, turns it into a verb and itself becomes the doer, and says, I love you, and love becomes identifiable with a person, with an I, and the corruption sets in. Love is free for all, it's not security, rather it's poverty, because its robs you of your self. Love? Could it ever be made? Yet we make it.

  79. nobody

    I havent felt any romantic attraction till now. Im worried.
    My mom too.
    19 is still young you might say.
    But a crush has never crossed my mind. Is this normal for a GIRL.

    Friends falls in love recklessly.

    And here i am still wondering if i was born not to fall at all.

  80. jh72826 Harris

    I hated this movie. But that ending was still really sweet

  81. Uyan Nawi

    Sad.. im breaking up tday

  82. Brandon Patino

    I’m listening to this in a very strange time in my life. I’ve been thinking about my own abilities to handle and manage a real relationship despite not technically being in one at the moment. I feel very excited about my future though and I would truly like to do my best if anything ever comes up in this. I want to be the best possible partner to this person and to see her happy really makes my whole day so much brighter.

  83. Alan S

    Holy shit I never realized until now but this is the same singer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! She sounds so different here

  84. nova larocca

    if I could sing id sing this for someone, but sadly im untalented and would cry because it'd remind me of this movie.

  85. totheworldquinntt

    So beautiful ...

  86. im confused

    HAPPY RANT! This is my comfort song for a million different reasons. I'm pretty young so I've been going through a lot of anxiety and fear about my future and who I am and what really matters and all, as I'm growing up. In this process I met a wonderful girl, ten hours away from me. She's my best friend. I love her. She makes me feel safe and happy and she's all I could ask for in a friend. We Facetime daily and she's always there for me and I'm always there for her. We kept saying "we'll finally meet this summer, hopefully". But today, it was sort of a sucky day. I was in my room, watching videos like usual after every schoolday. My mom called me and said, "Hey, Margie (our neighbor) brought something for you." And I was like "alright." I don't talk to her so I was like, "whatever", you know? What could this mYSteRy thing be? I opened my door and she was there. I vaguely remember blanking out, but she's real. She's actually real. She just went back to her hotel and she's staying for two more days. Now I'm sitting in my room once again holding this huge stuffed animal she got me because oh my god, she's real! I couldn't be happier, I've never been happier. She's my best friend. Cherish your best friend forever, alright? Whether you can or can't see them every single day, they're there. And trust me, you'll find one. She popped up on my feed randomly, she joined a livestream I was broadcasting. Friends are sort of like that, they'll appear when you least expect them. There's always someone there for you. Oh my lord, she's actually *real*. I couldn't be more in love platonically. When you're in your down, there will always be someone. Just a few hours earlier I was feeling like I didn't belong, stressing about the small stuff, worrying too far ahead. Then a bit later I was lying in the grass staring up at the clouds during golden hour, holding hands with my best friend. Smile. There's always going to be something to smile about, whether you know it or not.

  87. Manuela Jimenez

    The feels in these comments.. jesus

  88. Salujathustra

    In falling in love one catches the flight.
    Are you willing to let go the illusory rope of Self?
    Abyss calling, and here, I'm faaaaaallllinnnnng!

  89. Adel Susulan

    Can anyone recommend me a similar film like “her”?

  90. Alexey Dyakonov

    Can't stop smiling and listening it's 2019 outside

  91. remy ma

    I’m so lonely

  92. Sara

    I loved you so much. I gave you every part of me and you rejected it; all of it. I remember watching this movie as our first date and both crying together. Maybe we knew one day we would end up a million miles away. "...both of us grow and change together. But then, that's the hard part - growing without growing apart, or changing without it scaring the other person.”

  93. Call Me Hatman

    Don't worry, there's someone out there that does loves you, please stop crying. (Talking to My self Btw :'D)( if you are reading this i love u)

  94. Kalani .H

    Why am I crying at the club right now