Karen O - Native Korean Rock Lyrics

Y'know growing up in these modern times ain't easy
Things are getting you down
There's one thing you should keep in mind
And that's

No one understands
You can't throw punches, kid
When you're sitting on your hands

Screens are flashing, kid, they say
No use trying
The latest fashion is to quit
All your crying

Ooooh get out kid when you can
Ooooh you'll be fine

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Karen O Native Korean Rock Comments
  1. Uta mag Pute

    How i Love to listen Karen o and feel free , when i Jump through my room 🖤

  2. Albert ardis cohn

    Was watching VHI CLASSICS and MAPS came on. I'm of The MTV generation. So I feel in love with not only the sound. Visaually your a shinning 🌟. And just as musicallly awesome today .as back then.

  3. Pickol Kidman

    Cómo amo esta canción, Dios!

  4. Joey Tapia

    Reminds me of a female Daniel Johnston.

  5. Bridgett Collis

    I love the fact that all these songs have an original sketch.