Karen O - I Shall Rise Lyrics

As I walk through frozen sands
Through the flames of burning lands
My feet are torn, they're torn to strands
I will not thirst

As I cross the raging sea
Waves are crashing over me
They drag me down, they drag me down
I will not drown

They'll know my name
After the storms are passing through
They'll know my name
When they've forgotten all about you
They'll know my name
After the storms are passing through
They'll know my name
When they've forgotten all about you

They're calling out, they're calling out my name
They're calling out, they're calling out my name

And I shall rise, oh well I shall rise
Again and again
I shall rise, oh well I shall rise
Again and again
And I shall rise, oh well I shall rise
Again and again
I shall rise, oh well I shall rise
Again and again

I shall rise, oh well I shall rise
Again and again
I shall rise oh well I shall rise
Again and again

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Karen O I Shall Rise Comments
  1. Даша Мордовина


  2. Zhen 98

    Wish it had more lyrics, was a bit repetitive....

  3. Alan Palazzo

    We need more tomb raiders !!!

  4. 管智敏

    Best Tomb Raider Game ever

  5. Ioannis Nanakas

    Karen O: They' ll know my name thanks to you Lara

  6. Luka Öhler

    Nice flashbacks i cry a bit

  7. Леонид Михайлов

    i watched this video just because i love karen o's songs and damn now i want to play this game so bad

  8. София Гуторович

    Very beautiful

  9. Marcos Rod

    Eres el peoooooor

  10. Puro

    Great game, glad I stayed for the end, which I almost never do.

  11. Jari Varjosola

    Miss you so much my love .......everyday and every minute

  12. Нейт

    Wow!! LIKE.

  13. Lucy A

    This song is so beautiful

  14. Excalibur

    Rise of the tomb raider ending was amazing or was it just me? So sad that the triology is over..

  15. Vampless

    i oddly found this song from a video on xvideos of a comp of sfm lara croft getting fucked

  16. mohit9270

    Not able to download.

  17. Joseline Rodiguez

    Esta canción me pone sad :""v

  18. Lake 29

    Is it an official trailer ? Cause it rocks!

  19. Ardit Shehu

    Man what a trilogy!
    Dont give a fuck about that this game was under radar.. I dont give a shit i enjoyed every minute of this games.... Amazing games... Thanks creators!!

  20. OhSadSatan


  21. Zviad Kochalidze

    One off my love song. BRAVO

  22. Bima Sudiarto

    A glorified thief and cold blooded murderer, a desecrator of tombs and a whiny entitled bitch. Definitely NOT an archeologist. And yes, I've completed playing ALL the games in the series, even from the very first TR in 1996, back in my college days.

    I just love the gameplay, is all. In terms of character, Nathan Drake is night and day better, and is actually likable.

  23. Madness

    I have finished Tomb Raider ,Rise of Tomb Raider and Shadow of Tomb Raider just a week ago.And it was awesome.

  24. Howler

    Ah i love it. Lara will always be special to me.

  25. Malhama Tactical

    Best , Best !

  26. pramod khaparde

    I wanna be like lara croft the is so amazing and having a fulllist life so lucky😳

  27. LOKI OP

    Such a underrated voice. You deserve better then 100 millions views.

  28. Faith Anne Lequigan

    Gives me LA Noire vibes idk why :))

  29. TRT Studios

    Reminds me of momo 1 mil

  30. Geo Nif

    I wasn't sure of buying this game but this made up my mind

  31. nabil bendjebass

    Far better than shadow of the tomb raider.

  32. subin k

    am i the only one listening coz of karen o

    Joris Ressing

    subin k well the song was made specifically for the game so I'm not surprised

  33. Dorian White

    I think Rise of the Tomb Raider is probably my best game of the series to me...

  34. Spartanll7x


  35. Solid Neo

    The dislikes are from Uncharted fans

  36. Fabian Zurek

    Kto przeszedł tą grę na maksymalnym poziomie daje like.

  37. sarthak Bhardwaj

    That look at 2:13 is gonna make me cry

  38. D3BoOoL 94

    who remember this in 2019 and the beautiful game and end anyone in 2019?


    Everyone has forgotten.
    Silly question.

  39. SarcasticFOX

    I love it!

  40. apinankives

    After completing the game 5 times i just came here and play this song <3

  41. flipz the normal guy

    Hey yall im from 2019 and i just finished shadow of the tomb raider so that's fun

  42. Thea Lane

    I shall go down again and again


    Exactly :)

  43. Sam Dee

    2019 anyone? =]

  44. judy farman


  45. miaology

    Honestly this song is so good. When i first heard it I HATED it, but now I literally LOVE it so so so much.


    Yeah and it matches the game so well...

  46. Stan Syndrome

    I am abit gutted I missed out on the first 3 on ps1 I had N64. It would of been nice to have it on the ps1 classic with tenchu, Dino crisis and silent hill. I was so disappointed with the ps1 classic. I can’t wait for the next TR it will happen she is too big for it not to.

  47. Simón Montero

    I just finished this awesome Game and I am here cuz of this beautiful song in the credits.

  48. th1e_f

    karen where are my kids


    One of the best games ever!

  50. Ким Семенов

    Это шедевр!!!

  51. Shawn Shirian

    This couldve been used in Kill Bill

  52. Nestor Martinez Franco

    Cuando esta historia se acabó sentí un enorme vacío en mi pecho... 😔

  53. Ítalo A.

    What a incredible game! Love it!

  54. A. H. A

    Rip Jacob

  55. Joshua Diaz

    Lara ❤️

  56. protectbodythetans

    Still I Rise

  57. Vladimir Olegovich


  58. Kemelly Walesca

    Essa música e maravilhosa .

  59. MissMichSan

    I fell in love now I know I need to play this. Karen o thank you.

  60. Martin445

    I really love this game

  61. Mason Brokaw

    one of the best thems and game of all time

  62. Shaq WickedCat

    too many trinity follower here

  63. Matthias Bärlocher

    Creativity-Work-Strike TILL-PAID STAYS-FACTUM

  64. Simon Mallison

    It's in the game

  65. Rene Maurice Pereira

    Thinking bout making this my personal anthem.

  66. TheLeoRash

    One of the best songs I have ever heard. It would be perfect if you rerecord all yor songs in this quality. Best wishes to you Karen O.

  67. Ardit Shehu

    Amazing game. Just finished Shadow of the tomb raider! Best trilogy ever! Love Lara! 😉


    My favourite 3 games, can't wait to see whats next.

  68. Angel Dust

    Есть кто русский?

  69. Agent Bella 07

    She shall Rise ...

  70. Paula Brazauskas

    But no hate, love you Karen!

  71. Paula Brazauskas

    For example: The first, "They'll know mY nAmE!

  72. Paula Brazauskas

    This is a really good song, but Karens voice cracks alot and she pauses and peaks too much.

  73. baby yoda


  74. Saleh Lambaz

    I shall rise will i shall rise again and again ❤💪

  75. Thunder Andy

    It’s so hard to find your music online pls give me your sheet

  76. dankish rogue

    I hope when they port Tomb Raider 2013 onto PS5, they put this face model on the original one for consistency.

  77. dankish rogue

    Rise of TR was beautiful. Shadow was disappointing af.

  78. Zunair Wasim

    Best game ever!!!

  79. Inspecteur Callahaine

    I don't know if the part at 2:26 is a good or a bad idea. It looks very cool but it also shows the trick with these games: always running from a collapsing environment looses its impact when it's repetitive

    dankish rogue

    It's to build tension. In a game where you respawn easily you need these tense moments to build hype and progress the storyline. These moments only work in certain situations where it is possible. Like in this scenario, she is on top of a snowy mountain, so it is possible an avalanche might occur. The devs made use of the environment and made the game fall into the realm of realism. Sorry, went on too long.

  80. Lea Haus

    I totally forget about this :o

  81. Emmanouil m

    Mistake at first lyrics... As I walk through frozen sands it says

  82. Manuel Köhler

    1st Tomb Raider Game song by a professional Artist. And guess what... awesome. As it should be (and has could been always been).

  83. DifferentNepal

    The dislikes are probably the trinity.... Sub me if i made you laugh

  84. renner kim

    멜론에도 추가좀...

  85. Anh Khoa

    Just finished the game, it's fantastic as hell. Jacob, Jonah, Anna, people in the Valley, the deathless and Lara, the storyline is damn good. God, i gotta buy Shadow of the Tomb Raider now!


    I forgot how beautiful Rise was damn

  87. Zahir Əliyev

    men qalxacagam!!!

  88. piddielo

    Fa cagare

  89. Sevan [•_•]

    В этой игре у всех ак нет газоотводной трубки а значит ниодин калаш не может стрелять

  90. Shpendi Shabani

    Damn this was a good game we cant wait to play the shadow of Lara Croft

  91. WhoShotJohnnyJoestar

    in english class rn

  92. Knut Hamsun

    I used to listen this song when I was on a mountain peak among the forest. Incredible

  93. XiSoRz Chriss

    After i finished rise of the tomb raider,i started crying when this song came up,i was like,WEEEHH,i must listen this song.Such a beautiful story and such a real life LEGEND!

  94. Azazel Viking

    After the newest one,can the creators show us any new?

  95. Petr Koky

    416 people dislikes... Maybe are they Trinity members :D

  96. DaviD

    Отличная игра , плохой сценарий. Немного обидно за такой упоротый сюжет. Но когда прошёл дополнение "Имение Крофт" , игра все равно вернулась в плане истории в моих глазах)