Karen Clark Sheard - If I Can't Say A Word Lyrics

If I can't say a word I'll just wave my hand
If I can't say a word I'll just wave my hand
I get so full I would explain it if I could
God's been just that good

Sometimes I get so filled up
Like an overflowing cup
Can't seem to find the right words to say
Holy Spirit have your way


When I think of his love for me
The way he looks out for me
Sometimes I find myself speechless
His favor leaves me breathless


Can I just wave it [repeat]

God's been just that good

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Karen Clark Sheard If I Can't Say A Word Comments
  1. D J

    Queen K👸🏽❤️

  2. Ebony Dabney

    Sometimes that’s all I can do he is more than GOOD HE IS Amazing wonderful magnificent there’s no words to describe how good he’s been in the bad times I look back he’s been. Hallelujah glory to God praise his holy name oh my God my God

  3. Keela Rosebure


  4. D D

    I raise my hands in adoration Lord!

  5. Stoned Mermaid

    I always come to this song

  6. Jp Sanchez

    This song is amazing!!!!

  7. AlimahBeautyandBrains

    no longer a Christian and will always return to gospel for the inspiration beyond religion!!


    Same. I consider myself a spiritual person, not "Christian", and I feel closer to God that way and I feel the same about seeking gospel music. It's meditation for me. 😌😇🕊

  8. angela denise

    Real talk for real.

  9. Will Rodgers

    Karen sings the spirit into this song! OMG. So many of us have been in this place and space. To God be the glory!

  10. Rose Gold

    I grew up on this album

  11. ♊QueenOfSwords♊

    I love this song!

  12. Stephanie parker

    This song ain't neva lied...................sometimes you can't say NOTHIN' all you can do is just cry and wave your hand............REAL TALK!!!!!

  13. atwdrivenman

    My favorite album of all time

  14. Yodi

    I really feel like I can lowkey hear her sisters 😵😵😵😆

    Carrell Dickey

    That's All Her In The Background.


    Yodi Dorinda sing back up on her albums

    Jon Wilder

    This is one with all of them..

  15. SEARCH800 [800Degrees]

    This is really nice