Kansas - Rainmaker Lyrics

Have you ever seen a miracle - you couldn't doubt or imitate
What's it really worth to you to shake the holy hand of fate
Well I did what I could to make ends meet
Been a gunrunner and a medicine man
In a Kansas town I was a rainmaker - there the hand of fate got out of hand

Rainmaker Rainmaker save this one horse town
Rainmaker pray to heaven

From the Flint Hills the land was cracked and dried
Thirsty streets in misery
I took the sign down that said medicine man
Put one up that said rainmaker - that was me
So the townspeople gave me money up front
To light a fire - pray, and dance around
Tell them it'd rain so they'd all go to bed
And I'd make my break clean out of town

But I started this dance and a storm kicked up
The sky went black from coast to coast
It was too late to stop - it was to late to pray
I had summoned down the Holy Ghost
Oh the searing wind and the clouds of dust
And hell came raining down
What came out of me and the powers that be
Was the last of that one horse town

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Kansas Rainmaker Comments
  1. Mika Kilpiä

    I have been listening this album 20+ years, and that ”hell come raining down” part (2:25) still fills my mind with powerfull images. Great piece of music.

  2. Marek Puchala

    milujem to

    Jakub Zsolnay

    očuvam to už 40 rokov.aj ja.

  3. Ray Halfeld

    Linda melodia !!!!

  4. rajuraju63

    One of my favorites off of this nearly forgotten amazing album.

  5. john serrato

    💘 Love this album!

  6. Jeffrey Richardson

    overhead door tax
    charlie swears then plays the sax
    pauline to the max

  7. Jeffrey Richardson

    billy eyes the pie
    doing the john taberski
    scott does need to be

  8. Manny Badabing

    I don't care for this album in general but I like this song.

  9. TexasGuitarist

    Man, all these years it took me to discover this gem. Great song. And Morse SLAYED IT!

  10. BritishRG

    One of my favorite Kansas albums

  11. Manuel Lopez Tagua

    Unos de mis Vinilos preferidos y en mi humilde opinion una obra maestra.

  12. Marek Puchala

    neskutočný song

  13. Jeffrey Richardson

    chaos no love lost

  14. ArizonaBasement

    The masterpiece from this album, and probably one of the best songs Steve Walsh ever wrote/composed...

  15. tim Braman

    Yes but this isn't the first song on the album and is of course out of order as usual

  16. Quotenwagnerianer

    One can say about Kansas many bad things if one is opposed to their inane insistance to write lyrics with religious connotations. But they were some pretty awesome musicians.

  17. Wade Fitzgerald

    yo, if you keep making these Kansas playists, I might have to sub... All of the later albums are made by you lol (the playlists I mean, you obviously didn't make these albums).

  18. DRW1107

    The album cover art is very creepy...  I like this album and this is the best track...

  19. Sándor Gombai

    How the mood of music is written to be in parallel with the mood of the lyrics makes this one a masterpiece.

  20. m r

    and to this day-- phil keeps bangin them drums - glad i saw them live this year!!!!!!! he was a mazing

    tim Braman

    they tried to neuter him in the 80's to early 90's

  21. m r

    though kansas is my fave band,, and this is the best song on this album, credit goes to all the original members trying to hold it together but the rest of this album sounds too much like a 'STREETS 'album


    What - one song ( maybe ) ?? House on Fire - the rest doesn't sound like Streets.

  22. m r

    though kansas is my fave band,, and this is the best song on this album, credit goes to all the original members trying to hold it together but the rest of this album sounds too much like a 'STREETS 'album

    Manny Badabing

    It's the only prog track on the album.

  23. pbailey232

    Rainmaker is one of my favorites. I like Ghost a lot also

    Greg Schmidt

    And Bells of St. James!

  24. Deely Stan

    Always loved this one. Morse is unreal on it.

  25. Portcullis

    Apparently the record company insisted that the band included 'commercial' songs by external writers ('throwaway' songs such as 'Stand Beside Me').This turned what could have been a great album into a good album-a real shame as there are some excellent songs on 'In The Spirit of Things'.


    I certainly hope you're not calling this song one of the non "excellent" songs. This was a standout song douchebag.

    giulio caroletti

    I think he mentioned specifically "Stand beside me" and tracks written by external writers. So I don't think he referred to "Rainmaker" (which is a Morse/Walsh/Ezrin composition).

  26. Tarkus

    Magnum Opus of this great album !

  27. MAC KB

    it's one of the best pop kansas' song even if it was created in a commercial goal !

  28. Queezbo

    Thank you for posting all of these. This is definitely one of my favorite albums.

  29. Rainer Kunze

    Wer von Kansas nur "Dust in the Wind" kennt soll sich diesen Song anhoeren. Orchestraler Superrock mkit Steve Morse. Klingt vom Gesang wie Queen!!

  30. Sven5on64

    everybody who knows this song and found it here on YouTube...loves it oh ja

  31. David MacCannell

    I love this song. Especially the guitar-phoon in the middle.

  32. Trinitarian

    This is a very underrated album. I like it. A personal favourite of mine from Kansas.

  33. am2boni

    a classic song!!! Thanks for posting!

  34. mattersburg71

    One of the best all-time-songs ever! Dug it from the first day ...

  35. Layla LinQuinto

    Rainmaker save this long lost town, pray to heaven. Master piece.


    Save this one horse town. Now you have to sing it a million times all over again with the right lyrics.

  36. Laurent Deschanel

    comment télécharger ce morceau légalement ? merci.

  37. Laurent Deschanel

    pourquoi cet album n'est sur i-tunes ni spotify? putain ça craint !!!!!

  38. CharlieHarperRulez

    The first Kansas album I heard, this song is the first masterpiece that made me understand how different they were