Kansas - One Man, One Heart Lyrics

This is my beginning
Tomorrow holds my hand
Yesterday is dead and gone
Buried in the sand
The vision stands before me
And now there's nothing else
So close your eyes and realize
The way I see myself

One man, one heart
Standing in the flame
Can you hear my voice tonight
I'm calling out - I'm calling out your name

You've broken my defenses
And opened up my soul
The love I tried to keep inside
I cannot control
So let the wind be silent
The ocean turn to sand
And let your body dream of me
And see me as I am

One man, one heart
Standing in the flame
Can you hear my voice tonight
I'm calling out your name

One man, one heart reaching for the light
If I can hold on, I'll come through the dark

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Kansas One Man, One Heart Comments
  1. Michael Baker

    The least expected.. And yet one of the best Kansas albums ever

  2. Atabey Doğan

    ne güzel şarkısın amk


    One of the greatest vocalists and considered by his peers one of the greatest.

  4. am2boni

    A classic!!! "yesterday is dead and gone. .it's buried in the sand!!!!!" I love that lyric!!!

  5. Doug Stagg

    this and counted on love are perhaps the two most obscure and underated songs by Mr. Steve Walsh

  6. MeloLand

    Wonderful sound.

  7. Michael Nagy

    Love the comments here! I agree with all I've read.

  8. am2boni

    I wish that they would have played this live!  I love the Lyrics. . "Take it to the Wall"!!!! and Steve's voice!!!

  9. marco sartori

    Perla nascosta!emozionante

  10. Desiderio Domenico De Nitto

    Steve Walsh at his best..super AOR/POMP!!!

  11. am2boni


  12. Klingonmastr

    best lyrics ever! I really like thing song. Good Job Nebraska!

  13. bassmanjoe

    Not one of their best albums, but i always loved this song in particular.

  14. oneseirios

    lost gem !!!!

  15. am2boni

    Yes, this song has all the elements!!! Love the lyrics!!! Good job Kansas! Thanks for posting! Carry on!

  16. Hoernn

    Fantastic! :^)

  17. Mikael Mikaelian

    This song got me at the first line :) I just love it! :D