Kansas - I Can Fly Lyrics

I can fly I really can wave good-bye familiar land
Catch the wind make my climb breathin in born again feelin fine
I can fly above distress I can fly to heaven no less
Leave the earth forget the time light as air I don't care feelin fine
Don't say I'm crazy don't say I'm out of my head
I might be crazy but one thing's for certain one thing's for sure
I can fly above the sea I can fly hey look at me
Without a net leave it behind
Feelin good feelin free feelin so fine

My lofty purchase high above I'm losing sight of you
I'm climbing up just like a kite the calm before the storm
When all at once it dawned on me where I'm not supposed to be
Clouds are black the sky is red I'm where the angles fear to tread
I feel like I've lost my way

Down and down and down I go I've lost all sense of my direction
This flaming spitfire flight has come undone
Grounding stages of rejection I am not worthy to have even tried
Help me annihilate this foolish pride where Icarus died

I say the act of my contrition be sure to bless all before I die
Save my seat in the smoking section cut me loose and say good-bye
I wake up on the doctors table where life and death are up for grabs
I'm comin I'm comin you better shoot me
Kill the pain and count the scabs no no no get out of my black dream
Give me life give me life I'll make a vow
I'll resist temptation I promise here and now
You see it all started when I was younger they said I was good
But I thought they said great
I crown myself the king of liars I am what I have learned to hate

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Kansas I Can Fly Comments
  1. Gene Walter

    We used to make fun of this song in high school "I caannn flyyy" lol man I can still remember my friend bringing the cd to class and he was like "bro listen to this shit I found in my dad's cds". Man. Just imagine this song came out in 95. Lol "I caaannn flyyy!! I realllyy can". Actually really I can only picture disney's Peter Pan when I hear the guy belch that out. And they actually named their band Kansas tho lol. Still a class band though, just can't take this song seriously.

  2. Allison

    Nods - from 2016

  3. Joel Barr

    Kansas was still super dope in 1995, even without Mr. Livgren.
    ROCK ON!

  4. Bill Compeau

    Great album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. am2boni

    A classic!!!!!

  6. Zahraa AL Fili

    they rock !

  7. thegougeman

    This song is awesome... Loved the more hard-rock edge they put on their stuff in 1995. They were influenced by the Grunge shift a little so they are sounding heavier in this tune... Good stuff......

  8. Andrew Homiak

    Kansas: Now 95% more certain than R. Kelly.

  9. Reier

    Man...Steve's sounding old

    John Fleming

    Reier your crazy