Kansas - Desperate Times Lyrics

Why can't you see where we are going
Why can't you see where we have been
You tell me the pain is still growing you tell me tell me who'll win
I feel for you you know what I'm saying
But I've got to do what's right in my head

I've got to ride ride rocket ride
Carry me quick to the one's who've cried
I'm a saint I'm a sinner but you decide
In desperate times
Sled sled rocket sled
Carry me quick to the one's who've bled
I'm a saint I'm a sinner and these are desperate times

I would give my soul to carry your burden
I would give my soul cause I know you still grieve
Where will we go to hide from their blindness
Where will we go if we don't both believe
Bad blood rains down we've got to take cover
Cold blood rains down who can find any peace

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Kansas Desperate Times Comments
  1. jacque trosper

    Very good!! Steve's voice still magic!

  2. Joshua Schmitz

    KICK ASS TUNE!!!!!!!!

  3. John Fleming

    Steve Walsh and Kansas one of the best greatest bands that ever touch our soles

  4. Peter Maples

    This a very good album. I was one of the people that grabbed it up as soon as it hit the shelves. I loved it then and still love it. It is much better than the Elefante albums.

  5. Sam

    I can’t believe how amazing the violin is in this album, it really lends itself to the despair in some ones and the hope in others like no other instrument.

  6. Hazem al-Attar

    Steve Walsh rules!

  7. Александр Фадеев

    Где то отдаленно напоминает прежние замечательные альбомы

  8. PecksBadGirl

    My favorite Kansas song and favorite Kansas album. I have been a fan since 1977. Kansas is the best. I love Steve Walsh. I was sorry to see him retire in 2014. For me it's not Kansas without Steve. They had a great run. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. halcyon289

    Met a girl in '94. Went camping with her in '95. Played this album on the way . She loved the band immediately. We married in '96.
    Went to California in '97. We saw Kansas , Kelseyville and Lake konocti. Met the band. Nice guys .
    Our kids love and respect their sound.
    And to top it all, we're now Bible believing Christians.
    Kansas........The band that changes lives.
    Thank you Heavenly Father..........Thank you Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

  10. EccentricSage

    This album is sooooooo under rated it's a crime.

  11. Bill Compeau

    VERY strong album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TheAntman1265

    Great song!

  13. Diego Leija

    Una canción que hace hervir la sangre

  14. GabrielDee345

    Such a pity, that is just not fair...  their time just gone... Not for all of us...

  15. am2boni

    A classic song, for classic band!

  16. craigs85

    great album

  17. slartbarg

    I still remember when this came out and my father first played it for us, the first Kansas to debut after we were born, maybe not the favorite album of a lot of people, but holds a special place inside for me.