Kansas - Cold Grey Morning Lyrics

Cold grey morning without sunlight ghostly mist on the horizon
Empty visions of a world gone mad paints a picture so revealing
Through my window dark tomorrow I can hear the sirens wailing
For the future we are holding on as the ship of fools is sailing

Such a long time such a long time
We are waiting for a peace that's lasting
Reaching upward sliding downward looks like just another
Cold grey morning

Hardly breathing hope is fading it's the end of the beginning
Children playing in the empty streets it's a cold grey morning

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Kansas Cold Grey Morning Comments
  1. MeloLand

    Enjoy it.

  2. DevMag 52

    September 3, 1999. This is the first time I have listen to this album. What have I been doing with my life?

  3. Sam

    Easy to see why philharmonic orchestras cover kansas music. This music is awesome and when it’s done with a full orchestra it’s very powerful!

  4. Brett Caporale

    such a great album but we still have to hear the same ol stupid guns and roses and Motley Crue songs over and over and over on the radio so sad!!!

  5. john serrato

    My favorite song on the album.

  6. trfesok

    Kerry Livgren redid this on a solo album in 2007. I have both versions in my "Kansasa in the studio" playlist. Thanks a lot for all of your Kansas uploads!


    I'm very much a fan of the Collector's Sedition rendition. I think the very sparse guitar-heavy arrangement works much better on this song. I hated that when Livgren redid the album he added all that extraneous keyboard filler to the song. :( I'm like, "I know you like tinkering but you gotta learn when to leave well enough alone! Just fix the low-fi drum track and call it a day!" :) )

  7. van doosel

    Great Livgren song but Walsh's many compositions on the album are different league

  8. Trinitarian

    Found this CD in a bargain bin. Great album. Classic Kansas. 

  9. Bill Compeau

    Another Strong Livgren composition, glad he still contributes..

  10. one4dixie

    Kerry's fingerprints are all over this one. Odd, since he wasn't even in the band anymore.

    Jayce Neal

    That's because he wrote it

    Michael Baucom

    And because Kerry wrote it, the best song on the album.

  11. disdik6789

    Simply the best...one of my favorite albums. Wayyy too under rated...
    "Such a long time, such a long time. We are waiting for peace, everlasting" 


    disdik6789 I agree this album is one of my favorites after discovering 3 years ago.

  12. Lee W Pfahler

    On this album the new line up of Kansas started sounding like the old Kansas and this is one of those songs. Love the heavy bass and violin work!

  13. Thomas Becker

    Of course: Kerry livgren!