Kansas - Black Fathom 4 Lyrics

Well it looks like it might rain but rain ain't what we need
Sunshine and a war machine I'm gettin ready for another stampede
Grease the gears with blood paint it black as night
Ride through the city like a Trojan horse
Convinced what you're doin's all right

Hold on 'till the river goes down the river goes to the sea
Hold on the rive's comin' down on me
The killin' field has come to main street
Scatter guns in the liquor store
Rifled sinkhole graves in concrete it's out of hand
At black fathom 4

Fallen leaves turn grey faces cold and worn
Memories of a better time swept away like a firestorm
Who can get it straight who can think it through
When every time the telephone rings
You think it's someone comin' after you

Your mamma's shootin' Gallery wages
Your daddy don't give a damn no more
Keep these animals breakin' cages violent times
At black fathom 4

Walk into my world where brave can get you dead
You get together and a fight breaks out
Someone didn't understand what you said
Walk into my world anger's in my soul
Quick money give me double trouble
Friends are doing hard times in the hole

Children crying sniper thunder case the alleys and the corridors
Don't look back it ain't no wonder it's open season
At black fathom 4

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Kansas Black Fathom 4 Comments
  1. tim Braman

    This is why Rags is an underrated member of the band

  2. John Fleming

    Great unbelievable album Kansas 💪

  3. john serrato

    Use to see them almost every time they came to OKC. throughout the 90s.

  4. 1991RedRocker

    Now THIS song is the Kansas sound missing during the 1980's!

  5. Dream Stages

    Very good Album with great songs.Kansas and Big Country are the most underrated bands in the history of Rock and Roll

  6. Hamstercow

    Favorite song by them definitely

  7. Jennifer Jakubxzyk

    With songs like this out you think this be more well known then dust in the wind

  8. Brett Caporale

    great album but instead we had to listen to stupid bands like guns and roses in the nineties on the radio!!!

  9. ervin nagy

    na, még ezt ,aztán mára elég


  10. Diego Leija

    uno de los mejores de Kansas freaks of nature

  11. Trinitarian

    Brilliant album. So many excellent songs. Everyone bang on form throughout.

  12. Benjamin Mankowski

    2:46, best round ever composed!

  13. Psyko's Platters

    I actually saw them on this tour in NW IL 10th row outside gig only 4 bucks to get in.....Kickass show....after the show,only one I got to meet was David the violinist...think he was like only 19/20 at the time and was damn good..they all were...great times

  14. Corea Kixx

    ...all i can say is WOW!!!

  15. Jeff Chance

    WOW! fantastic.  I sure wish they would add this to their current playlists

    tim Braman

    And they played two songs off this album when I last saw them... Hope Once Again and Cold Grey Morning. Glad they remembered something from this.

  16. Grigore Laurentiu

    Recent Coment!

  17. Fabio Claro


  18. fendergibsonsounds


  19. FunkyPsycho