Kansas - Bells Of Saint James Lyrics

Her letters gave me purpose,
Her letters gave me pride
Armies far across the ocean
Guns and letters by our side
It was someone else's homeland
It was someone else's war
But at the line of the 38th parallel
It was her I fought them for

Her victory garden grew from weeds and from stone
I smelled those flowers in my sleep
The day I left as we were standing alone
She swore to me those dreams would keep

And the bells of St. James were ringing
The bells of St. James were ringing down
Lifting the eyes of those homeward bound

I don't remember when those words changed
Like Kansas summer turns to fall
But she quit talking 'bout the future
Never mentioned dreams at all

I don't blame my enemies and I don't blame my wife
For love fires that fleeted long ago
But when she wrote me about this change in her life
There was just one thing I had to know

And the bells of St. James were ringing
The bells of St. James were ringing down
Lifting the eyes of those homeward bound

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Kansas Bells Of Saint James Comments
  1. Tim Kazinsky

    This song is about a Dear John letter received by a soldier in Vietnam. The band's most famous song Carry On Wayward Son is about a Vietnam vet contemplating suicide. I am from Wichita. Certainly this band borrowed heavily from Yes and Genesis, but they remain an authentically American band, second only to the Canadian band Rush as the greatest North American band to ever exist.

    Alan Milne

    Actually I believe the song was inspired by the Korean War . The 38th Parallel mentioned in the song was the boundary between North and South Korea. Nevertheless , a quite brilliant song.

    Sándor Gombai

    @Alan Milne Actually, the DMZ is still roughly along that line.

    And the song is a monumental album ending that haunted me for days after first hearing it.

  2. Sabbath maiden fan

    One of the greatest American rock bands ever

  3. Doug P

    Stratospheric lead vocal & superb harmonies - and the Morse lead guitar, geez. An Epic song!!

  4. royboy56100

    Great song and album!! Yet not the same without a violin as that was what helped set them apart from the rest of the bands!! Kansas now and forever;the Best!!! Saw them before Masque came out(did the entire 1st LP in order!); on the Leftoverture tour,and Monolith tour.Missed a few darn it!! Again in 97 before ELP. Good but not the same!

  5. Marek Puchala

    proste paráda

  6. MeloLand

    I love the beggining....


    the most underrated american band

    Willi Hess

    Absolutely true. All the players have been musical giants--lyrically, instrumentally and vocally.

  8. scott gifford

    We are the ones who appreciate!!!!

  9. Diego Leija

    excelente y emocinane

  10. vanhouten64

    I love this song.

  11. sam morreale

    Their BEST album!!!!

    Sabbath maiden fan

    without livgren

  12. Trinitarian

    Very underrated album. A personal fav of mine.

  13. oneseirios

    one more amazing Kansas song...!