Kano - T-Shirt Weather In The Manor Lyrics

69 Manor Road, Sunday morning
Dorothy be up but Jennifer be yawning
Rachel a get her hair braided, I spoil it
One side be looking like Don King, don't it?
Ribs in the oven, catch a whiff
Heartless Crew on Mission, catch a crisp biscuit, whoa
Ice cream van, yeah, chase it down
Screwball, 99 Flake et al
Newham Leisure Centre where the girls at
Hair gelled down to her face where the curls at
Money on the table, Frustration, get mummy's purse out
Forward some summers, I'm racing the latest Merc out, it worked out
'Cept Everton's not top, but we don't talk about it
Lee and Karys don't speak, and things ain't cool with Avril
But amongst all the bullshit, it's love though
You've gotta love London in the sun, bro, ya dun know

That's what we call T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend
There's nothing like T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend
The Gs come out when the sun goes in
There something 'bout T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend

Barbecue all day, you're in the garden
Breezer and Alizé, get the party starting
Gyaldem be loving my TNs, jheeze
Back it up and whine pon mi den, big
DJ got the Tina Moore and MJ Cole
The olders asking for some Dennis Brown but then you got
That one elder that wants to be young
Dancing on the floor to hype funk
The mood switches when the sun goes in
And birthday boy's mum goes in
Rudeboys pull up in the Bimmer, yes
What's that smell? That ain't cigarette
Neighbours'll complain to get the party locked off
Just to rain on our parade, but then a younger sprays
CS gas, everybody run, bro
You've gotta love the city in the sun, bro, ya dun know

That's what we call T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend
There's nothing like T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend
The Gs come out when the sun goes in
There something 'bout T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend

And it could all change in a minute, I've seen innocent summers turn sinister
Tempers flare up, violence is imminent
Specially posed, fit but you know the Streets video
Here we go, it was all good just a week ago
Seems like yesterday we was one people
Ten man onstage back to back, bare reloads
Ayia Napa weather, quarter lengths
They say the globe's warm and it's getting hot in the ends
That's when you swap the tees for the vests, but I'm talking Kevlar
Cause things just ain't cool anymore
And bricks might ruin your door, trust them youts anymore
Never Super Soaker 2000s don't shoot anymore
My deal got signed so the spirits all up
We shot the album front cover up by the shops
We just wanna rep the manor right, give it props
But some bredders run up on man, rah, the beef was on
So same night, shots fired, it weren't even man that did it
Buss a man but ride for man and take it where I didn't envisage
Now I've got big time crooks calling the house like "what is it?"
If we need to put in work, say the word and it's finished
Man just wanna make an album, mind my business
All this gangster shit, who wants to sleep with the fishes?
Success has a price and it's pretty
Penny for your thoughts and they'll try make you split it
They say the ends love you, then they hate you, then they love you again
Then you try change your postcode to W10
Grow apart, fall out of love with your friends
They'll say fame made you change but it's just all them
Some of them get cat, some of them go pen
Send mi likkle V.O., gwan sit with them
Send them one two creps and Ralph Lauren
While they build up this picture that I'm 50 Cent
Rah, Kano's your darg, when you land, you're blessed
And these times, I ain't even blessed Jen
Now they all wanna come on tour but that's per DMs
Guest list, me plus thirty men
I buy the same Mr Whippy 99
But now I've got just as much problems and a flake ain't one
Friends turned snakes overnight
Cause they think I can take away their problems all with one hit song
But I just want the summer back how it used to be
When Nanan had us eating toffee apples by the sea
Or when we wore Moschino and were moving off key
When our chips were down, they weren't beefing 'bout Ps
The purest summers were those in the 90s
'05 changed my life forever, it's bittersweet
I've been riding that wave, still waters run deep
No sound in the ends, still life is a beach
And that's T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend
There's nothing like it
'05 shit

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Kano T-Shirt Weather In The Manor Comments
  1. Douglas Daggart

    Eatin toffee apples by the sea hhhrrrmmm, mansdem a girl boy man chat! Mans nostalgic for 1998 ting, when a zaggin backa purity day. Chaaa weapon.....05 shit fe demon.

  2. Kelvin Dominick

    Loving this chilled vibe

  3. Nasser Yasin

    This song is one of those that you could listen to years later but still u would rock to this like it was just out...listening to this 3 years later but still sounds like a new track, dnt know how but big up kano for he is the only one that can do that..lol

  4. Nasser Yasin

    Kano is the one evryone loves...if u dnt like kano den u dnt know grime...

  5. Paul Brown

    That was real his words a hard still true words

  6. John Noredline

    Class of his own 😎

  7. Ste hill

    Should be 100m+ views wowzers 😎

  8. Manatsa Alvin Chipunza

    Dude is fire. His content will be relevant for so many years to come. Big up Kano

  9. Mohiburkhan Khan

    we need the real ogs like kano back

  10. Lorenzo Tugman

    The Love is appreciated maan🌋🌋🌋🙏🙏🙏

  11. Ben Roads

    this man is a lyrical genius!

  12. HeyChanelle

    Still a fucking TUNE

  13. Daniel Swithenbank

    Im freezin rn 🥶🥶🥶 nov 14 2019

  14. tom1lindsay

    The UKs answer to Will Smith's Summertime!

  15. Scott Brookes

    Kano god not just as just as a artist , hes humble he doesn't put on a gangster voice hes just himself, writes about real life much love

  16. Jarvis Jovan Johnson

    I'm from the lame US ,

    I 🖕🏽with Kano 💯

  17. Bob Marley

    Kano tour?

  18. Michele Artist

    Looks like so much fun

  19. buck9393

    Made in the Manor is a fucking outstanding piece of pure real art. Kano will always be ahead of the game

  20. Ace

    Still flames. Not many, if any can match Kano lyrically.

  21. zahid khan

    Damn I can’t believe kano went to my secondary school 😂😂😂

  22. Njabulo Jae

    Who else is here after watching Top Boy?

  23. 1lla

    Aight Sully! Props from the U.S.

  24. SuperKillaki

    If "Ends" was a feeling then this is it.

  25. Man Like B

    deserves more views smfh

  26. K B87

    Kano the general. Skepta is for Freshers


    Kano : Still one of The Best ... #J.A.TRILIEGI

  28. buck9393

    So I see elevate like like I see myself improving like I see I like I see

  29. Pierquin

    This just touched my soul. Kanos got heart.

  30. MsJaide

    Why wasn't I here. Looks like a vibe.

  31. jimsohal

    Yes Summerhouse Sully

  32. Tee Riff

    Kano taken me back to the 00s, man wasn't even makin moves, on a big bum ting.
    Man was at school, enjoying the summer days when the Gs were ripping cars round the estate, playing out water fights, first kisses n all that.
    Now I feel like my dad when I talk like this, cos now I have kids and I know what they've missed.

    Kano really has took me back to the time I wish we could all visit from time to time.
    Much love KA ✊

  33. Kligan Braganza

    Who’s here in 2019 after top boy ?

  34. Kame Fukuro

    2nd Verse Bruh Wow

  35. Leather Neck

    Kano > Skepta

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    wow 🖤

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    A masterpiece.

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    Top man! Can't wait until he comes to Glasgow next week! Real talk on the streets

  39. SKEE

    That "screwball" looks JUICY!

  40. Rohan Lindo

    The 90's growing up... best time!

  41. FN Reverse

    My favourite actor 🤛🏽

  42. Declan Pritchard

    Wow Kano is so good and so underrated they should definitely be the British national anthem

  43. Luke O'Neill

    Top boy!

  44. rauntz _PERTH

    Kano is a true artist
    Man brings it every time he steps in the booth

  45. Sun Tzu

    This makes me hungru

  46. Mr Truth

    2019 t shirt weather all year K.A

  47. Tinormous -road2gains

    The only time I love London

  48. yungjoemighty

    some of the realest lyrics in grime

  49. Debbi Claire Jackson

    Homesick.....Nothing like T.Shirt weather my friend.You take a girl out of London but you will never take London out of the girl ❤

  50. dominic clarke

    All those buitfull black people ✊🏾👊🏾🙌🏾🇧🇿

  51. Simon Seurat

    The best grime song ever !

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    That ain’t cigerette

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    Can’t have a summer with out a joint and a bit of kano

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    Love love love this!

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    Kano=legend and icon

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    Kano got those classic bars!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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    Anyone else banging this out today in commemoration for this buff weather ?


    Like the nas flow bro

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    my summer track again.. and next year...

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    lol, gotta love how he's singing about summer while it's cloudy af.

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    Kano's caining it!!! Mad Props Mate! Ignore the haters...they're a sad, sad lot who need to mind their own business and get a life of their own rather than observing other's successes or failures and then hating on them, which is a stupid, self-defeating, ignorant way to behave with the limited timelines we humans have upon this earth while we're on probation before The Most High. Kano, keep caining it, mate.

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