Kano - New Banger Lyrics

It's K-A!
Shubs, shubs, shubs, shubs
Shubs, skank, skank, skank
Skank, new banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
New, new

[Hook 1:]
New banger, new banger
Kano's got a new banger
And no, not China and not Taiwan
Kano was made in the bloodclart manor
Where we raved on the top of the Princess Alice
Whine gyal to jungle but not no ballad
If a some of man's jeans looking MC Hammered
Nah its not that he's just holding a hammer

[Verse 1:]
Well, police wanna pull me over in my car
Check my licence and plates
Then ask me how much it cost
Get the fuck out my face
When man queue up for Jordans from 7
Shottas stack P till ashmans get em
All-white parties, but ain't no tennis
My yardie dances, not in till ten-ish, way up

[Hook 2:]
New banger, new banger
Kano's got a new banger
New banger, new banger
Kano's got a new banger
New banger, new banger
Kano's got a new banger
And no, not China and not Taiwan
Kano was made in the bloodclart manor
New banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
Kano's got a new banger
And no, not China and not Taiwan
Kano was made in the bloodclart manor

[Verse 2:]
So ask around town, let's ask around town
They know about me, I'm mostly about
Might see the AMG in C-town
Might see Smithy, Woz, the old gang
You know the ends I'm talking about
Where man drop out of school but somehow
All of your pals are pharmacists now
Shotting that white girl from No Doubt
Flow of the year two times in a row
Done the debate and I am the G.O.A.T
Wheel and come again, get it right for the quotes
Done the debating, I am the G.O.A.T
And that's that East London MC
I'm born in streets slumbered with these
Cunt's lyrics, these one-off 16s
Duppy these beats, trumpets indeed

The ruler's back
The ruler's back
The ruler's back
The ruler's back with a
New banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
New banger, new banger
Kano's got a new banger
And no, not China and not Taiwan
Kano was made in the bloodclart manor

[Hook 1 x2]

[Verse 3:]
Listen, look, so mum went school with all of the gangsters
They know Mel but they call her Cassius
And them man still run shit from mansions
And wear Brogues and Adidas Campus
Yeah, I grew up with the towners
Stolen Ralph shit was standard
Old TV from the catalogue scammers
They robbed banks but they still had manners
They showed us what bangers and mash is
We showed them what dumpling and yam is
Build sound-systems in houses
Before garage one-finger skankers
And you wonder why we're so anti
Don't make Billboard, we make bangers
It's not grime if there ain't no ad-libs
BRAP! That's my ad-lib
First blacks in the canning town flats
Walking to school was an everyday scrap
They called our mothers coons, now Mummy's in my coupe riding shotgun
Of course that fucker's all black
No tints in the front, let the manor see that
Wind down windows like I'm me that
Might go catch, grab a likkle sea bass
That MIDI keyboard made a likkle P, thanks
I grew up on jungle
Karl Tuff Enuff and D Double
When I was watching Zippy and Bungle
Was getting Supercat from my uncles
House partying to dancehall riddims
It's my DNA, I can't part with it
Before I knew the whole alphabet
I knew Zungguzungguguzungguzeng
19 how long
Been doing this from 19 how long
Eskimo Dance, used to roll out 19 man strong
And drop a new banger, new banger
So if this ain't that shit to gas up Britain
Forgive me, for I am a sinner
Middle finger to mass-appealers
Casket fillers, the fashion killers
And from the classroom of free school dinners
Were space invaders and wagon wheelers
Rudeboys roll in 320 bimmers
Shottas stack P till ABs get em
All respect due to garage niggas
All respect due to Shab and Skibba
And all hail the king Jackson
But our Quincy was Wiley, our Michael was Dylan
Train to Roman, Rhythm Division
These are plastic-over-Nan's-sofa lyrics
Our mums had afros and combs to pick em
I'm Melrose's son, I should've been a Richard's

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Kano New Banger Comments
  1. Peach Glow Reyah

    that was shit

  2. K35HK3B4B 11


  3. Kurt Cobain94677

    aint this that one guy from mortal kombat

  4. J L

    4:48 When you grow up and left the roads and ya boy Kano tells you to show face for a rave!

  5. Makron5

    How is this guy not more popular than mumble rappers?

  6. Samir Dathi

    Whoever mixed this needs to be sacked

  7. Yo Yo


  8. Kaison Ifill

    looking for a song with a girl in the background. " In case you didn't notice, I didn't really care" found it on Spotify listening to this song. Plz help.

  9. Johnski 92

    soso jk its a phat beat

    Johnski 92

    can you just please rip bugzy malone man i not hot...
    iff you do rep skeman

  10. Joshua Jones

    space invaders and wagon wheels!!! THEM DAYZ :)

  11. The Lonesome Wanderer

    nyoo banga nyoo banga

  12. Yacoub Yousif

    1:50 ...Brits always have time for tea...

    thomas g

    coulda been coffee! haha

  13. Von SpeeX


  14. Draingang

    kano in the house new banger new banger

  15. Callum Harrison

    Kano is king for me!

  16. *db*

    Haha Mike skinner

  17. MsBishbash

    I coped this album and as soon as this track played I said I hate it..... But later on I started singing " new banger; new banger" couldn't stop... Realised my instincts were definitely strobger than what I thought..... The lesson is real recognises real even if you try to deny it. Gods conscious will lead you to the truth # kano

  18. habadur


  19. Jack Nichols

    this popped off at lovebox

  20. no1raniuk

    It's hard to believe Kano is still only 31. Mad.

  21. Simon Maswabi

    mans got shoes on and is out, anything goes

  22. Ney Nev

    What does new banger (who is banging)😂😜

  23. Issa Mohamud

    the beat with out the lyrics is wack af

  24. ZombryaTheDark

    perfect song to kick some ass using Kano in mkx

  25. hmln

    Yeah I really need to get into grime now

  26. Senses

    that is fucking mad
    creative tops

  27. Tristan Signa

    New banger? That? Are you fucking joking blad?


    +Stvntri u need to go find a knife and fuck urself with it blud

  28. User

    Im from the classroom of free school dinners

  29. Judi Gemini

    Too many gangstas not enough gal

  30. Jon Snow

    New nan new nan

  31. Sacha Vasiljevic

    Who does he mean when he says 'I shoulda been at Richards.' ??


    +Aleksandar Sacha Vasiljevic "I'm Melrose's son, I should've been a Richard's". He thinks he should have been born into a different family, most likely a white family because of what he grew up doing/being a part of.

    James Shakur

    Aleksandar Sacha Vasiljevic Richards his dads name b

  32. Engin Seker

    kano is boss

    Ryan Santer

    agree all hail K to tha Aaaa...

  33. John S

    oh dude this is so sick!!

  34. Do it for the gram

    New banger Kano going in hard respect the work rate bro

  35. Whyyouasking ?

    Come dine with Kano, sick video!

  36. mo damna

    kanos kid is a fucking real G

  37. crenda crx

    anyone else hear, the prodigy sample in there?? "hey"


    +crenda crx Yep from Firestarter! Love both tracks too!

  38. crenda crx

    anyone else hear, the prodigy sample in there?? "hey"

  39. Cozie Lockz


  40. Ricky Dellaway

    Grime pisses on us rap! Its real music made by real people!!! Kano killed it with this one!! Respect son

  41. Kim Wright

    How you figure Americans don't understand Grime?We started rap,You guys took our shit.I understand the accent because I'm familiar with the accent.And do you really think you guys invented fast rapping?Not!Its you British that don't understand nothing outside of your country.We know all about Skank too.You must've never heard of New York City?Its full of Jamacians.

  42. matthew rfc

    listen to this daily

  43. Skul Duggz

    I feel like if you can't at least appreciate this track you can't say your a UK music fan let alone a kano fan.. New Banger all day

  44. Skul Duggz

    I feel like if you can't at least appreciate this track you can't say your a UK music fan let alone a kano fan.. New Banger all day

  45. jdartist 97

    New banger

  46. matthew rfc


  47. Yashema Dyer

    so crap who likes dis


    +Yashema Dyer ur mom

  48. Sheldon Hague

    lol keep seeing that kid makes me laugh

  49. Thothme.

    Now I want Y'all to listen, and see what ya missin and what lacks in the competition is, strong words of pride and unity.
    I'm glad, that y'all In tuned to me.
    I'm here to let y'all know.
    And help my folks, with dope words and flow.
    When talkin bout things that I see.
    When talkin bout, this color called EBONY.

    USA Hip Hop Bitches
    Hip Hop #1!
    You Harry Potter niggas are slow, jealous and typical like 5th graders who do not know that it's bigger then the music. It's the message, special Ed test tube babies :-)
    While muthafuckas steal our art form to make billions. While you scrubs are on the side lines like tricks being laughed at because your settling for less. I bang on these syrup sipping, listerine drinking slave minded American rappers too. Don't get it twisted smh
    To the Irish, American Indians, African and the dumb asses without knowledge of self. I share these blood lines. I'm riding with you even though your in denial that our culture is being stolen and misused smh.

    Bad Gamer Scott

    *colour *arses


    @Scott O'Dwyer

    Nah mane. I don't do that gay shit. It's all yours SMDH.

  50. Greg Kowalski

    that was awesome. not just bc jt was a good tune, it was a fair representation of how people get together. none of that Hollywood fantasy party bs u see on the tube. friends and fam, food and booze. straight up that looked like a good time

  51. Greg Kowalski

    that was awesome. not just bc jt was a good tune, it was a fair representation of how people get together. none of that Hollywood fantasy party bs u see on the tube. friends and fam, food and booze. straight up that looked like a good time

  52. Nathan Stevo

    new banger new banger

  53. saz19s8

    This is legit a banger

  54. jay bee

    what the fuck is this. Not Kano

  55. E K

    That was so entertaining

  56. bazzle b

    KANO IS BACK !!!!

  57. Jack Allen

    I think most americans just don't get grime at all... It aint even worth arguing about it.


    @tequilashots875 the land that was there is no more a country than the air that carries music is the music. if america invades canada then canada becomes america, then if the land that is now america revolts and claims independence then calls itself canada then the land that is now america would be canada and the land that is now canada would be america. the country is a concept, its all in our heads, its thought in a human mind.


    necaacen so the land disappeared? They didn’t invent anything!!! They just named it and created their laws!


    necaacen just like Columbus didn’t discover anything. Anyway back to the original discussion the music is pretty cool. I also like his acting skillz.


    @tequilashots875 but thats what a country is, the name and the laws, a country is rules on a page, you could completely change the land the country exists on and it would still be the country, if texas revolted tomorrow and went independent they would no longer be americans in america, but today that piece of land is designated a piece of america, america is not that land itself, it is the piece of paper with the name and the rules on it.


    necaacen you done? Have a good night.

  58. super Ant

    Why would niggaz push pounds and powder?
    Why did bush and Tiny Blair, knock down the towers?
    Why you around them cowards?
    Why Aaliyah have to take that flight?
    Why my nigga D ain't pull out his Ferrari
    Why he take that bike?
    Why they gotta open your package and read your mail?
    Why they stop lettin' niggaz get degreez in jail?
    Why you gotta do eighty-five percent of your time?
    And why do Harry Potter niggaz lie in eighty-five percent of they rhymes?
    Why a nigga always want what he can't have?
    Why I can't come through in the pecan Jag?
    Why did crack have to hit so hard?
    Even though it's almost over
    Why niggaz can't get no jobs?
    Why they come up wit the witness protection?
    Why they let the terminator win the election
    Come on, pay attention
    Why sell in the stores what you can sell in the streets.
    Why I say the hottest shit but Grime niggas sayin the least?

    USA Hip Hop bitches

    Greg Kowalski

    apples and oranges hoe

    super Ant

    @Greg Kowalski


  59. isaac kaykay

    kano. legend

  60. Beaui Black

    Melrose jheeze aint seen her in time... BIG TUNE BIG VID boop boop

  61. Ashley Fox


  62. Ash Paris

    How is it that when artist first come out they got dat fire n spit content with depth and meaning but as soon as they hit fame they ain't sayin much? When did kanes career become a joke ting? I would never ever play this in my car so its basically a shit tune.

  63. nhlanhla chunga

    mad respect to kano from brown eyes to now  been listenin

  64. Aleiss Marie

    best music video EVAA

  65. Caleb Plummer

    Hard song g💯

  66. G1BB0M4YT3

    What make is the grey jogger suit he's got on in the start of the video?haha

  67. David hill

    I have such a crush on him...so hoot and he is a awesome emcee.....wicked tune.....

    Austin Mitchell

    R u bent mate

    David hill

    I am bi-sexual if that is what you are alluding to when you say "bent"....got a problem with that,deadbeat?.....

    Austin Mitchell

    I hope u die Kano is straight mate and just cuz u take it up ur ass don't mean u can call me a dead beat so go get shafted up the arse with a baseball bat

    David hill

    hey Austin, you've gone quirt?...what's the matter?..divorcing your parents?.....

  68. Dear Tatiana

    Love this record!

  69. milo rusi

    anyone else here because top boy

  70. Tehya Gillings

    New banger new banger and no not China

  71. No Name

    This was a keeping it REAL music video , the lyrics hit u hard memories of the old skool times , Kano one of the 3 kings of grime with Wiley and Dizzee

  72. J M

    tune starts at 4mins

  73. Adolf Hitler

    new balance new balance kanos got a new pair of new balance

  74. nick gramlick

    Buckhurst hill corner shop  in this video, my local !!!!! IG9 , would luv to just bump into kano in his video shoot

  75. Lapha Alpha

    if you haters listen closely you may learn something about uk culture (mainly for dem americans)


    Ahhhhh another one talking smack about Americans. Tell your artists stop being influenced by our culture then you can talk all the shit you want about us.

  76. SystematiK

    4:48 - Is that Dwight Yorke? lol

  77. Chase Carbery

    How about fuck

  78. stephen taylor

    I love this vid , its jokes :-)

  79. Symon Magnus

    love the beat of this song. Heard it on triple J. But what's up with the 'new banger'?

  80. Lickle Luke

    Sick tune and sick beat fuck the haters kano is a don

  81. Bad God

    British rappers are wack

    Bad God

    this song sucks mate, even drake is better.and his from canada

    ima troll lol

    Of course you say drakes better because he's on the radio and mainstream


    Yeah this is shit as fuck but you wanna look at mainstream rap in america. Looool you obviously need to dig abit deeper into grime just like I have with american rap.


    @Bad God ur mom is wack


    +Bad God Drake haha

  82. Ice cold Newz

    Just waiting on kanos new album cause this track is a new banger

  83. Hi Hi

    So fucking disappointed! Imma check Three more new Kano songs when they come out then I'm done blud.

  84. Piff Fraser

    lool i love this vid

  85. TheJLBirch

    Sick track, Last verse up there with the best kano's written. ' New Banger New Banger'

  86. 020king

    "I'm from the class of free school dinners"

    You wouldn't understand this unless you went through school with 1 parent

    steven johnstone

    +Rafi Islam they were siiiick melted chocolate in the middle


    +020king Yep... Use to get dinner tickets from the office on a Monday morning. Was worth like 1.20... could't get fuck all with it lol.

    Joshua Jones

    i like how you thought to update us on the choc donuts man... you mad bruh!


    Used to get £1.40 pre loaded on a swipe card 😂 but mam boxed me off an give me a pack lunch as well 👊

    Gavin Mcneill

    I had two and still free dinners. Da spent his in the bookies. Kano just means poor family's with the odds against him

  87. Guy Cook

    Grime does pay. Update you Hoover fam. I hope them downstairs, weren't to pissed, with the noise. As the title, it is a Banger.

  88. Johnny James Clarke

    Too many gangsters not enough gyal...

  89. Almighty Killa

    wtf is this..

  90. championette22

    At the end of the day all the haters cannot lie Kano brings UK Grime Culture at its BEST and anyhow this played at a rave with the right crowd every1s hands would be in the air sayin NEW BANGER NEW BANGERRRRRRRR!!

  91. Sasuke Uchiefa

    I think he has a new banger

  92. MajorRoastedYou

    Actually , let me go get my 12 inch subs lol

  93. MajorRoastedYou

    Change or add that wuaahhh wuahhh wuahhhhhhhh wuahhhhh sound with more bass so you get a strong bassline. Then the song would be dope. Nice tho



  95. djdefjam89X


  96. darkknight5389

    wag1 manz bak

  97. M Stoner

    man like AB in the photo, dun kno

  98. unknown


  99. Ts 03

    Loool the little kid had a stone island jumper

    Lickle Luke

    What's funny about that lol

    Ryan Santer

    like Charlie sloth said in fire in the booth to kano's boy ' you looking wavey over there little man' and in my opinion STILL the best fire in the booth till now