Kano - Mr. Miyagi Lyrics

Mr Miyagi
Off the snare and the kicks no karate.
Them niggas Daniel son
But I take the wax off if pussy's want beef
CS gas nigga
I done ya dance
They couldn't fuck with me from Get Set
Them niggas still on their marks
You think ya Batman
Then why them pussies Robin ya?
I'll take ya face off
Now that's an old school Nokia
Who's got a Nokia take that what
Make a brudda charger a case like what
Big up all my dargs in the place like what
I walk the walk
Badman Sulley I don't come to talk
I'm blazing them all
Raised on pac like I was raised with the wolves
Check out mans thought I was
Deniro a nigga don't rage with the bull
I ain't no prick don't rage with me fool
East End kid don't play by the rules
New York Knicks don't play for the bulls
Monster the beat so I'm late for the Ball
I had to make sure my trainers co-ordinate
I got awesome taste!
I got bright ones
I got high ones
I got shell ones
I got ones that ain't coming out till 2012 ones
Cause I'm!
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!
Bruce Lee the Rass beat
Enter The Dragon find ya Bloodcleet
I'll fuck that pussy two times
Kill that pussy softly
Beat up her poom-poom
And knock her out in minutes
But I make it stretch
Yea I Dhalsim it
Call me Van Damme
Them fassy's Tompo
I'm going at your neck
Call me Jean Paul
But I still fuck with Ken
So I finish him
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!
Mr Miyagi!

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Kano Mr. Miyagi Comments
  1. Liam West

    Take ya face off like an old school nokia ....😎😎😎😎 bar fam

  2. neeharavi

    faze miyake - take off

  3. Alex Turner

    tsssk..lord of the mics man

  4. polik bera

    what is the instrumental called??

  5. George Symeonides

    was this beat from another song originally?

  6. Jordan Vincent

    Faze Miyake produced this filth, Take Off.

  7. Sanchez Bredwood

    heard this once and now im addicted!