Kano - Little Sis Lyrics

Yo, yo, I don't know where to start with this
If being fatherless
Means no gift under trees, fuck it and plant the shit
Still got a tick on my feet, mothers are hustlers
But pushing little sis on the swing's a box I'd rather tick
Ramping with my niece
Makes me think about the sis that I never see
'Member the day you was introduced to me and Lee
You won#t remember it, you was only two or three
You had your hair in twists, pretty little sunshine
Dropped you off just one time
Then we didn't ever see you again, was it the Choc Ice?
But maybe Dad's no longer with Mum, Jamaican bloodline
But I feel responsible cause I could've reached out just one time
Now I wonder if you know who I am
I wonder if you tell your friends that we're fam
I wonder if you're listening to this
Even though you must've grown all big

This one's for my little sis
This one's for my little sis

So many landmarks missed
13, 16, 18, landmarks missed
For all I know, you've got a kid that Uncle Kane can't gift
Tiny baby Stan Smiths, ah, now they match my creps
You could all be married now and I didn't give no speech
No, not that speech, the De Niro speech
You know where the groom goes in a headlock in the hotel suite?
You're in the circle of trust, best treat she like queen
Family trees and olive branches
Or maybe we'll next meet when Daddy passes
See you there
I'll be in my funeral suit and Jeffery West
But maybe you've been thinking for years to send a text
But I get if you don't wanna come across like you're begging friend
Some girl rolled up to me at Lovebox, said she knows my sis
I said "nah, love, I ain't got no-" shit, how could I forget little sis?

So this one's for my little sis
This one's for my little sis
This one's for my little sis

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