Kano - Kano Stencils Lyrics

Eh, fuck an intro, fuck the whole game I'm a nympho
Fuck the strings, fuck the riff
Fuck the hats, fuck the snares, this for kicks

Yo eh, Footsie where the synth go?
Fucking I need no bassline, no top line or instrumental
Really do this Jigga ting no pen and need no pencil
Dragons den, fuck a car, pitch a bar rental
Cos I hear man's flows nowadays it's like they've bought Kano stencils
New reggae reggae sauce for spitters is essential
Drip that on your lyric book and you might be successful

But give me the drums give me the bass give me the treble
Give me the rose give me the apes give me the kettle
Fans come without their chicks suckling my dick well give me the nekkle
First one rocking Jeremy Scott's with the wings I was giving em Red Bull

V8 flow fill em up petrol, raised on a track Sebastien Vettel
Jack Bauer with the Dane Bowers flow cah rude-boy that's another level
Every other nigga wanna winner and so I'm in it
Nigga fuck a hater, fuck a critic, fuck a civet
If a beat wanna beat me then I kill it
Die easy what you talking bout Willis
Really I'm so way ahead of em, show them my elegance
Them man are fake them so not my bredrins
Broke is my nemesis but no it will never win
Nuff man are gettin dough from the benefits
That's why they get gassed on tracks, like say they got racks on racks
Me Dolce plaques on plaques, make real money pay tax on tax

Try them trainers, black on black, cowboy showdown straps on straps
Fans see me and say 'Welcome back
But why the mainstream shut you out the door like welcome mats'

Sssh, I left the back on latch
This is burglary bars, bad Santa rap
So tell a prat don't gas, two cannons on me like papps on Dap's
Na Na Nai, Kill the sound boy l-l-l-l-l-lullaby
Buju Banton them pussyclart get Boom Bye Bye Bye Bye
Your with the man I been around the world and I, I die

Fly-y-y-y-y-y Amsterdam get high-igh-igh-igh-igh
Slit your wrists, I'll slip the pricks with emo's to the si-i-i-i-ide
Buy suits and ties look like Harrod's, Mohammed Al-Fay-ay-ay-ay-ed
But they put that coif on me and cut it down to fit my size

Got too much swagger, my swagger's overrated
A likkle Luis belt and Gucci scarf they not gone make it
And that is not exclusive if you pick that of the rack
When I hit that Bond St. strip stylist says quick come in the back
I told him no homo, but show me those though
There's only one of these in London I'll run solo
He was probably just gassing me up to buy it
Young black disposable cash don't knock it til you've tried it

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