Kano - Kano Come In: Earthquake Lyrics

Said I been gone for a hot minute
And put my Rolex on the radiator
Back like boomerang I'm done dinging it
But you might see me later alligator
In some Bally lace ups
With some jacket tapered
So much stones you thought it was animation
Wilma on my case cause
All these chicks are chasing
To my table tryna drink my vodka and champagne up
I ain't no Matt Damon
But Bourne with Ultimatums
Get rich or die trying so we started caking
I'm doing Kane and not the brother of Undertaker
And I ain't muslim I tell my brothers Assalamu alaikum
Say Grace cause the flows amazing
Lord thank you for the food you put on my plate and
That you kept me off the road like I was the pavement
Only good that's in my soul ain't fucking with Satan

I predict an earthquake up in here
Say yea
I predict an earthquake up in here
Now everybody throw bombs on it
Throw bombs on it
Just smash something
Yea mosh for me
We can make an earthquake up in here

It's still fuck a hater
That's like niggas playing catch saying fuck a Laker
That's like niggas with mohicans saying fuck the A-team
Goodfella flow nigga fuck you pay me
Yea you know I spit the truest shit
Taught these dickhead's how to spit
Now all these dickhead's truanting
Yea detention
The bars are old pension
The cars not owned renting
So don't throw your 10 cents in
I never used to wanna get my mummy them 10 Benson
But now I buy my mummy flights to Jamaica with her friends them
My nigga izzy told me go commercial and it's tempting
Ya already down in history as the best in the game

Now throw bombs on it
Throw bombs on it
Just smash summink
Yea mosh for me
Y Y Y Yea!
We can make an earthquake up in here!

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Kano Kano Come In: Earthquake Comments
  1. Allan Warnock

    Kano 🔥🔥🔥 Busta had a good go at it too 😆

  2. Ryan Long

    I make em drop till there's a hole in the fucki g ground. Still love this tune as much as I always did. "Wretch 32 COMe In". And he well and truly did.

  3. Eddy Kimathi

    Awwwesome remix!!

  4. Fredy К

    ОХУЕНО (ohueno) In russian it's meen cool.great.amazing)

  5. PenguinRisk

    Love tinies verse on hear

  6. José 09

    Like si vienes por las mejores músicas para amv

  7. me curse you mimikyu

    Kano come in and finish him...

  8. Official 3litenkz

    Wretch 32 murked it

  9. Dred Sonic

    Kano ..& 32 .....nuff said 😀

  10. Antony Ndenge

    Im still loving this song......always #wretch 32

  11. Thalia 66


  12. Yolanda Goddard

    They should of used Skepta or the Big Narstie instead of Busta.

  13. Kacper Matysiak

    Busta an tinnie was the best

  14. Bob Metri

    2018 still rocking like a champ

  15. James Lamb

    Haha, everyone saying Kano won out. Busta destroyed.

  16. Sapphire Clawson


  17. Kelvin Miller

    The girldem call me earthquake, coz I make the pussy cave in!! Yes sick line

  18. Matt Grillz


    Innocent Uchiha Child

    Matt Grillz IKR 😂👌

  19. Abigail Goddard

    The first 3 verses. ;)

  20. Darian Underhill

    Timid tempah

  21. Abigail Goddard

    Get rid of anti-climax Busta's part and give Roadman Shaq a go instead.

    Luke Heath

    Abigail Goddard mans not hot tho

  22. Donny the Dealer

    Pass out and Earthquake have hard beats and this song made me realise that 👌

  23. BBlaster55

    That moment when busta kicks in, oh hot damn

  24. Dylan Burnett

    Only me who actual though wretch 32 killed this👀👀

  25. George Washington


    3 Cows Stranded After New Zealand Earthquake Are Rescued | Time.com



    "the biggest footprint mankind had ever left on nature"

     - Christopher Michael Simpson 



  26. George Washington



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  27. Eb Trax

    2. Busta
    3. Labrinth
    4. Wretch
    5. Tinie
    They all killed it

  28. ATommyc

    OH LORD BUSTA!! 😲😲

  29. James

    Busta 👀👀👀👀

  30. Ville Vigren

    tinie is wack, kano is good, wretch is dope, labrinth surprising good, busta okay but waited more...

  31. EpICmAN Gwow

    busta killin it

  32. Sam Strickland

    busta rhymes and tinie tempah. yeeeaa

  33. Charlotte Dawson

    07716616303 hit me up xoxoxo
    cum niggaaaaaa


    is that actually your number aha?

  34. Possum

    Damn Kano heated that room up

  35. Ronan Cormack

    listin to it with 1.25 speed

  36. Thomas Sherborne

    93 people are gay

  37. deluxespratt


  38. razza youtube

    kano flogged

  39. razza youtube

    still listening to this in 3000

  40. anthony real

    Fat sick lar 💪🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🔉🔉🔉🔥®

  41. Wayne Ellis


  42. cian abbott

    this is fucking good

  43. JoeBlazerr

    Finish him.

  44. MrQ.123

    Busta was fire!!! Kano was good aswell, Tinie and Wretch tho, I don't think this was for them, but they are good, Tinie is amazing at rapping and Wretch is great aswell, just not for them

  45. Udry Shenk

    Replace Tinie with Chip then you got the perfect song xd

  46. Yamchas Ghost

    tempah needs to give sway his flow back...kano killed it tho!

  47. DR GM

    I loved it

  48. Josh Griff

    Fucking brilliant

  49. Sylvia Saduwa

    Busta Rhymes busted 'em alright!!!!!

  50. Mutahammid Chowdhury

    Kano went in.... Fucking fire


    like a boss best song in the world

  52. J R


  53. Ben Piggott

    tinie and busta killing da song for me them to made that song

  54. Noah Smith

    Busta rhymes at next level speeds as per, but imo Kano was best verse in this

  55. Ghazala Khanum

    are you a Muslim like me because of Aslam alalkum was in there

    Serial Biller

    He is not Muslim bro haha

  56. Rik Mayall

    5 of the finest wordsmiths known to man....and tinie tempah enters? trolls

    Jai Ko

    My thoughts exactly lol no disrespect to the guy but he's hardly a word Smith haha...

    AtomicGoat769 PL

    Why do i see nms everywhere, but i play it anyway

    A S

    He has basic word play but his flow is sick

  57. BossDawgPRO

    kano finished em

  58. Erickgv

    Busta Rhymes killed it!!!

  59. Nigel H.

    I wanted to hear "kano, finish him" so damned bad.


    Nigel H. Beg 4 it

    RayXO Wayne

    reminds me of mortal kombat❤

  60. Jamie Walker

    tinie killed it

  61. Almari



    +Ryan Nuttall this song is satanic, if you know whats going on in hollywood right now then you would know why im saying its satanic

    Ryan Nuttall

    @shereece skinner - Can you explain please? I live in South Africa so i wouldn't know underground news. 

    Raj Singh

    +shereece skinner this is uk. not hollywood


    @rajveer singh I live in south London croydon

    Raj Singh


  62. goku hermit

    kano went in doe!!!!!

    RY P

    Standard for Kano

  63. rhys chapman

    kano is a monster

    Par claw1

    Who kano?


    @Par claw1 You don't know who Kano is???? Sheesh 🙄🙄🙄

  64. Buggs Logic

    My favourite part is wretch 32 :P my opinion


    fuarkin just jizzed out of my ears bruv

  66. Eskaah.

    Kano doe.


    I could barely understand what he was saying...

    Sam Hall

    +somadrex because your not from the uk lol kano #legend

  67. Tulaele Plumbing

    Better than the original best of all remixes


    jackson cutts easy 2018 booooom

    A S

    This or lean back remix

  68. Navi's swag-a-lishous

    Nice remix really coool

  69. Soulja 786

    "I aint muslim but I tell my brothers salam walaikum" haha kano is the best. He used to go to my school Langdon in East Ham

    Hazem Ahmed

    Respect !


    guess who went to my school? plan b lol


    As salamu alaykum* lol

  70. Noah Haines

    i say them eminem busta remix was best

  71. GK Musik

    i coulda slept thru wretch 32 verse

  72. rajib Choudhury


  73. KPS HD


    like if u love remix

  74. kayla jones

    Busta tho :D

  75. Firas Hanif

    Busta and kano are just beast on this track

  76. DONat134

    loool man said anal come in and bastard come in

  77. Roger Brincat

    wretch 32 smashes it! 


    I use to be a really big fan of busta but Erm Wretch32 killed it. Busta barley touched the track people bigging him up just coz he's the biggest name. Sorry, he's rich now so he doesn't need to write and work as hard anymore. Still good but not as good as Wretch or Kano for that matter.

    marc padmore

    behave kano smashed this tune like he does on every song he goes on do you know why he smashed this tune because he is truly dedicated to music dont care about the fame or the money a true artist

    Jake Brook

    Kano Killed this track towards the end of his verse.

    Peter Jones

    +SbS DEFTxSTAR Wretch 32 and Kano murdered em!!

    A. Lampman

    It's just because Busta's flow is still legible at lightspeed.

    Zacc Finch

    Yea dude they all killed it lol. You're just a bitch.

  79. Ghostie. VilliainPlayzor

    Kano's on it like a car bonnet!! Sweggy


    Ghostie. VilliainPlayzor hujhuyuyh

  80. Shahrokh Shirazi

    Well , i think the vevo one make u more high than this. Lol

  81. B66SHEEN

    busta n kano murked the scene.

  82. JakeTheNutcase

    better then the original

  83. Courtney-Leigh Coxy-glass

    Wrench 32 and Busta hit it hard in this tuneeee

  84. UR_DAWG

    Busta destroys in this song

  85. Adam Mayhew

    kano and busta go in!!!

  86. sifiso maphosa

    Theres a hole in the ******* ground

  87. sidukos giapanta

    ennweite mikrh m Black Dahlia!!!!!! <3

  88. Black Dahlia

    siduko? :P <3 like that ?

  89. nayem ali

    After it says finish him and kano goes crazy (y)

  90. LakersFan4Life

    Busta killed it

  91. Brad The Newt

    A piece of the best from all of them really

  92. khaos

    Kano and Wretch 25 are BEASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  93. Jonah Spence

    Wheres eminem???