Kano - Hail Lyrics

Welcome to the jungle
King of this shit, Royal Blood, welcome to the rumble
Every man for himself, coco be wary, I square you now
Inside the square circle cuz, curb your trust
If I kill us and rob us and serve us up

Snakes in the grass couldn't turf a cup
Can't befriend then burgle us
Killing these bills, Uma Therman'd up
Getting that belly like Sherman Klump
Show's over when the curtains shut
But mines are blinds and I'm turning up
Who are ya? Bet you heard of us
Big mic man like merciless
They say grime's not popping like it was back then
Rap's not honest like it was back then
When I get gassed in the booth like this
Niggas go bonkers like it was MAC-10
Roll Jack Jones if it ain't man dem
And again and again
Roll Jack Jones if it ain't man dem
Don't make money but it does make sense
Karmas have answered us
Light up a dance like bars when there's sparklers
Out in Marms with an army of armsmens
Pure click, [?]
I begin, booked a studio in [?]
Rolling the rustlers, holy bivariate
Then I be back in East with the Gs
That ain't no gangsters, mate, that's the governors
Sweet geez, ark at him
Cotching on Ermine Road where the barber's is
With a whole leap of man get enough of us
You know them man that draw 9 for an argument
That shamone, you're a man like it's nothing then
Come and round up the sticks like carpenters
You wanna squash that beef but it started
Man'll go door like "I'll let you buy a carpet"
Stick to the script
Real educated ignorant shit
Don Perignon just to binge on the shit
Yo, if it bubbles, put your finger in it
White chicks sling G-strings when I spit
Blacker days, would've got lynched for this shit
Would've got whipped for this shit
Now I push a German Whip on a bitch
Now everybody wanna get Jigga rich quick
What they handed to them likkle privileged kids
Hands in the cookie jar, ripping off ribs
I guess that's taking the flipping biscuit
Stealing a living with your sticky fingers
Crossing that pond and fishing for hits
We both gain from a little influence
But how comes nobody credits us Brits?
This ain't no RP cup of tea music
This real east end theme music
No, I don't know the Queen
But that bitch stays in my jean pocket
No dubstepping on my toes
Don't fuck with my drum and bass
Shuffling to some council house
But it gets grimy in these raves
I've had dubplates on acetate
Dun know Kano was here
Used to shop in catalogs, now my catalog'll
Give these soundboys diarrhoea

[Tempa T:]
Smash all of your CD rack
Won't get none of your CDs back
Clear all of your CD rack
Won't get none of your CDs back
Smash all of your CD rack
Won't get none of your CDs back
Clear all of your CD rack
Won't get none of your CDs back

Welcome to the jungle
King of this shit, Royal Blood, welcome to the rumble
Every man for himself, coco be wary, I square you now
Inside the square circle cuz, curb your trust
If I kill us and rob us and serve us up

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Kano Hail Comments
  1. Moormarc

    Wretch 32 YOU KILL IT , keep singing, Your voice boom king, kILL THEM 2020.

  2. neme adiele

    When this track came out I expected a video that has a form or workout or boxing. Dope music tho

  3. Nemo Hoes


  4. Michael Payne

    Superb! Go Sully 1
    Love and Respect G

  5. aaron anthony smith

    Oohhh R Yaa
    sweet geez
    Arc at him
    Loveeee it.
    East Side 🔥

  6. Miles Daily

    To everyone in the UK I apologize on behalf of the fools invading these comment boards with fuckery and ignorance post Top Boy Season 3 fr, shit's probably annoying to most of you.

  7. Boss Levels

    Still one of my favourite choons

  8. Mikey McGraw

    How could any real UK head dislike this?!? Still fire🔥🔥

  9. Tube Darren

    Giggs looking like he needed treatment for shock

  10. mr jipsta

    By far the best mc in England

  11. b m

    Still isn’t on a mill

  12. Casell Davies

    Nobody in the world can do what Kano does! He's a global treasure and I love how he hasn't sold himself out !! #KingK

  13. CMD

    FUCKIN TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Charlie Salmon

    Anthony Joshua need to walk in to this.

  15. IneffableWisdom

    There's a reason Jigga named him.

  16. Larry Plopenstein

    Drill and mumble rap take note..

  17. didley squat

    so gassd fkin legend

  18. Baldheadslck

    I'm American,from NYC. And I love the grime scene and have for a while but is he talking about someone in particular line with that no one gives credits to Brits line?

    The Tech Librarian

    Yeah everyone basically, people will rock lil pump before Kano.

  19. Katie-Jo

    I'd love to meet Kano

  20. dubai sect


  21. Chris Deacon

    3 years ago already damn the time is flying

  22. Robert Richards

    I have only ever heard one good english rapper (Slick Rick).  Kano is another boo boo ass english rapper.  Your average local american rapper is better than this man. and people wonder why english rappers don't get any respect. smh

    james graham

    Your opinion is very invalid stay listening to MGK and NF

    The Tech Librarian

    Yeah right !!!!! , hold tight let me check your channels music selection.

  23. Edward Okeefe

    Kano is the man.. big up👏

  24. Katie-Jo

    This man needs more subs

  25. Future Trunks

    What the fuck? Not even a mil yet? Niggas don't know what real rap is anymore...

  26. Mia UZÄH

    wtf s to laves road

  27. JammyCHD

    hail is my favourite song now i love it

  28. JammyCHD

    kano where do you live and i like you rapping


    ilove you KANO

  29. jejejejeje jejejejje

    haha ive still got that diesel hoodie the guy at 3:00 is wearing

  30. Future Trunks

    Shit deserves at least a dozen million views bruh 🔥💯💯

  31. 1thmaam

    real educated ignorant shit

  32. Mariela Roa Aguirre

    Malo no me gusta

  33. Katie-Jo

    What a guy he fantastic id say the best im from leytonstone so not far from me

  34. Kyle Thompson

    He's not joking I see a chick throw her underwear on stage when he was in shooshh 😂😂 he looked disgusted tho 😂😂😂😂

  35. Jonathan Joseph

    kano is the best. Montéal, Canada

  36. Tanis McGrane


  37. The Gaming Hook

    must be amazing witnessing this with a live band

    Callum Anderson

    The Gaming Hook i saw him this year and it was maddddd

    anthony jones

    The Gaming Hook Saw him live couple of months back=Insane

  38. Kim Wright

    I'm black first and then American.We don't have much pride in saying we're American.We represent our rap music and we like Grime too.Yall love hating on America.We don't have no hate for y'all.Shit let your artist make that money regardless of whose listening to it rather it's us or yous.

  39. K31R616

    B-r-r-r-r-r-a-a-a-a-t-t-t-t !!

  40. zCharged

    "hands in the cookie jar" lool

  41. zCharged

    got me gassed when he said who are ya

  42. Mr Mystic Mac

    Not even 1 million views? Stormzy recycles old grime beats 40 million views wtf

  43. JDottDees Tv

    sorry but the end gets me.. Ghetts " you wheeled it up before the wheel fam" rolf

  44. Slavin Balen

    British rap rules. Just recall 3 Wize Men, Hi-Jack, Overlord X, S. Bullet... Kano is top rapper. Hail (to) him.

  45. G Smallz


  46. 1beanontoast


  47. Hostile Toes

    This beat drains ma chakra

  48. Andy Swan

    I threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw 94 dislikes 😂 wtf

  49. TURNA92

    One of the sickest videos going

  50. Shroomer s

    Fucking brilliant

  51. RaimundoIB

    Most Europeans listen to American Rap. I preffer Uk Hip-Hop, grime scene. Still raw and still relevant. Peace from Romania!

    Michael Payne

    Both good still but British is best

  52. Stephen Udegbunam

    Please pleaase please!!!!, do something with Eminem!!

  53. demolition explosion

    1.51-mins in, holy shit, kano is killing it

  54. ZombryaTheDark

    I play this when I use Kano in MKX

  55. stan chanakila

    you remined me of a mordern day hero!

  56. stan chanakila

    i dont know how you do it,,,,,
    do it again

  57. Dub S

    @ Kano where should i put this in my playlists ? Grime ..Rock ..Hiphop Or Bombaclaut Nasty ? ;) Big up !

  58. Erazer MC

    Im gettin him done for littering, he threw a chip

  59. woody j

    kano please make a track with dj hazard it will smash it

  60. danny garcia

    3 legends in that car at the end, respect.

    Anonymous Lyrics

    Who are they?


    Anonymous Lyrics mike skinner, giggs, kano and ghetts

  61. badass ferg

    The GOAT

  62. Mofo Mofo

    im actually disgusted that this hasn't reached 500,000 views yet

    Boyd Hayes

    +Mofo Mofo really. like wtf??

    Ehsaan Tahir

    +Pedo Power I'm disgusted that your name is pedal power 😂 on the real though it's true what your saying, hype tracks like panda, shutdown, even shutdown by Skepta if I'm being honest - and I'm a HUGE Skepta fan. It's just garbage that people who follow trends love, but like Big Narstie said on his interview with Charlie Sloth, grime never dies, the fan base is strong.

  63. Adam Wilmot


    KA nextlevel

  64. Abdul Rashid

    Kano a real mc dnt kno hw stormzy get mre views overrated

  65. Darren

    2:00 "If your bum hurts put a finger in it"

    I don't get the meaning in that?

    Farhaz J

    +Darren Ball Loooooool


    +Darren Ball nothing to do with being white, I am black but dunno much of it. depends on where you grew up, where your ends @ not your race man!


    if it bubbles u mong

    aa aa

    I know this comment is old but I'm fucking dying XD lmfao if your bum hurts put a finger in it XD XD XD I thought you was trolling at first


    @m fjdmvdjfn vnfivndfn looks like some people are hurt from my question... Go put a finger up your bum if your hurting bitches 😊

  66. Rahim Mushfiq

    is that kano pissing in the background at 2:50 ? LOL

  67. Carters barbers Barbershop

    New banger new banger! Giggs face lol

  68. Derik Anyang

    One year later!

  69. KrankeR 25

    Kano the best.

  70. Spongiest Bob

    A Kano and Ghetts collaboration album would be a blessing though.. My best tag team since Red and Meth!

    Joe Parkin

    @bugzynutz They have done loads of work together over an albums worth of back to back check there freestyles old Westwood ones mainly.

  71. islam capone

    FULL SCALE COMEBACK!!! Kano on top!

  72. Alpha Disciple

    This is actually my favourite grime tune at the moment, its took cold!!!

  73. Femi Sani

    I woulda got whipped for this shit now I'm driving a German whip!

  74. Jay Borilo

    OMDS thats my road 😭😭

  75. stimpz360

    does anyone else hear Ghetts lol

  76. hamish drummond

    1:05 that g looked bare like 50 cent

  77. lawrence gordinsky

    will the actual audio for this be released soon, as in with out the "don't do dem tings man", because this is insane and that kinda ruins it

  78. E P

    K A N O is the Boi!

  79. Alpha Male


  80. james jovis

    you wanna squash that beef but it's started man at your door like " would ya like to buy a carprt!!!"

  81. Ms Gin

    Love it! Guddah

  82. bazzle b

    kano is bak on da grime ting its bout time !!

  83. cookahbetsy

    after watching...instantly typed "kano new banger" into youtube

  84. Jay Jay

    yes finally found this

  85. Neel Mehta

    Rah!! This is mad!! KANO always on a mad ting!

  86. FiestaPlayr


  87. Jared Whitburn

    Yes he's a sick rapper !!!!!!

  88. Gustav Hagström

    Powerful and awesome song

  89. podge121

    Love this

  90. Austin Mitchell

    Rah grime taking over 2015 grimes alive real tune kano keep it up