Kano - Endz Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Lord, forgive me for all sins
And I don't know if I believe in God but I believe in the forces
Like I believe in the four seasons
I believe in the flossing
I drive Mercs past poor people
They look at me like they saw a king
And I just wanna let the morgues in
But we move in manors where some mandem wanna bore kin
Late night murders, I ain't tryna be in mourning
Looking like food, them man still want to push the fork in
Bon appetit, my crew is ready for that
That's hard-earned, you're not supposed to take a penny of that
If the rules ain't vexed then why they bending like that?
Man'll send a man heaven for that
Blud, I ain't being token black on TV, you've got Lenny for that
I'll make a little less paper and I'll left 'em with that
I get offers everyday, rich, I ain't effing with that
So if I'm never super famous, I can sekkle for that
This got that layer cake vibe
Tumping Esco out the speaker, through Leytonstone sides
Where niggas get 30s and 18s
Where niggas go to jail every day, B

[Hook 1:]
It's gutter inside, outside, rah, rah, rah
Where too many man talk 'nuff blah blah
That's just the endz though
That's just the endz
Inside, outside, rah, rah, rah
Where too many man talk 'nuff blah blah
That's just the endz though
But you know that's just the endz

[Verse 2:]
This is that flow you've been waiting for, flow they don't make no more, init?
Not 140 but it's fucking raw, init?
Play this on the way to the club and not in it
Made in the manor so it's fucking authentic
Try and crush a brother's spirit with your theories
Jigga said I was the best and niggas act like they didn't hear it
I ain't gassed over the cosign, I ain't in love with the CoCo
I ain't fucking with the po-po, I'm just fucking with the purists, who's realest?
Eight years independent, three cheers to the pen-smith
The game's wide open, I'm dentist
Tryna find space, I'm Tetris, not tryna lose faith, cross fingers
Brave face, can't see hecklers
Bad minds can't change never
Move spot but can't change a leopard's
All sheep can't be shepherd
And just when I was down the other week
Wretch phoned me and said without man like me, there's no heat, that's real

[Hook 2:]
Inside, outside, rah, rah, rah
Where too many man talk 'nuff blah blah
That's just the endz, mate
Yeah, you know that's just the endz
Know what I said already, inside, outside, rah, rah, rah
Where too many man talk 'nuff blah blah
That's just the endz
Yeah, you know that's just the endz, geez

[Verse 3:]
Heavy is the head that wears the crown though
I feel under pressure just to provide for the famo
I'm in disposition so I never tell a man "no"
But I didn't "Fester Skank", remember, that's Lethal in the Lambo
But when we're on top, bruv, everybody's coming
Lambo for Lee and a chauffeur for Romy
Villa for Jen and a villa for Dotty
Ray-Ray no even worry about [?], promise
Me and wifey just had beef
She's tryna marry me while I'm tryna marry beats
Love you unconditionally even if I don't speak it
First, let me duppy this scene shit
RIP Belangi shit
Play that monster boy through the speakers
Pour some Perignon on the floor, getting beaming
You're badman on the weekend
I'd rather box man and don't tweet it
Out, I drop man and don't greet him
You hear it and believe it, I seen it
Man get shanked up and we ain't leaving
Pour some more Ciroc, yeah, the peach shit
Coming like we're numb to the feeling
Like one brother's pain is another's inconvenience
That's deep shit, inside, rah, rah, rah
Where pillow-talking can get your clart wrapped up
Fish and chips open with the tartar sauce
Hold tight Smithy, that's my rasclart darg
Where niggas don't dance with the stars
Niggas drag stars out their cars
Make 'em spit bars for a pass
And this one won't chart, that's for certain
But I know that Giggs will say that I was murking

[Hook 2:]
Mandem know they're on the inside, outside, rah, rah, rah
Too many man talk 'nuff blah blah
That's just the endz, though
Yeah, you know that's just the endz
You dun know already, inside, outside, rah, rah, rah
Where too many man talk 'nuff blah blah
That's just the endz, pal
You know that's just the endz

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Kano Endz Comments
  1. Josh Urlaub

    2019 and Kano is still that guy.

  2. Embittered Drunk

    What's Kano's best album?

  3. Paul Kelly

    A humble g 😎

  4. Rachel Ray Ray Wright

    The Flo..... Rah Rahh Rahhh ❤️

  5. Lemaeke Naze

    This is insane. Bars of truth. Universal flow thats global bro. Wish I found this earlier.

  6. g1254


  7. Dayday Chyna

    Aye from Georgia!! Here at work on a rainy day smoke break getting my mood right with some of yall best.

  8. buck9393

    Does ANYONE know what make of jacket Kano is wearing in this video? The green one. EDIT found it now I'm not telling you guys what it is

  9. Kmt_mb Kmt_mb


  10. 93RubixCube

    "this got that layer cake vibe" Kano been the best since day

  11. Ryan Kirkwood

    One brothers pain is another's inconvenience that's deep shit

  12. Lou Lawson

    Iv always hammered every one of Kano album when they came out

  13. Callum Jay

    Bad man sully ya naaaa loooool

  14. Nuzha Tulain

    who's still here <3

  15. Dazza Direct

    "Trying to find space im Tetris" ;-]

  16. Wayne B

    Best song on the album.
    Best artist in the scene. Him and ghetts b2b is amazing. Wretch a rapper not a grime mc. Kano the 🐐

  17. me curse you mimikyu

    Can't wait for top boy season 3 so hyped.

  18. Sirdiggar

    Talk like dizzee ain't got a temper

  19. Lemi LeMach

    K-A-N-OOOH ✊🏽 gwan bredda

  20. TUI TIGA

    East End forever 💯 thank you Kano

  21. Ethereal Synchronicity444

    "It's got that Layer Cake vibe... tumpin' Esco out the speaker thru Leytonstone sides". Big Bars dem K.

  22. Lou War

    One of the greatest UK masterpieces

  23. Blue96

    “Not 140 but it’s fucking raw init” the GOAT

  24. Elliot Greenaway

    Bring back the king #1

  25. James Best

    So real

  26. Ken k

    UK hall of famer they can't Kane to much

  27. Sam Leigh

    I miss Kano

  28. daniel kovač


  29. ragefusion Balfour


  30. Lydia Loukaki

    I'm from Greece and I like real hip hop too much. I like the beats. Not like this bullshit in our days. Kano is a great talented rapper of our time, who really supports real rap to survive!! We need this!! Thank u Kano!!! Keep it going!! 👏👌✊😊✌✌

  31. Igloo Chips

    Whole album's sick, proper nostalgic soundin

  32. Philip Maxwell

    Im trying to find space, im tetris.. Smart little lyric

  33. poppy raftrey

    F#~k wiley it’s all bout Kano since 2003 2004 p’s&q’s, I was hooked and he’s fit as and aged well and 3 wheels up was the best tune apart from p&q love u Kano 💖💗💕💝

  34. hip hop head 101

    The reason I got into grime kano is king in my eyes 💯👊

    Long live the king

  35. Abijah Foundation.

    Lord forgive me all sins.

  36. Ken k

    Still smashin this

  37. T Clark

    Thumbs up from Washington DC

  38. Ken k

    One his best Kane a true poet when he wants to be

  39. Ryan Kirkwood

    Kanos flow is legendary say nuttin

  40. Dan Shearing

    Inside outside rah rah rah talk like dizzee ain’t gotta tempa, hit em wid da false like sky walker


    Dan Shearing force my g not false. Sik tho nuff artist using boy in the corner lyrics

  41. Ben Carron

    Best song to come out of England

  42. Kholden Caulfield

    Thanks for not sounding mainstream, big up!
    p.s. the producer of the beat is godlike too, these jazz notes are great

  43. Michael A

    Still hits me like the first time hearing this bro. Keep making music Kano, originator of this ting

  44. Craig McLaren

    Probably every working class area in britain can relate to this song in some way or another

  45. Re Da


  46. back wheel bandits

    topboy roadman comn season 3 keep it lit boys

  47. Scott Lacey

    Banging kano never fails to impress

  48. T B

    Raikes, had the drop on you nigga
    could of flew that head! you lucky

  49. KryptonIstheFuture

    this song changed my life #layercakevibe

  50. Stephanie F

    I hate my sister asia

  51. Bulg Productions


  52. gary pollock

    kano is the man as he an i say SEMINAL (timeless) without this guy forget your scene an most important hes a sound dude

  53. M Tech

    uk magic!

  54. Gaz Ali

    Kano, Akala, and Lowkey...not in that order, but my top 3!!!

  55. Oneka Houslin

    It's da rah rah rah🏓🎾🎹🎤🎤

  56. Oneka Houslin

    I'm sure I did hit this up a year ago but hearing it again... It's Kano at his best.. Loving it all the way 💋🙌🏽🔊

  57. A Macca

    He's something special

  58. Katie-Jo

    Im from leytonstone big up this man what a dude. miss my hood

  59. Wck Records

    Where are they from?

  60. Old Musashi

    big support from spain bro!! waiting on Top Boy 3.. dale duro

  61. Cory Pope

    could bump this all day send a man to heaven for that

  62. Ken k


  63. sebbydudie

    this is deep init .Man lyk Kano
    MY G

  64. Flock Flock

    this is fucking ridiculous, KANO the best to ever do it

  65. Anton LeVay

    I'm a punk, from North East London.
    I listen to all types of music but i gotta say kano's album smashes it.
    Listen to it everyday on the tube.

  66. 1thmaam

    "badminds can't change, never"

  67. Sean Marshall

    If I could click the thumbs up button a million times, I would definitely do it. Bruv, you're definitely spitting fire on a different level. #Facts

  68. Layton

    Bieber Sample?

  69. Kyle Thompson

    Is he even able to make bad music ? It's just tune after tune

  70. Divya Gaur

    whoiselijah sent me here 😍😍😍😍

  71. The Mancunian

    Kano is the Don, Wiley is the Godfather!

  72. Cohen Blackholly

    This is a really good song

  73. Ayo_BK

    Only one mil views wtf

  74. Michael Cait Norwood

    to many men talk nuff. 😂😂😂

  75. cutie beauti

    Love ❤ u baby boy..

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    this needs to be in top boy 3

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    This is fuckin siiick

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  80. Jimeh Auton

    Legend, this is another classic

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    Kano Realist Recognise!!!

  83. Adaeze Ebi

    Yes Kano!!

  84. chrstphr

    Yo was this guy in a UK mini series. I think I remember seeing him in it, I forget the name but it was on Netflix. It had a bunch of ganster's in the England hood selling drugs and making their way up. The ones dude's little brother died I think. They lived in a complex type setup.


    Nevermind Top Boy it is! So fucking sick. I've been on UK rap for a good year now and never knew he was in the game until today. I had seen the series a good year or two ago though.

    Byron c

    chrstphr top boy


    I found out shortly after in the comments but thanks! They making more Top Boy? I'm from Canada so I only saw it on Netflix.

    Leo Parker

    chrstphr nah mate they ended it at season 2 although some man are still hoping for season 3

    Byron c

    SYT MADLADLJ apparently drake brought the rights to it and meant to be in production for season 3

  85. SelfReferencingName

    That aspect ratio is stupid

  86. zCharged

    banger (and mash)

  87. AJ Vibez

    Legend this bruva was in top boy series

  88. iTz AJ

    jheess! KaNo Is A laD

  89. James Bedu Kodjo Graham

    Kano has found his Own Zone and become a Great Musician on irs Own.Still Collaboration With Craig David is One of ths Best Duos in Music Production in the 2000 Decade.

  90. Josh Clarke

    the mans a leg

  91. JDottDees Tv

    layer cake vibe, hmmm deffo, man is a living legend and that little circle there he spat is rar the only man I come back to in grime, when I want real sheet with depth, a flow and passion.. mind you skrapz nines akala.. the list goes on big up kano been putting graft for time, been a long journey and its been a privilege. Looking forward to many more years.

  92. R3b2 2ber

    kano is a serious artist man

  93. beechface1

    Fucking masterpiece.

  94. GMSFollowMySaviour

    he never disappoints