Kamelot - The Human Stain Lyrics

See the cemetery sky
Carmine red and deep
Watch the oceans rising high
It's the human stain

Talk about the growing hunger
Ask why with deep concerned
Don't you think the human races
Is ceaselessly vain

But it hurts to be
Alive my friend
In this silent tide
We're driftwood passing by

Don't you wish you
Were a child again
Just for a minute
Just for a minute more

Hear the ticking of a clock
The sound of life itself
No one really wants to die
To save the world

Tell me that you're torn asunder
From how we fail to learn
And tell me if the Earth goes under
Where's your anger now

So it hurts to
Be alive, my friend
In this masquerade where
All one day must die

Don't you wish you
Were unborn again
Just for a minute
Just for a minute more


The ticking at the tear asunder
The beating from a heart of stone
The loss of your divine prosperity

'Cause it costs to
Be alive, my friend
And this life that someone
Merely gave to you

That's the price you take
Minute by minute
You beg for a minute more

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Kamelot The Human Stain Comments
  1. Fher Gutierrez

    Damn, i get chills. Every single time.

  2. AJ Munoz

    Now I got to wait 90 days to change my name and I now realize that somebody else has the same name ugh

  3. Lybrith

    good ol 144p days xd

  4. Teobaldo Praslin

    The best band alive 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

  5. Firas Alshalabi

    goosebumps!! " just for a minute more!"

  6. DANTE79S

    I love Roy Khan. My favourite singer

  7. Elizabeth Ali

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Will always be one of my favorite Kamelot songs.


    I second that!

  8. Petri Vuorinen

    This song is great!! I love Kamelot😀

  9. Nur Ahmad Hafizuddin

    I regret making this as my morning alarm, it worked but fuck me goddammit

  10. Leonardo de Oliveira


  11. FlixPat

    11 years later, I still haven't managed to listen to Human Stain without crying. And it's not even my favorite track from them, my undisputed favorite band. No lineup changes will ever be able to diminish the depth of my love for you guys.

  12. ɢᴀʙᴇ Đ. ʀᴜssø **ʟɪғᴇᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇʀ**

    Awesome Emotional and so deep rockin. Tick tick tock.

  13. Leo Mendez

    2018! A Masterpiece!! :´( Miss Roy but I´m excited with Tommy :D

  14. Matthew Denis

    2018... still great

  15. Carin

    "So it hurts to be alive, my friend"❤


    fav song absolutly love the lyrics

  17. TH3LAST3M0

    i love kamelot and there's no music better then this

  18. Zack Sael Official

    how to be fucking epic in just 240p

  19. DANTE79S

    Uwielbiam ten kawałek

  20. imfar2busybeingdelic

    Ticking non stop 10 years now

  21. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Fine wisdom and poetry intertwined unto one strain

  22. guadalupe sanchez

    Is the drumer Casey Grillo? Because he looks so different in The pendulous fall

    Ивайло Минков

    Yes. It's him. It's little older in The pendulous fall.....

  23. Leonel Psalinas

    Songs Lyrics WOW!! My favorite Group... Long life ✌✌

  24. Ahmed Bahauldeen

    He plays his voice like an instrument

  25. MichaeL Walker

    I saw this on an amv titled Avatar Aang vs Fire Ozai. i know watched that and i just wanna it changed my life for the better and worse(thankfully) cant have life without death. it was sp beautifully done i just wanna thank the guy who made that and inadvertently introduved to this band and song, it challenged my singing talents and compassion for human life

  26. silas silva ferreira

    - Disse-lhe Nicodemos: Como pode um
    homem nascer, sendo velho? Pode, porventura, tornar a entrar no ventre
    de sua mãe, e nascer?

    João 3 versículo 4.

  27. James wentworth

    if Roy was around I kinda wanna see him and Tommy do an album together just cause I love both of their abilities of being a singer for this band

  28. Lew Valentine

    The best song of an amazing band! I'm in love!!!!!

  29. akisstat

    My favourite Kamelot song .... not their best for sure , but it has a deep meaning ... love it !!!!!

  30. Lewis Diana

    I agree with this song and Sam L. Jackson in Kingsman because the only reason animals are going extinct and the earth is being destroyed is because of Humans. I know it's 'cruel and that but human are only growing in population.


  31. Артур Ахметчин


  32. Marcelo Rocha

    "Don't you wish to be a child again?" -> adults after become parents

    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    Marcelo Rocha Oh, my God, that's so sad. 😂😂😂👌

  33. Xenophon

    Under-rated song

  34. Luis dias

    Excellent video clip band Kamelot!

  35. Barbershores

    Kudos to Thomas Youngblood and the incredible band, sound, and music he has created. And it is so cool how we can just hop onto Youtube and find these incredible bands. Symphonic power metal is an out of the way genra. But, with Youtube, any true golden and majestic sounds, we can touch our friends and family with no matter where they are.

    And the videos are really cool. We have the sound and the video from a performance captured in time. It's as if Khantatat is still with us singing just as he did in the last decade.

    We are living in incredible times.

    All my best,


  36. Samaria Palencia Avelar

    la mejor canción para mi :)

  37. Pedro Schmitz

    Add &fmt=18 does not work anymore, and today isn't necessary

  38. Ashura Kokuto

    I love this band's my favoryte music ;)

  39. ganondorfchampin

    No one really wants to die. Period. The extension "to save the world" isn't even needed.

  40. Miguel Ángel Velasquez Ávila

    I love their videos. Kamelot is one of those bands that you simply cannot forget & dislike even if you like extreme metal.

  41. Kenneth Monfil

    This song has such an amazing "rhythm".

  42. Muhammed Muayad

    my favorite song of the album

  43. Gabriel Covers Songs

    T.T my god... love this amazing band \m/

  44. Anna Meldrum

    Wait I thought Alissa white-gluz was part of this band, I'm so confused

  45. SymbolicBodom

    Beautiful memories... \m/.

  46. Tyreek Murillo

    looove this song kamelot is amazing

  47. Joseph Vandebor

    I believe in Rebirth of the Soul means that I will be born again in a real space age like year 2389

  48. May Valor

    Love this song

  49. Bullfrogs

    This song has some of my all time favourite lyrics. Just amazing. Glad the new singer can do this guy justice

  50. Elyse F

    My favourite Kamelot song...lets get it to 2 million views in remembrance of Roy!

  51. The Spicy Fist

    My favorite song from Kamelot. Can't believe its nearly 10 years.

  52. Diana Zapata

    That's my man ♡ xD /w\

  53. scw55

    "No one wants to die to save the world"

    Well... there was one man...

  54. DudahBlast bass

    i hate adds

  55. Dirk Carolus

    Cooler Mix ... völlig ab vom Genre - deswegen cool!

  56. Fabiano Bernardes

    Muito bom !!!!!

  57. Eri Nay


  58. Anthony Louis

    This is badass!

  59. Thedjbj2

    0:15 That keyboard line reminds me of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

  60. Katsuki _Play

    мне это видио и эта песня нравятся

  61. Si neastra

    No one noticed the uniqueness of the lyrics?
    Best lyrics i've ever heard.
    2015 ftw.!

    Ивайло Минков

    2018 still the best

  62. kailli46

    ooooooh dear lord!

  63. Luis dias

    Clip much good Kamelot!

  64. Michael Ricciardi

    The tombstone with the cross at 3:18 has the date MMXXIIV, which its probably MMXXIV, which is 2024.  I wonder if there is a significance, or if it's just a tombstone

  65. Anna K.

    my favourite...

  66. EvE AbYss

    ahhh my fav song by kamelot <3

  67. Dimitris

    Human Stain nur Sandy...
    Für immer.

  68. Rich Buchanan

    How is it that this is not the biggest band in the world?

  69. ozzman123

    Just started listening to this band. Other favorites include Dio, Black Sabbath, Korn, Epica, Oomph!, Rammstein and evanescence

  70. FeastDark

    now this is what i call metal this is way better then bvb and AA and every other mainstream bands

  71. Charlotte

    I think it is a little weird to say that roy khan "made" the band. Roy is a really good singer and he definetly was an important part of the band. But just to say, imagine all their songs without bass, or without keys, or drums. That would be terrible, if you look at it that way you should say that they all "made" the band. It is called a band for a reason, not because only the singer is important. I find it sad to see that people only look at roy khan then. As if the rest of the band doesn't matter anyway. as long as they have khan, it is kamelot: Replace him, it is not kamelot anymore. But replace anyone else from the band, and it is still kamelot. That is basically what you are saying with "roy khan made the band". That is just kinda stupid..

  72. 1878agony

    What a beautifully dark take on the burdens of this place called earth.

  73. SirGirBot

    One of my all-time favorite songs.<3

  74. Kevin

    This song is a masterpiece. 

  75. Benjamín Pérez


  76. The Symphony of Science

    Why can't I give more than 1 like ?! :D

  77. Keyword Novelist

    The new vocalist is incredibly talented, but dammit do I miss Roy Khan. So much. 

  78. LordTweedz

    "watch in HD!" - 240 ... guess the definition of "hd" changed quite a bit^^

  79. Severian

    Yes they are. They've said in numerous interviews.

  80. Nina Rider

    I can feel you, dude.

  81. Bayron De Paula

    this song hit me so hard u.u

  82. April Harris

    I LOVE it...just found them! I wonder if Queensryche is one of their inspirations. Sounds a "little" bit like them.

    Cassondra Mousseau

    April H Yes actually my dad and I looked it up and that's what my dad said when I showed him this band LOL

    Greg Hurst

    Actualy their drummer just filled in for Queensryche last year

  83. Alanna M

    I was doing the same thing~!! But instead of a dragon, it was an assassin.

  84. Daniel Ch

    0:30 kind of what angels like playing in heaven

  85. SaiChester

    His vocals improved a lot since this :O I was quite surprised, when I heard one of the younger recordings

  86. DarkGame11

    This song is just fucking amazing!

  87. Edward Kenway

    ist glaub ich mit einer der wenigen melodic death metal bands in den usa die kommen sonst aus finnland oder so wie sonata arctica

  88. Pseudonym #5

    Kamelot and Nightwish are two amazing groups. Real fans don't argue about which is better, they accept that both are mind blowing.

  89. Anin 99

    Ich liebe kamelot *-*


    Nina Steinbach und ich liebe dich


    Das tun wir alle 😍

  90. Alfe Santos

    just best lyric ever

  91. inappropro69

    woah, general zod sings for a metal band?

  92. CedricBale

    Annotation: "Watch in HD!"
    Me: "Alright, sure."
    >click quality button
    >see it's already on highest quality
    >highest quality is 240p
    >feel troll'd

    Really liking this band, though.


    2007 vid after all.

    Henry Robles

    Well this video is old af

  93. SsecretSoul

    No importa cuantas veces la escuche, esta melodia siempre me hace estremecer... Una de mis favoritas desde luego...

  94. Soy Sauce

    its feels that way because it is, I saw them Live in Brisbane 3 weeks ago.. life fulfilled.

  95. Mina

    Ah, brings me back. Still in love with the lyrics.

  96. TheGreatestThing

    just for a minute....just for a minute...more...

  97. TheGreatestThing

    just for a minute...just for minute...more...

  98. Unyu Duet

    Every time I hear the singer's voice, I feel the desire to listen to more.