Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel - Hawai'i '78 Introduction Lyrics

Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i
Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i

I feel free now, you know? I was just confined like, you know?
My Mom was born on Niihau. My Dad was born here.
My Dad, he was a...he worked for the Navy. Down at PWCA,
Public Works. Down Pearl Harbor.
Oh my mother was tight ah...was tight. My Poppa was tight.
My Poppa died when he--when I was 10 I think.
...Was 10 years old. But every once in a while, he come
back you know. ...I trip! Just like couple of weeks ago,
I was sleeping my place, and then my mother and auntie Nina came...

How would they feel?
Would their smiles be content rather then cry?
Cry for the gods,
cry for the people,
cry for the land that was taken away,
and then yet you'll find Hawai'i.

He loved music brah.
He had a massive heart attack.
The way that--just depression brah. He was real depressed.
I was on the same course he was going.
And he knew that too. And that's why he came back
and tell me that "eh"--'cuase he DID come back and told me that
"Eh, 'cause, you know, no be scared. There's people here for
help you brah". It's kinda like telling me, if he
had them...he would still be here. I still believe if he had called me,
he'd be alive.
...'Cause he died of a broken heart brah.

How would he feel?
Would his smiles be content rather then cry?
Cry for the gods,
cry for the people,
cry for the land that was taken away,
and then yet you'll find Hawai'i.

Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i
Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i

Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i
Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i


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Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel Hawai'i '78 Introduction Comments
  1. Chach Cadi

    Mele nui! Mahalo nui loa!!!

  2. justME PEPE

    52 people disliked and the same 52 will get bashed with a dirty rock i found on the beach

  3. C B


  4. Paul Gross

    His singing voice was unreal in English. When he sang in Hawaiian, chills, choked up, serenity, calm...un-freaking-believable. Watched the documentary on him and one of his friends said it right "he's not gone....he IZ and always will be IZ"

  5. DigitalAlchemyUK

    Simply sublime and poignant... ✌

  6. Louisia Maïti


  7. Louisia Maïti

    Sad may God

  8. Javier Menchaca

    Bien dicen que lo malo se va y lo malo se queda !!

  9. Lousy Beatnik

    one the the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

  10. Quantumwolf45

    Music like this deserves well over 1 billions views and thumbs up

  11. Derek Lyons

    This man is so amazing  RIP brother!

  12. Kay Trudell

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  13. Kahlil Thompson

    When I was dating an island girl she’d play this an it moved me...love this song.

  14. Jarbas Corrêa

    maravilhoso! divino!

  15. Truman Green

    states what his family means......I still cry

  16. Elga Konietzny

    this beautiful song goes right to the center of my heart and you find deep Love and Pain,,,i feel homesick,,,,,hawaii the remenance of Lemuria,,,,,,,

  17. Christine Lagache

    A jamais dans, mon cœur... A jamais dans mon âme...Mon Respect IZ

  18. Ильхам Пулатов

    да человек легенда

  19. Emma Panis

    I'm Hawaiian and I think it's so sad the US stole are land and prisoned our Queen

    MJ Dominguez

    That is so true I am Phippino HI,..my Ohana we R born raise Hawaiian ways🤙


    i think its sad your disrespectful. Also you wouldn't be able to produce for yourself without the U.S So.... Plus you weren't alive when Hawaii was independent so you can't say its sad...


    @BurnseyTheGamer Learn some Hawaiian history respectfully. What Emma said is true. The American conspirators in an act of unprovoked war overthrew the internationally recognized, sovereign Hawaiian government, stole a vast amount of land, and imprisoned Queen Liliuokalani in her own palace.

    For your information, Hawaii was entirely self-sufficient in production for its native population when Westerners first traveled to Hawaii. That's means several hundred thousand people entirely clothed, fed and housed by indigenous Hawaiian labor and ingenuity.

    Natasa Hopkins

    Boo ho ho

  20. Vilma Contreras G.

    Ayyy!!! Dios que voz más Hermosaa

  21. Quantumwolf45

    deserves more likes than all of Justin Bieber's videos combined. Easily.

  22. Hernan Pérez Bravo

    Es una canción que me transporta a lo más profundo de mis raíces......

  23. Niki Mouse

    that's my 3rd cousin!! Never got to meet him but his voice will live on for a long time❤❤


    Niki Wacky Puppie why the fuck u lying

    Niki Mouse

    @Jan Mayer​ your just mad coz you ain't Hawaii so go away


    what island are you from? I lived on Maui up country what a gorgeous place

  24. Carol Schacht

    So Beautifully Sung

  25. Kommissar Julian

    Ick hab Hunger

  26. tedsie

    voice of an angel....

  27. Der HD-Kontrolleur

    It was used in the CBS -Series Hawaii 5'o, so I searched it such a long time... At least-found it.

    Really like it. Hawaii is beautiful- just this music is more beautiful <3


    agreed <3

    Lydia Chineye

    Me too, I've been searching for it for a very long time now. I'm so happy that I finally found it😍🤗🙏🙌


    Me too! Just got here! Beautiful...and sad! But moreover beautiful!

  28. Holly Sutton

    if this song doesnt make you cry a little you're not listening to it right

    Emma Panis

    Holly Sutton it's so sad and horrible to think that The USA stole our country from us and prisoned our queen ~I'm Hawaiian btw

    Elga Konietzny

    i love Hawaii and its People,,,,,i so love you without even know you,,,my heart knows you,,,that is enough

    UCE CaCa808

    Holly Sutton it's my uncle bro so of course I cried couple of times bro .

  29. Aaron Landau

    Such an incredible song, by an incredible man.


    Hear, hear!

  30. Jim Nagle

    Mahalo nui loa, kapono me ka mana!

  31. ghir younes

    if this don't give u gooseflesh u need to consult a dermatologist


    It CURED my gooseflesh.

    Bryan paul

    goose ghir- quit hiding behind Marlon.

  32. Horse Robinson

    May the wind lift his spirit to the great Mother, Pogmatog Magot (Creator Knows)... 

  33. Yazmin Co

    let your soul wander through the winds of beautiful Hawaii as you listen to this beautiful melody that is him..

    Elga Konietzny

    you just made me cry,,,,really,,,,

  34. Marion Meisert

    He´s the best !!!!
    His dead is a strong loss for this mankind. He´s one of hte greatest.

    Ji K

    2019 I agree

  35. Nina Hoover

    So beautiful...

  36. Rich Muscle

    Perfection at its best! Rest In Paradise Great Brother IZ! Mahalo Brother!

  37. paka 571

    good song

  38. Denis Côté

    Nice discovrey

  39. Bill Watson

    I'm on you tube every once in awhile when inspired. We have posted many videos of the musical groups and jobs we were promoting. My hubby is a KJ/Dj and blues singer over the last 30 years. He uses the Over The Rainbow medley by IZ when he closes out his show.

  40. Buck Salmon

    Let's touch base, please?

  41. Bill Watson

    I love this album and his voice. What a loss...Hawaii is being raped. I was out there in 1996 then again in 2006. It breaks my heart when I hear this song and relate to what is going on out there. I even wrote to the governor when I got home...nobody seems to care.

  42. Daniel Theunknow

    ick hab hunger 1:00

  43. khalifa Gasgoos

    love u good man miss u

  44. khalifa Gasgoos

    love your songs its touch our heart God Blus you

  45. AlfredoOne19

    BJ come back!

  46. farceadentus

    Awesome and beautiful song, much Love from London my dear Hawaiin brothers and sisters.

  47. devinmkennedy

    Thumbs up if you DIDN'T find this beautiful song from Hawaii 5-0!

  48. Ibrahim Underwood

    i had read somewhere that it was related to a hereditary thing his family had.

  49. Don Campbell

    Amazing voice brings a tear to my eyes

  50. drgoodspd

    BJ Penn.....

  51. vkunkel1

    What a gorgeous song. Thank you Cody.

  52. David Morris

    Agree totally - you put what I feel about this song into words so well!!
    It's an absolute blast to dance to - I get totally transported!!

  53. David Morris

    Let your soul dance to the music - the body is only a wee bit of what we are!!

  54. David Morris

    Me tooo every time! It's a killer to dance creatively to.

  55. David Morris

    Right on! He has a gift they can only aspire to.

  56. David Morris

    We dance to this song in Biodanza - blows me away every time - one of the most beautiful, powerful and moving pieces of music I have ever heard.

  57. Jeena W.

    So many memories around this song! First time I heard this song I was blown away. We were in my friend Sean Ajimine's car going to restaurant row. I had him play it over and over. Remember? 218 Kaiulani and the boys in blue.

  58. Binh Minh Pham

    Now I understand when they say a song has soul. What a incredible voice! So soothing that only a very gifted artist can communicate through the medium of music like he does.

  59. wearehumansbaby

    I just have to close my eyes , listen to this song and then i see myself on top of the mountain in hawaii ! this man is forever in my heart !

  60. Adam Seipp

    The reason that he's so big is because he needs room for his heart.

    Long live IZ. We love you.

  61. Niklas Gogol

    bei 1:00

  62. Niklas Gogol

    am anfang singt er ich hab hunger

  63. silkexkaname

    Wow tears are forming in my eyes because it's SO beautiful truly beautiful ^ ^

  64. Teresa Capeto

    LOL stimmt. Du hast ein gutes Öhrchen

  65. Teresa Capeto

    THIS IS REAL MUSIC, fuck the actual music industry. to hwll with rihanna, madonna, gaga etc they are nothing.

  66. Sonnenmann8


  67. Der Cole Train

    Lol haha.

  68. Mainframe

    Very powerful song. Much Love & Respect to our Polynesian Elders

  69. eibmorb

    colonialism, so harmful

  70. Manfred Maindok

    men that fit perfect today, one of my close buddys died two days ago. Play it on a loop. cheers Sepp!

  71. ThePopo

    Telement prenant! J'aime! Merci Hawaii5-0

  72. JackTheCarver

    Sooo...I'm just gonna leave a comment here in order to push back compxci's religi-spam. Really good song, by the way.

  73. Trischa T

    Rest in peace beautiful voice.

  74. Magicos Eventos


  75. kepiwill

    My favorite song by IZ. I love, love, love it.<3

  76. Jon Houck

    a true hawaiian you say...I know some true hawaiians, they live here, in the haole capital, heck, some of them even play football on a popular football team. What is your reply to someone like, troy polumalu?? He is a true hawaiian if there ever was one and he believes in Christ, God. so I don't buy your complaint about true hawaiians, better get a more convincing argument because yours is weak, and its an old.

  77. Jon Houck

    @Veedub98 believe what you want, I could care less. seeing what I said has upset you so much, i would wonder if what you said, is what you truly believe. But then again, maybe its me being presumptuous that when it is all said and done, it was the haole's fault for bringing medicine and technology to your little corner of the world. But hey, listen, if you want the haole to take back all that they 'took', we can do that. "live wrong and proper".

  78. Idkmybff Jill

    @compxci being hawaiian...a true hawaiian, for you to say christ and god about hawaiians is ignorant. sounds like another main lander that sees hawaii for what the white man made it. if you listen to the song its about the land being taken away. im sure its the first set of lyrics in this song.. anyways "god" be with you haole

  79. Jon Houck

    You know what is so profound? Creation. All creation is in a fallen state (decay). If today Hawai'i is that beautiful, imagine what it would have been like before the fall!
    To all who believe that, that which Christ has, will be ours too. So will I on an Island in Heaven? God, I hope so.

  80. Jon Houck

    Be it far from me to say that a location and a people could transform my outlook on life and relationships, is not completely honest, it was the spiritual transformation into the family of God via Jesus and his sacrifice, blood atonement that changed me. It is only now, that it all comes together and through this transformation, I understand what hawaiians feel about their land, (having had it taken from them), 'cause I feel it too.

  81. Jon Houck

    When I was in Kona in 1993 and the time was drawing near that I had to leave, I wept, I wept like I had lost a loved one. All the friends I had made, probably would never hear from again and to this day, very few remain on the Island. I knew it would take longer to see Kona again and in 2007 I did return. It was all different, many moved away with no hint as to their whereabouts. But I vow one day to return and live out my dying days in Hawai'i.

  82. Jon Houck

    So dissappointed I wasn't born Samoan, Philopino, Togan or some other variant of Polynesian descent. For I really dislike my own heritage. In fact, I never was proud of it and since there is nothing I can do about it, might as well accept it and move on.

  83. Jon Houck

    @mattsmoski3737 To gather together from the four winds, all people to come home back to Hawai'i. To preserve their bloodline. To keep Hawai'i and future generations true blood Hawaiians (forsake marrying non Hawi'ians).

  84. Jon Houck

    @mistiya (-infinity,......0..........Beautiful............Wonderful........Prolific........strong emotion.....infinity), yes, I think beautiful only touches how he feels.

  85. norminho2k9

    @ChefkochWKH 0:40 Ick hab Porno :D

  86. Shoni Shines

    beautiful is such a small word to use to describe him and his music, it brings such strong emotion and visions of beauty and old spirits his music is a feeling

  87. Marius Felix

    0:57 again - ika pono - sorry for my mistake

  88. Marius Felix

    0:40 Ika Porno :D

  89. Luke Perkins

    @marinak09 I meant to vote up and accidently vote down! R.I.P IZ You had the biggest heart!

  90. Matt Corder

    ua mau ke a kaina ika pono

  91. enelcamino111

    Hermosa canción. Beautifull song. Aloha!!

  92. Hail Satan

    TEAM BJ PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Mário Afonso

    Congratulations! I liked your work so much that I saved it in the play list. Gonzalito200
    Greetings – Dj Mario Afonso – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
    I love music, dogs, human beings and nature.
    Much music, health and peace.

  94. Mário Afonso

    Congratulations! I liked your work so much that I saved it in the play list. Favorite
    Greetings – Dj Mario Afonso – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
    I love music, dogs, human beings and nature.
    Much music, health and peace.

  95. Nelice Dias

    very good your video

  96. Holger Hoja

    very coool

  97. Lulu Lugo