Kalan Porter - Until You Lyrics

I used to be the type who always walked alone
Never minded being on my own
I didn't think I was missing much at all
Wasn't prepared for love
Wasn't ready for the fall

But now I've found you
Everything's changed
Come summer, spring or winter
My love will stay the same

Now I believe in this love
I'm living
You brought me to life with the love
You're giving
Never knew love could be so true
Until you

Captivated in a space
Brought from far to a brand new place
You showed me things I never thought could exist
I don't remember what life was like before we kissed

Now that I found you
Everything's changed


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Kalan Porter Until You Comments
  1. Audrey Davis

    my bf told me to listen and it explains us both so well. He makes me so happy and I love him soo much

  2. BrightEyesMakeup by Kayleigh

    This is my favourite song of his. It always makes me melt. This song really reminds me of my boyfriend and makes me think of him, and I smile :D

  3. Cheryl Danner

    Love it.......