Kaiser Chiefs - Spanish Metal Lyrics

How could we not notice it before?
Well you may as well have pinned it to my door
Well lately I'm oh so slowly coming around
To the fact that this friend is a friend no more

And if you think you're right then you are wrong
No one every really knew what's going on
No we're all so slowly coming around
And this friend of a friend was no friend all along

The penny drops from the top of Tour Eiffel
To the Boulevards to Taj Mahal

A penny more through the floor of Sacre Coeur
From the Spanish Mane to the Yorkshire Moors

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Kaiser Chiefs Spanish Metal Comments
  1. Edward Lewis Paxton

    Maybe we could figure it out with razorlight?'

  2. CyberPunk

    Isn't metal and isn't in spanish. Fuck they.... AND isn't true i live the band and her weird style

  3. Alejandra Pinzón Sánchez

    I love this song

  4. Batu Will

    The best in the world Kaiser Chiefs.

  5. Bruno

    Wtf does that have to do with metal? 

  6. Edvard Munch

    It's middle school all over again.
    Can't believe i listened to this boring shit. Not even bad, just so so boring.

  7. Alejandro Ramírez

    aquí está su metal .l.

  8. CKB159

    this is not metal idotas

  9. Carlos Murillo

    ¿Metal?, ¿dónde está el metal?

  10. frankieas10

    Fantastic song! By the way, the intro is similar to Dead Kennedy's "California uber alles"!

  11. Monika Zc

    Fucking gorgeous <3

  12. Bailey Cooper

    Ive always wished this song was longer :/

  13. AnaMartaML

    best concerts!

  14. Ibai

    I am Spanish and i can´t understand this song. Why is called "Spanish Metal"? Why says "From the Spanish mean to Yorkshire Moor"? It has not sense. But is great, like evry song of Kaiser Chiefs.

  15. cgmchispitas385

    @hispalier de camela nada ehh ¬¬ les pegan 1000 patadas

  16. Aragorn de Huevos Largos

    eso mismo,yo a mi puta bola

  17. Aragorn de Huevos Largos

    valla panda de marikitas guiris...para hablar del metal y de España tenian que lavarse al boca con aguarrás antes

  18. Draives

    If you want to listen to real spanish metal, try Demiurgo, Hamlet, Barón Rojo, Savia... any spanish band.

  19. Regular Q

    Damn this song is as heavy as the KC S get I Love it!

  20. Miłosz Marczak

    faqink great! like them a lot!

  21. cgmchispitas385

    jodeos guiris que esta cancion es para nosotros los Spanish!!! jajajajajajaja
    porque no es English Metal, nooooooooooooo.... es Spanish Metal!!!!

  22. jordowestie

    great song
    grat vid

  23. TheLeisurePirate

    WERCHTER FTW!!!!!!

  24. Lonao

    why name of song is spanish metal? This isnt in spanish or even metal in first place..

  25. Lorena Pages

    I have it! I bought it the first day! =)

  26. Maxime Teyssier

    I'm definitely a fan, but I so busy... ^^

  27. smalltasty

    Yes, or buy it in iTunes

  28. HarrieB2

    Good movie! Like the slow motion and black/white effect! It gives the video its attraction. ANd you CANNOT go wrong with the Kaiser Chiefs. Their last album was great and definitely had that unique KC-sound.

  29. Andre Brito

    hoje :)

  30. João Pedro Sá

    amanha no coliseo do PORTO!!!!

  31. AgneseMoon


    qué lindos :-)

  32. Maxime Teyssier

    Exactly, true fans of the Kaisers buy the albums..
    And I'm proud of it! :)

  33. Actress

    How about buying the album?

  34. Actress

    É já amanhã! Mal posso esperar! :)

  35. brunesmask

    haha.. is that Ricky Wilson and Mark Ronson at 0.50?? :P

  36. Anonliberator

    Why is your name Kaisercheifsuk how about Kaisercheifrock

  37. Céline .Thoen

    at werchter !!
    i've seen them they truly rocked!!

  38. Jack Clark

    this video F****G ROCKS!!

  39. Diego Domingues

    one of my favorites videos. lol
    still i'm replaying this again and again...

  40. FriedMyShoes

    this is spanish metal

  41. komitismigadikos

    this video F****G ROCKS!!

  42. Dan Law

    Love the song poor video

  43. R4D10H34D

    I aint listened to this until now,
    it's dead good!

  44. Eleni P

    that video fits to this song SOOOOOOOO PERFECTLY. love it

  45. Tharpnado

    this is the official video? if not it should be and this ought to be a single.

  46. Samu Sánchiaz

    alguien me podria pasar la letra es que no la encuentro gracias, somebody should take me the lyric?¿?¿ i dont find it thanks

  47. tostig360

    its Emin A Emin
    Emin A C

  48. cony87

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee this song!
    Drums are amazing =)

  49. waldron76

    great song
    12 DAYS until new album!!!

  50. tostig360

    me too. its like three whole weeks.

  51. GreenFaez

    I love it!
    Sounds a bit Beatlesque..

  52. dmstn

    cool song by KC! ;)

  53. lindsay butler

    and i most certainly do ;)

  54. GotTheKittens

    you gotta love Whitey at the end of the vid!!! ;) LOL

  55. MissKriekentaart

    I LOVE the song
    I LOVE the video
    And I love how it's been filmed at Werchter

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (:

  56. tamyokgirl

    great video and great song! *-*

  57. lindsay butler


    oh my god
    nick gets so many cool hair flip moments.