Kaiser Chiefs - Roses Lyrics

All of the people
All of those ordinary lives
Building on the outskirts
Of my mind
They ride the Iron Pilgrim
To holidays for the head
If plans were hand grenades
We'd all be dead

It's dark
It's dark where the roses grow
There's something that you should know
Before you see the light
It's dark
It's dark where the roses grow
There's places I have to go
Before I see the light

Playing all five stages
The festival of grief
God and problems
What can stop them realise
The bottles in the drug store
Were all just piss and ink
The flags you wore
Are rags under the sink

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Kaiser Chiefs Roses Comments
  1. Cicero Franca

    Amazon Song. Where They we're all time

  2. Carissa Kildea

    does anyone know what it is about?

    Bob Dylan

    Well, taking a guess, that life is ordinary and gray but the beautiful things in life come from the most ordinary and even ugly places where you couldn't see them (you can't see the roses in the darkness, the "flags" which are considered very symbolic and connected with glory just being household items) and that he has so many ideas how to "grow new roses" (make life more unique and show his ideas) but never put them to action (as he says "if plans were hand grenades we'd all be dead" as in he's had so many plans he never did anything about) but that's kind of how I perceive it

    Martin Rose

    It's about achieving your dreams before you die.
    The line about the ordinary people to me it sounds like he's observing all those ordinary people around him, realizing that although the world has stopped for him, it has carried on for everyone else around him, even if what those people have is just an ordinary life.

    "Dark where the roses grow" - basically saying that we only see people's end product and we're impressed by it, but fail to see that those people have probably spent endless, sleepless nights to dig out their way through the hardships and achieve success.

    The last verse is ultimately him realizing that everyone goes through the five stages of grief as they become aware of their mortality or at the initial journey of their slow death. From a dying perspective, he realizes that the medicine is nothing but just a way to somewhat extend his life, but not cure him of a disease.

    "The flags are rags under the sink" can be basically about war or football, since he does mention the FA Cup in "Meanwhile Up In Heaven". He is simply saying that taking a pride in supporting any football club is just plain silly since in the end he's going to die and the club's flag will end up as household item or that he regrets being invested so much into it, especially now when he realizes he's dying and regrets spending so much of his life on it.

    The chorus before the end of the song sounds really encouraging and hopeful, or perhaps he is simply telling us to cherish life and not make the same mistake as him.

    I'm probably looking too much into it, but that's just my perspective since I can relate to it a through a first hand experience.

  3. Sofiatul Husna

    I cry listening to this.

  4. Batu Will

    it is dark...

  5. bruno vacileski


  6. Supporting channel

    the best song 

  7. kuxhu1

    beautiful song :D