Kaiser Chiefs - City Lyrics

I like the sound of the city
The noise on my street helps me sleep
The shop, it never closes
I'd like to try a few poses

Cashback is very nice
But too much could be dangerous
£100 in your pocket
You'll spend it up before you know it

I love the sound of the shutters
Of bottled bankers and back in our truck
An angry harmless nutter
On the footbridge who never shuts up

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Kaiser Chiefs City Comments
  1. Batu Will

    very good

  2. roqueofspades

    What is this heavenly sound emanating from my computer? No, computer, I told you you weren't allowed to be too awesome. It builds up in your RAM. -__-

  3. DudeJGP

    Click here for Instant Singing [0:39]

  4. Tom Grunshaw

    Wait, this make the album, but Problem Solved doesn't?

  5. altevoz

    @georgewilding I agree, and it sounds like DeathSpank game too

  6. george wilding

    sounds like the soundtrack to that bully game...