Kadison, Joshua - Take It On Faith Lyrics

Hey, I didn't mean a thing I said last night.
I swear I didn't mean a word I used.
You don't have to listen, baby. You have every right
To feel that heart of yours has been abused.
I know I've used up all my chances a long, long time ago
And I really don't deserve to call you mine,
But, if I told you that I loved you,
Could I lay back down beside you?
Could you take it on faith one more time?

Look at me I'm crying... imagine me crying.
Well, it's time I learned to anyway,
Cause if you're really set on one of us leaving,
I guess there's really nothing left to say.
It seems like such a shame,
But baby, I could never blame you, baby,
For leaving this old story far behind
And if I told that I love you,
Could I lay back down beside you?
Could you take it on faith one more time?

I know I promised to you before
I wouldn't do anything to hurt you no more
If I could take it all back and start again...
Take it all back well maybe then,
I could tell you that I love you.
I could lay back down beside you.
I could tell you that I love you, lay back down beside you.
If I told you that I love, could I lay back down beside you?
Could you take me on faith one more time?

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Kadison, Joshua Take It On Faith Comments
  1. Jessy Leppert

    Elton John sound alike

    jon farrar

    Jessy Leppert your hearing not that good?

  2. Steve Jobs

    All heart and soul in all his songs ... such an artist & musician !

  3. You Tube Uploads

    What beautiful talent, Josh. Plano and voice.

  4. Melissa Moore

    Love Joshua. Miss his music.

  5. Justme2day

    One day..when they finally...............................get here...the angel will saith to the them...that finally made it, and that angel saith...dont to bow to me, but bow to He......yes..many are already there.....waiting......:) Ears...All that are there..can play and do, much more.....can we not not? For a Gift.........find it......Its not a secret..Peace.

  6. Jessamyn Dodd

    Hey I'm the girl in the video. I've been looking everywhere for it!

    Derrick Borton

    Jessamyn Dodd so explain how the video relates to the song. Am I the only one who thinks it's a little strange?

  7. Bastian Lee Jones

    GENIUS.....yeah  for  really  sure.....Joshua  go  on !

  8. Al James

    I really hope Joshua records again in the future. I miss his lyrical and melody genius.


    Al James Unfortunately he's announced his retirement :(

    Derrick Borton

    Ggdivhjkjl Do you know why? All of his music is so awesome. Not one of his songs sucked. Not many people that I've heard lead with the piano.

  9. Sandra Vasquez

    O.k. this is a good song, but what is up with this video?????? Weird


    Sandra Vasquez It's about reconciliation which is the main theme of the song. There are many clips a lot weirder than this out there.

  10. Bastian Lee Jones

    I love this song so much. thank you very very much for having written and performed and recorded it !
    Bastian Lee Jones

  11. Time Traveling DJs

    Sickening...he is arguably my FAVORITE musician..EVER...but is rarely credited by the media as such. Screw the labels and everyone else, Joshua, your music is brilliant, beautiful, and timeless.

  12. allansgg

    Joshua your songs will be playing in heaven.
    Thank you for a life time.
    I hope you come to New Zealand.

  13. musicplayer1000

    wish joshua would grow his hair again!!!!!

  14. John M

    I know, lol, it's so rare. I haven't seen it in CD store since the mid 90's. I love it too, but it's very different to Painted Desert Serenade and Vanishing America.


    John M Seen it a few times in JB Hi-Fi here in Australia over the last ten years.

  15. John M

    This was the only really radio friendly song on Delilah Blue. The album was very different from Painted Desert Serenade.


    John M What about Amsterdam?

    Derrick Borton

    John M still it was so good!!!!

  16. Time Traveling DJs

    Such a talented singer. Sickening that only JESSIE AND BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES have airplay.