Kadebostany - Save Me Lyrics

Save me from me
Go on and leave me
I'm not sure you need me
So don't cry over me

Save me from me
Go on and leave me
I'm not sure you need me
So don't cry over me

If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need
If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need

If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need
If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need

Save me from me
Take me out to breathe
This time I'm ready
Ready to escape
Round and round I'm turning around
I'm in a cage so help me to fly
Up in the sky I'm feeling high
I see the moon my heart is full
I see the moon my heart is full

If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need
If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need

If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need
If you wanna stay growing up with me
If you wanna go I'm the one you need

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Kadebostany Save Me Comments
  1. Chaima glow

    rhitta nattah is the songer !!! go check her channel!!! she's amazing!

  2. Hisham Ouaaziz

    Here for ritta.. pure talent and soul

  3. Mmmm

    Respect from🇦🇿🇦🇿

  4. AlL HapPineSs

    Rhita nattah 😍😍

  5. Never mind

    Rhita nattah is so talented ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Badr Cherkaoui

    Why there is no mention of Rhita Nattah Bennani in this remix, the actual singer and song writter of this song. Give people the credit they deserve!!

  7. Nesrine Kar

    The fact that the singer song writer Rhita needs more recognizing for this masterpiece is real and u need to know that

  8. Mood Carol

    Rhita nattah ❤❤

  9. ismail chahbane

    Give rhita her propes and her shit back

  10. Abir Abouissaba

    Rita nattah the real singer of this song give her back her rights

  11. Anass Bouziani

    rhitta 🖤

  12. Music Maniac

    Hello Guys , I am Working on my channel , Its brand new and i am trying to get subscribers il be posting a lot of music with lyrics . please help me with subs :D!

  13. entisar almalki

    I love you rio ❤️

  14. Nail Huseynov

    Save me 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Kenjetay ALİP

    Save me...

  16. Momi Ali

    جيت فايت قلت نسلم عليكم ونروح

  17. Daniel-G

    I was traveling to Istanbul, I took a ferry and this song was playing, I instantly took out my phone and Shazam’ed it. This song has so much meaning, it’s life in a song.

    Rhita Nattah

    Daniel-G Glad you like it ❤️❤️❤️ Iam the singer/songwriter of save me

  18. Talia Sarraj

    This is my fav song so far💖💖

  19. سمر المطرفي.


  20. VIP H3CKS

    i thought im listening to Dua Lipa...

  21. M al

    I was at the gym and this song popped up and I clicked on it and I just kept working out and kept listening to it over and over...اغنيه حلوه ..كنت في النادي وشغلتها وعجبتني...

    ahmed hossam

    M al it’s more than amazing

  22. FBI OMAN

    سنتين وانا اسمعها

  23. Mostafa Magdy

    name a girl ?

    doha arj

    Instagram : rhitanattah

  24. Sıdıka Işık

    Sen nasıl bir sessin yaaa bayılıyorum sana. KADEBOSTANY 😍

  25. Rasheed Alsultan

    It is very hard to run away when you love someone you know that you are not sharing the same drams you have different interests but still you can't go away you can't release yourself from that cage you take one step in front then your heart pull you back 100 steps (you can't go and you can't stay) you dream every day please leave me please release me, you try to change you try to show that you are not happy that you don't care like before but again you go back and you care more you put a fake smile on your face you don't want to hurt her you don't want her to cry you are afraid that she will need someone and she will find you in her side.
    Please safe me I want to run away I want to follow my dream I want to fly again please give me my wings back I can't live like this anymore. For anyone read my comment and can help me please advise me.

  26. kArAm SimAAn

    .save me from Dr Dawood Haddad crime on me plz help

  27. Gwendoline Gwendoline

    Leave me !🤪

  28. Meriem Ouldhenia

    Soooo beautiful song and sooo In love with it

  29. MANAR

    Love you.

  30. Abdelkefi Nermine

    I like it 💌

  31. Назира Абдуллакызы

    2019 декабрь👍

  32. DaLaMaNia87

    -Mind if I stay?
    --If you wanna stay growing up with me
    --If you wanna go I'm the one you need
    -I'm not sure you need me
    . I'm going to Castle.

  33. dwra xrysafi


  34. elbo rreguito salvaje


  35. ali keskin

    Tu aimes cette chanson ? Tu est amoureux du 🎸 alors !

    ali keskin

    @Asma Ksouri 😘

  36. Ana Caroline

    Só queria saber a tradução

  37. Yüksel Cencik

    Gözlerini kapat elinde soğuk biran ve uzaklaraaaaaaa O kadar uzaklaraki

  38. Amel Maliki

    Dig down deep

  39. Anna Sikora

    amazing ❤

  40. Amina Izem

    the name of the soundtrack in 1:29 ?

  41. Kary Carrstain

    Can I use this song for my video ???

  42. elbo rreguito salvaje

    Perfect 👌😎🎉

  43. MEMOo HD

    A moment of silence for the people who still can’t find this song

  44. Rasha A

    i was given this song from the love of my life that at one moment in time i felt we were unbreakable. I miss him you much. Osama, if you see this, i want you to know that no matter what went down between us, you remain a peice of me that i will treasure for the remaining days ive got to live. Thank you for making a print in my life, it was magical while it lasted.🖤♾✨ to infinity and beyond lovely soul.


    ...im osama...hmmmmmm

  45. Sabreen Dwd

    What's the name of this singer ??????
    please answer 😭🙏🙏🙏😭

    doha arj

    Instagram: rhitanattah

  46. amine tarek

    When i listen this song i wake up whol my family just to tell him im going to sleep

  47. Miss Original A Ras

    New sub🤗

  48. Miss Original A Ras

    I think that's veeerrrryyy deep beautiful
    Bless You 😘😘

  49. Pasha Eglit

    Best song ever!!

  50. Alperen Ermiş


  51. مايكل سكوفيلد

    Niss misck

  52. Reda El Alaoui

    Someone have acapella pls

  53. imanka yahi

    Respect from algeria DZ

  54. Samiq Umudzade

    Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  55. Francesco Orsusanno


  56. S . D

    who is the girl ?

    doha arj

    Instagram: rhitanattah

  57. Hiba Rafi

    In case you're wondering, the singer of this song is Rhita Nattah (topline, lyrics and voice by her)! Check out her new song ´Not The Same´ ! Check out also her instagram "rhitanattah"

  58. Bam Bam Biglow

    Who is the girl in the cover pic? Please comment

    Omer Bor

    I wish I knew man

  59. W7sh 7

    this is good song

  60. عادل قاسمی

    این هم از درون من داده بیرون 😡

  61. Tofiq Musazade

    2019 7 December???

  62. Ruben Kocharyan

    Shat lav erga

  63. Semih Çayıroğlu

    Perfect REMIX ı love you.

  64. sophie duytsche


  65. Mihajlo Lazorik


  66. D Chillin24u

    Da-te-n pulamea

  67. Vermillion

    Love the arabic melody twist

  68. prabhu678 prabhu678

    I'm remembering my then LOVE
    15YEARS AGO😊🙂🤗🙁🤐😐😑😕😣😰

  69. The Guy

    Meek mill brought me here

  70. andrzej maciejowski

    great piece I fell in love with

  71. andrzej maciejowski


  72. Oussama Lebah

    Save me 💔

  73. Monss Trejito


  74. Luis Garcia

    What genre would this song fall in?

    parsa eslami


  75. Joe Escobar


  76. Mehmet Öztürk

    I found this music new but so amazing❤🙂

  77. The real Self


  78. Kingsun pom dick Dim sum

    So you can get See Me in my head is pounding headache and my friend is coming up with a friend who was it about me

    Kingsun pom dick Dim sum

    You are a lot more to come over for me and then we will be in my car is still a little bit ago I was just thinking about you guys have a great time ys as well as you

  79. Abdulla Alkhalifa

    Who’s the girl looking into the abyss likes for her

    Never mind

    Rhita nattah ♥️

  80. Franco Perez

    it is so fucking nice... love it... really!

  81. Franco Perez

    i want the background please :)

  82. zoOoz alameer

    ماخذتني الاغنية ل عالم اخر 🥺🖤🖤.

  83. Can Cebecioğlu

    Beni artık save me

  84. Diana kobidze

    მაგარიაა GEORGIA

  85. Toukebri Arbi

    Someone from 🇹🇳🇹🇳

  86. Q3zo


  87. Aghvan Arakelyan


  88. Tiadlam Ch

    Pls save me

  89. Mary J Blige

    Fire baby fire🔥🔥🔥love u.

  90. Daniel Ferhati

    This song is amazing!!! ❤❤❤🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  91. bonte daniely


  92. Ayman Sabbidine

    What an amazing song , really just wow , we need more tracks like this

  93. Abir Kraiem

    G TV iiiu t

  94. protectmefromwhatiwant

    70M! Thanks everyone for your support 🥰

    Rhita Nattah

    I think You should mention my name as the singer/songwriter of this song. Thanks @protectmefromwhatiwant

    Laimonas simelis

    You welcome and keep up the good work 😎👌😈

    elbo rreguito salvaje


    Махди Али


    Coconut Island

    coz this song is so nice bro, i love it