Kadebostany - Kill The Noise Lyrics

All this time
Can't set me free from drama
I'll remain
In silent mode
Until I can kill the noise
Kill the sound
Kill the noise
Cause there's no more words when you're around
I better kill the noise
Kill the sound

Oh how you kill me with
Your avalanche
You freeze my heart
Until I cannot
Move to pull
Out the dart

After time
It's never easy
To remain aligned
You said you wanna
Kill the noise
Kill the sound
You wanna kill the noise
There's no more love to keep us bound
You wanna kill the noise
Kill the sound

Oh how you kill me with
Your avalanche
You freeze my heart
Until I cannot
Move to pull
Out the dart

Kill the noise
Kill the sound
Leave me fearless
Kill the noise
Kill the noise
Kill the sound
Hear the avalanches crashing down
Until everything calms down
Kill the noise

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Kadebostany Kill The Noise Comments
  1. Böyle Buyurdu Zerdüşt

    Bu şarkıda kayboldum

  2. Begüm Cannn

    Bayılıyorum bu sese 💕

  3. Murat Kotbas

    Kill me 😍😍

  4. K A R M A is B I T C H


  5. kara K.

    Your subs are increasing... Good sign ! I hope you will come back soon in Greece !😍😍😘😘🔥🔥🔥

  6. Derya ç

    Çok iyi be

    Civan Atsız

    Adele falan hikaye ya şu kadın beni gerçekten de büyülüyor.

  7. אפי זיו

    You feel my heart vibrating from this song      love

  8. songül kaplan

    Çarpıldım galiba

    Bülent Ipek

    ben de sana

  9. A.selam koç

    Ciğer miğer koymadın

  10. Aziz_JON

    очень круто

  11. Kisum Beatz

    GOOOD !! COLLAB ??

  12. nathantsok

    Oh you just went beyond, with this one #KADEBOSTANY. So deep ... so ... no words sorry...

  13. Luminita Scurtu


  14. Salim Zerrouki

    I love ur music... Crazyyyyyyyyy

  15. my world

    Amazing song !

  16. David Sargsyan

    Wonderful voice!Love from Armenia 💘



  18. Cigarettes and Music

    I listen to you forever #KADEBOSTANY

  19. Cigarettes and Music

    I love you forever KadeBostany you are number one music is so wonderful all of your music is wonderful!

  20. The Eva


  21. Lora Polarnaya

    i'm in love. so beautiful and cosmic

  22. كوكتيل المعرفة The Knowledge Cocktail

    This music is magical @[email protected]

  23. Amr Ayman

    Well you did really kill the noise #egyptlovesyou

  24. Abd .M

    Anyone from 2019 ? :)


    Abd .M me

  25. darknessblue reinhart

    Love you from Turkey

  26. Commissioner

    Noize MC обидится((


    Commissioner это почему?


    есть строчка в его песне "Kiss my ass, все кто пишет Noize через «s»"

  27. Linkoln Linkoln

    👍 good music. Relax .

  28. Mzzz Zzzz


  29. Julie

    Ночью под небом очень подойдет!♡♥♡♥

    Женя Диктовските

    Это точно , когда оно еще будет засыпана звездами ,тепло и свежо .....


    Женя Диктовските, вот да.Ух!!Аж действительно этого захотелось...

  30. Sinan Arslan

    Success, again!

  31. Матвей Веницкий

    Its just cool

    Азалия Гайнутдинова

    Дмитрий Белоусов it's true 😍

  32. Marlen Rocknet

    ну абзаац

    хрю хрю

    полнейший причём

  33. Silk Soundz

    Great album! So many great vibes. All other songs you can find in my channel. :)

  34. Pedro Nogueira

    I love and hate your songs at the same time. They put me into a melancholic state, but at the same time kinda happy because of how beautiful they are.

    Keep touching people's emotions.

  35. geos . k.

    I love this song 😍

  36. Yassmine Lenaist

    fourth comment 😍

  37. Максим Султанов

    Красивый звук. Похоже на крумхорн.

  38. Maze 19

    I'm the 3 person! I love you so so much❤❤