Kadebostany - Invisible Man Lyrics

I'll be there next to you
I'll be your hidden light in the dark
If you take the time to look around
If you take the time to look around
I know you feel sad, it's hard nobody understands you
I'll be your light in the dark
I'll be your light in the dark

I know what you've been through
I'm your one and only friend
I'm an invisible man

I know what you've been through
I'm your one and only friend
I'm an invisible man

Look at the sky
And try to grab a star
No matter if you shy
The end is not far
Look at the light
No need to fight
We have a solution
It's not an illusion
Just listen to my voice that would show you the way
Sometimes it's hard for you to survive
Everything seems so grey
You don't know why but you gotta believe in me
I know you will be free
Just count 'til one two three

I know what you've been through
I'm your one and only friend
I'm an invisible man

I know what you've been through
I'm your one and only friend
I'm an invisible man

I'll be there next to you
I'll be your hidden light in the dark
if you take the time to look around
if you take the time to look around
I'll be your light in the dark

I know what you've been through
I'm your one and only friend
I'm an invisible man

I know what you've been through
I'm your one and only friend
I'm an invisible man

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Kadebostany Invisible Man Comments
  1. lou ta


  2. christos orthodoxou

    nice music. bravo

  3. Mohsin Ashfaq


  4. Trilokjit Sengupta

    what a voice!

  5. Alisher Abdullayev

    O my god, this girl is great!

  6. Tom Ripley

    they are amazing, I think of them like family

  7. ACUN

    I don't want to die before I go to Kadebostany. Come to Turkey

  8. ACUN

    Greetings from Turkey

  9. Mark Swan


  10. Mätt - an official channel

    First time got to know with you by this song :)
    Full of diamonds :D

  11. Carla C. León

    Thanks late night Spotify random playlist suggestions

  12. Phoenix Legend

    Nerdesiniz amk sesiniz çıkmıyor

  13. Mirko caverni

    Canzone pazzesca

  14. ibrahim

    It's perfect,

  15. The LöLöLö Mew

    Ahem ahem..
    ...Millard Nullings

  16. Adem Radanov


  17. Bill Yts

    İ can have the birds🏴🏴🏴

  18. The Dazzler

    Why so few likes. This music deserves more likes than other poor musics....

  19. Mia O'Sullivan

    Ouai c'est pas mal garance




    Benjamin, quel est ton avis?

    Benjamin Onibaku

    Piano Lude Franchement ce son est pas mal 🙂

  20. Astgh Melkonian

    This is a masterpiece. and I see this only 4 years later ? I could have enjoyed it till now :(
    thank you for what you do ♥

  21. Joudy Ch.

    My favorite song of them ❤️

  22. Yiğit Gürdal

    Most underrated song ever!

  23. Ahmet Yqt

    I still here, always be like..

  24. Murat Aytekin

    Solist öldü müydü neydi bunların

    Emil Eminov

    Murat Aytekin yok abi, kizi gonderdiler gitti......yeni sarishin birisi, bunun kadar iyi olmasa da ...... napcaz, dinlicez ishte (

  25. Pzzykodaddy

    Absolutely amazing. The whole album is a masterpiece, imo.

  26. psychedelic dreams

    My favorite part: 2:17 <3

  27. Klaus Rilke

    What is the name of the song at 2:18? At least the bass resembles a LOT another song and I can't remeber its name for the life of me. Halp, guys


    I know what you are looking for! It's the less i know the better by tame impala!

  28. Batuhan Sarıkaya

    ortadaki çoçuk hafiften kardes payındaki denize benziyo la

    Emil Eminov

    Batuhan Sarıkaya haha....aynen)))

  29. maufras daniel

    superbe, cte voix! gros merçi, one, two, three

  30. Begüm

    olum keşfedin lan bu şarkıyı yazıktır günahtır ece seçkin bile 60 milyon dinleniyor şu kadın 660 bin

  31. Ekrem SARAÇOĞLU

    Dinlenme sayisinin rahat 60 bini bana aittir.

  32. Berkay

    who is the girl at right

    Andy RoXx

    not your mama

    Doğukan Demir

    bulabildin mi lan

    gina davis

    Berkay,ah ah ah !!! :) ;)

  33. Prisca FURLAN

    J'en tremble encore... Quelles émotions! <3

  34. birdhaus

    i like the one on the right, but only slightly more than the left


    Aren't they twins?

  35. Tom Duiverman

    Are those swords on their coats :o

  36. Sensational Session

    şarkıyı dinlemeye , resimde ki 2 kıza bakmaya doyamıyorum amk :ASD:DASD

    Doğukan Demir

    aynen lan :D

  37. chrysa sakka

    Υπέροχο! I love it.

  38. CPWG

    Esta chingona la rola. Fierro pariente :v

  39. İsmail Cem Aslan

    Bi kac zamana burar dutluktu diyecez...

  40. Tolga Baz

    Best song ı ever listen.Her voice is awesome :)

  41. Lola Brian

    original !!

  42. Luiz Geovanes Barbosa


  43. Sautiere Madeleine

    vu en concert ce WE...une petite boucherie ^^ ça envoie

  44. Billakos HLS

    απλα ειναι ΤΕΛΕΙΟ!! τρελο κολλημα

  45. Ana Mia

    france rpz ( kikoo lol )
    Je les ai vu en concert hier soir, c'était magique !

    Hugo spox

    @Ana Mia mais ils ne sont pas français

    Ana Mia

    +Hugo spox Je dis ça pour dire que Moi, je suis français.

    Lord Clopax

    +Hugo spox Suisses, Lausannois ^.^ J'ai interviewé kadebostan ya peu

  46. Roman Bunyak

    prosto super ok wow !!1

  47. Влада Колорадо

    Я так долго смотрела на картинку, думая что это клип

    Dimi Trio

    да )))) и я дуралей тже залипа
    даже перемотал ))))

  48. Tregastel


  49. xrysa lyg


  50. AllyWithExtraL

    amazing ! dayum!

  51. Mehdy Vonti

    mélancolique et trippant;-) vous ai vu aux docks, et franchement LA CLASSE

  52. stef andres

    Salut les Kadebostany, j'adore le coté 80' des napes et des vagues, la voix est magnifique et planante, lenteur et accélération, par contre je regrette la boite à rythme, dommage qu'il n'y ait pas un vrai batteur live, je suis sur que ce serait top.

  53. MrHanumanDas

    Vraiment une belle compo ! Merci!

  54. Büşra Tanrıkulu

    a great song

    Yavuz Selim

    sonunda Türk

    Doğukan Demir

    yorumlara bak çok Türk var :D

  55. sounds73

    Kadebostany. The most original, innovative, creative Swiss band since Yello - voilà.  

    andrea cecchi

    can you tell me more of them? i mean, from geneva yes, but i hear reminescences of Balkans or east Europe, if not Soviet influences....where are their musical roots? are they immigrants?


    @andrea cecchi Sorry, I don't have any further informations. The whole thing about Kadebostany seems to be a secret. I guess the members of the band have foreign roots or were born or grown up in Switzerland. The thing is, that their music is very different compared to many other Swiss bands and I love that. IMO, their music got a very international touch and brings a new, refreshing wind into the national music scene...! ;)

    andrea cecchi

    i agree, and not only compared to other swiss acts, but also internationally they look original n interesting


    @sounds73  don't they have to do with Turkey, Kazachstan, Belorussia and Switzerland?


    I fully agree, just discovered them. How could i be missing this? The band work in a different constelation now....pitty loved that sexy female voice, what a female performace on so many levels. ....the guy producing did an amazing job too. Sound like neone lights eighties on some 2014 desidner drungs, super dooper! Love it!


    Yesss !

  57. Kim Girard

    Super comme d'habitude ;)

    Vasyl Shanya

    Bellissima la canzone

  58. pawgotik18

    I just knew you a few weeks ago.. and everytime i listen a song.. i think Im falling guys!!! keep going!