K.A.A.N. - The Reality Lyrics

All of my days, all of my nights, all of my life
Fightin' to right every wrong when I went left
And stepped off the beaten path
Karma come around faster than you think
Knock you on your ass
Paper trail, a nigga leave, with devious deeds and missteps
Tryna recover, regroup from the setbacks
The shit that's out of your control, it gets hard to accept that
And all of the missteps
My biggest fear is that my time came, and a nigga missed that
Positive thinkin', nigga, replaced what I gave up
Or reinstate your confidence from the fact you went against your common sense
The truth is hard to swallow, it don't come with no throat lozenges
Narcissist by nature, naive to believe in the soul surroundin' me
When we all drownin' in the same sea
The highway to hell or the stairway to heaven?
Who really knows?
Beautiful pearl gates or the sinner fire and brimstone
I won't atone for my current existence
The need to survive is the rule of thumb
Peace and prosperity secondary
And I can see it clearly
They kill the messenger nowadays
They ain't tryna hear me
They pigeon-hole me, clip my wings
Really try to kill me
Then when you die it's just posts readin' "R.I.P"

Talkin' 'bout they feel me
Talkin' 'bout they feel me
That shit cold, ain't it?
That shit cold, ain't it?
Talkin' 'bout you feel me
How the fuck you feel me?
That shit cold ain't it?
See, how the fuck you feel me?

They told me patience is a virtue
You gon' learn through your failures
When you fall, you on your own
Nigga, don't nobody help you
But don't complain like it's the end of the world
'Cause they move on quicker than they gave a fuck
You replaceable, bruh
This ain't no over-the-top, grandiose statement as such
It's obvious, that's politics, there's stipulations with love
It's here today and then tomorrow shit is gone with the dust
Protect your energy, don't give it out to strangers
That's how you end up endangered
The remainder of your identity dissipates
I been keepin' to myself as of late
I can't let you dine off of my mental plate
And leave me to starve
Soul-searchin' as I look at the stars
Within this instant I'm lost
Givin' so much of me that there ain't nothin' left for myself
When they're done usin' you they throw your ass right on the shelf
No longer needed, past your date of expiration
Why yes, tryna keep my head above water
Breast-stroke like Phelps

This shit cold ain't it?
That water cold, ain't it?
So how the fuck you feel me?
That shit cold ain't it?
Eh, say how the fuck you feel me?
Say how the fuck you feel me?
Shit cold ain't it?
Now, how the fuck you feel me?

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