K.A.A.N. - Piece Of Mind Lyrics

How bright can your flame shine before it finally burns out?
Damn, that's what I'm thinking, should I pick a different route?
I'm still unsure, I can't figure this shit out
My little brother hit me, told me he was pretty proud
Responded three days later writing, "Well I'm spitting now."
Terrified of the fall, I been living on the cloud
If a shooting star falls and there's nobody around, well does he really exist and how should he persist?
I'm just asking for a friend so please forgive me if I trip
Look I've been fiending for some love, you know a real relationship
The sanctity of you and I, where we can both co-exist
But life ain't all roses, happiness and bliss
I'm just speaking from experience
I say I lack emotional intelligence, growth and development
Too focused on irrelevance
Sipping on that juice that they been selling me, full of ingredients that I don't need like self doubt and greed, please

I just want peace, peace of mind
Peace, peace of mind
I just need peace, peace of mind
I just want peace, peace of mind

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K.A.A.N. Piece Of Mind Comments
  1. Dmitriy Panasyuk

    The Only poet I Have as an idol .

  2. robert lehr

    Please never stop making music ♥️

  3. Carlos Nolasco

    google notified my about the new "Requiem for a dream deferred" Album by K.A.A.N. Here I'am listening to one of the Hip Hop's GOATS!

  4. omar khan

    I wish there was a second verse to this beautiful song ❤❤❤

  5. Bravado 024

    He's the man

  6. Lily S. Davis


  7. Seth Ingersoll

    the realest but how come nobody notice em, people don like the truth and being real that is why kaan is underrated

  8. Ronald Ulysses Swanson

    New K.A.A.N. hell yes!

  9. hipnopotamussus