K.A.A.N. - Notice Lyrics

Make sure you look into my eyes when you speaking, nigga
See I can read between the lines, let's call a spade a spade
I'm dealing with this bad hand, watch how I handle it
My wrist work like a sou-chef
My wordplay is most def
Most definitely out this atmosphere, a black star that'll never burn out
Ooh, I like the way that sounded, never grounded, I be higher
I'm analyzing everything until they say my times up
I do the same shit every day now must a kid remind ya?
I told my story, gave it to 'em, I don't think they like it
I readjust, the sound the same, we'll call it plagiarizing
Expand my mind to see it all, we'll call it visualizing
I want the world like Tony did, minus the complications
State your purpose, who sent ya, 'cause I don't fucking know ya
Cool as a polar bear, chilling out with the coldest shoulder
I'm trying to leave a legacy, you leave and no-one notice
I'm heating up, five hundred degrees; Wayne, New Orleans

Said do you notice?
I can't waste no time, I just been focused
Look me in my eyes, said do you notice
I live on a cloud, I just keep floating
I just keep floating

Some of us deal with the situations we stuck in, what
Living in misery, what
Exist in agony, what
I can't complain but I been better
Fuck it, my shit been butter
Dismissing these motherfuckers
No it's no love lost
These niggas is dove soft
[?] to eat a company like it's duck sauce
These featherweight competitors, I fly by
Flash in the pan, pot calling the kettle black as the hand that feeds him
Said I just keep moving, they all been stagnant
All I ever wanted was the Benz wagon
Whip it like I stole it, hit the better mansion
Money in abundance what I wanna have it
That's, not reality, still
Struggle daily is real
It's complicated I feel
But my emotions concealed
Hold them close to my chest
Let them release in this breath

Said do you notice?
I can't waste no time, I just been focused
Look me in my eyes, said do you notice
I live on a cloud, I just keep floating
I just keep floating

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K.A.A.N. Notice Comments
  1. Horror Story


  2. Илиян Василев

    Dude this guy deserves a lot more recognition than he gats

  3. Demxnbxy

    Who's still listen to kaan on a daily I know I am

  4. max burns

    Diabolical - 250 I.Q At mph

  5. max burns

    The same book .?

  6. William Potterf

    Now that he’s working with dre were never gonna her from him

  7. Kellen

    Go on tour please!

  8. SumDumNaem

    so.... you know what would be really cool? If you put it on iTunes.... just sayin'. Would really love to own my favourite songs by you. Also your manager Fola is super sweet. (thanks for the cool tattoo and have a good day/night.)

  9. Caleb Herbert

    Don’t ya love stumbling upon random KAAN bangers you’ve never heard lol

  10. Lucas Nolan

    Ridiculous flow, he’s a damn genie 🧞‍♂️

  11. 312vandal

    Damn i remember when he only had a few thousand subs...bad ass

  12. Noak

    greatest rapper of all time

  13. Xay Coen

    He is Underrated so much

  14. Patrick 25

    how can i like a song more than once???

  15. Sparkle Stars

    There are so many terrible rappers and great rappers nowdays but to be honest I’ve been listening to kaan for years and I have to say this man is on another level that’s facts

  16. Zoombasta

    Your music is so fire.

  17. Brad Pratt

    Just came across K.A.A.N. I really like his style, but I worry he sounds too much like Kendrick, which would be why he might never blow up.

  18. Oshay Calgaret

    damn, 88 508 views and 28 dislikes

  19. Aldair Mata

    K.A.A.N Rap At The Four Pleasee

  20. Eli Nolan

    He has so much talent to offer the world but people are so caught up in the garbage "rap" of today. KAAN, you hit the nail on the head in concealed when you said it's all a facade. Never change.

  21. Damian Obermueller

    Love this man. So much pain in his words. So much wisdom in his rhymes. 10/10

  22. Tonkata

    Only 80k views

  23. Dan Easterwood

    id rather leave no ripples on the lake of life.

  24. Wraiz

    every rapper i listen to after KAAN just has weak rimes dang.

  25. Borf

    This guy left hip hop and joined a whole new genre.
    #Kaancepts your normal rapper won't understand.

  26. john toucan

    When kaan blows up, all of the idiots who praise lil pump will hate on kaan because they are too stupid to understand him

  27. Dom Ramon

    Does this man do shows?

  28. Weeaboos Adventure

    your flow is dope 24 dislikes probably like lilpump!! k.a.a.n high as a kite making fucking fire!!!!!!!

  29. Nathan

    Ayye this is dope asf. Love from 29 palms cali

  30. yes

    you killed this beat, this is mad good. Kinda killing my motivation over here, trying to learn how to rap myself but damn. keep on doing you bro, mad respect.

  31. MsTastyPastry

    "Clicks on the bell to get notified when K.A.A.N releases more fire"

  32. Benny Banks

    Does he not have any social media?

  33. Len Art

    Any album coming up? I'd like to monetary support this music.

  34. iZedCaliber

    Glad I found ya shit. You dope bruh damn

  35. Kalish420 Nakov47

    I sure as hell notice

  36. Sophie Brown

    How has he not blown up yet?

  37. RyanJ IDGAF

    Kaan will always have the shit. Keep a good mindset everybody.

  38. Tg111 Fore

    Tony stairts

  39. Unique Long

    I love when he says “i live on a cloud i just keep floatin..” 💕👏🏾

  40. Kevin Kulprit

    Pure fire 🔥 and goosebumps!

  41. Mister Obama

    22 people are Tekashi fans who hate hip hop

  42. sucktehrainbow LOLZ

    I bet the 22 people that disliked this song. couldn't understand half of what he said😂😂😂😂

  43. sucktehrainbow LOLZ

    I bet the 22 people that disliked this song. couldn't understand half of what he said😂😂😂😂

  44. elvin tomanok

    Soo good mennnn T__T

  45. Jeffe Andrus

    Ideology of prophets, lyrical skill, and the illest beats. One of the best rappers alive.

  46. SA'medi Gaston

    Boy needs funky new bars that honeys can groove to "cuz" u rap better than any of the brothers in my town!

  47. John Geo

    This guys is really short in real life

  48. Wavez

    ALMOST 90k booii then it'll be 100k I've been with K.A.A.N for 2 years I can feel it he's gonna blow up

    Baillie Ross

    His growth has doubled in a year, that's crazy when none of it is a facade, just patience and repetition.

  49. gama gonzalez

    U go hard my nigga even tho I'm a migo

  50. Goofy van de Goa

    Amazing Beat :O

  51. Derrick Johnson

    Kaancepts 3 we all waiting

  52. zedexcee 16

    I'm still fucking witchu

  53. Andrea Jensen

    Just need to keep this on repeat all day long.

  54. Директор Шпрот

    Блаженный звук.

  55. WorgenatorWoW

    You should try and collab with Tech. I definitely think he would up for it if you show him your shit. Probably a good way to get the ball rolling as well

  56. RideorDie Almelo

    damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Shaling Zorfey Necrosis

    Puto amo

  58. Cartoonist ToonDome

    Kaan your evolution is inspiration to me

  59. Fail Nation

    very well produced! keep it up!

  60. Heath Ledger

    Yo dude I think you got yourself some Turkish followers!!! You are awesome! Keep it up

  61. Steven Bustamento

    LAWD this is my favorite artist period.

  62. Kiefer Peggs

    the flooooooowwwwowoww

  63. xXsharkbaitXx101

    K.A.A.N YOU DESERVE WAYYYYYY MORE THAN YOUVE GOT, by far the single best rapper I've heard,. So much realism and heart!

  64. Eternal 89

    He sounds just like Kendrick Lamar only better 😂

  65. Sharuno

    K.A.A.N needs an offer from Dreamville rn

  66. Sharuno


  67. Dr Aurelius

    🤘🏼 On such a unique level within the industry!

  68. Tyler Vanwert

    Holy fucking shit, man.

  69. Miles Baker

    You sir need to go to TDE


    K.A.A.N you ma muthufuckin nigga keep yo head up bro keep makin these fire as fuckin bangers. Ive been using your Non - Copyright songs in my streams & I have to say its shocking that you haven't already made it bigger then you already have become your talent is unmatched & this is coming from an artist himself your rhyme rhythms and patterns & the pure speeds your able to obtain is legendary status. Your an inspiration to me and I'm sure 1000's of others that are aspiring to be great at something & make nothing out of something in a world that will make you feel like your not shit & will never be shit. Just thanks for putting out such great music you rock man.

  71. Clayton Parker

    This sh*t so tough

  72. tookurjaerbs

    If you ever tour, I MUST see a show

  73. GoTsTyLeR

    You are the new rap god u know that?

  74. opiateyes

    why isn't this just exploding

  75. Brady Thomson

    This is by far the best and most complete song I’ve heard by Kaan yet! Absolute 🔥 perfection brother

    Harnoor Singh

    Brady Thomson same. This and Valley of Pain are perfect and my favorites from him.

  76. Zach Courtney

    posted on my birthday

  77. bryan najera

    This man the real goat

  78. Leo Martinez


  79. BlackRoseAnarchy

    Hey KAAN can you start putting the lyrics in the description please because it is really helpful for some people including me

  80. Fappothy

    So much raw talent and flow, I'll be here the day you blow up. On god.

  81. Tee

    Dope! Nobody in the game can fuck with kaan

  82. SaveFaded

    Dead ass your spiting the TRUTH..........

  83. J D

    Anytime now.... #loadyourmusic #stillstagnant

  84. Bogart

    Please put this on Spotify or iTunes

  85. Kaan

    Lol, My Name is Kaan

  86. Alberto Rodriguez


  87. Nathan C. Brown

    I feel like the 18 dislikes is the people who accidentally clicked on this vid, this nigga fire as fuck I almost don't want him to blow up because I don't want him to get old like every other rapper now a days

  88. Steven Guerra

    keep it up MANGGg

  89. King Of The West

    My brother has a man crush on you

  90. zokandi

    K.A.A.N make another fast rapping song those are 100%

  91. North

    Put LTN and work on iTunes

  92. P.M

    I've never gotten an add for a video on K.A.A.N's channel and I just wanna say, K.A.A.N you can monetize your videos and I wouldn't loose any respect for you, you deserve to make anything you can get from this beautiful art you make

  93. Squidmerkel

    do a King's Dead remix

  94. Marvin's Reviews ETC.

    Love you dog

  95. Blane King

    Yo if made a video for fire and brimstone that shit would some shit

  96. Fabian Escajeda

    How is he not blown up yet