K.A.A.N. - Look Lyrics

I try not to stress so much, I try not to underthink
Overzealous opinions living inside of idiosyncrasies
Realizing things ain't really as simple as they often seem
That's the reoccurring theme, that's the overarching scheme
I had to tell 'em, hope is inside us so we never dream
Our date of birth, we D.O.A so we ride down this mezzanine
I'm surrounded by kings, queens, and fiends alike
Chained together, shackled by this struggle life
Peeking around the goal with blindfolds and no GPS
I turn on my TV less
I'm searching for truth in excess, I still haven't found it I guess
Perspective is perfect, I'm blessed
Long as my heart pump in my chest, I'll push and I prosper
Propel myself through the problems, I'm in control of my conscious
I've come to terms with the losses
I'm not concerned with the pre-conceived or the falsehoods of grins
We in this game of veneers, these crooked smiles ain't clear
I once read our energies will never die so we eternally here, yeah

I been a, man on a mission but mortician by trade
Been killing the noise, I'm filling the void, I find it hard to relate
If niggas is starving, I suggest you protect your arteries
It's cutthroat, survival's always been the name of the game
He getting by, she getting over, I can barely make do
The pain binds us and intertwines us till we stuck like glue
The real plight for the have-nots is hatin' who look like you
Manifest destiny, it seems the prophecies becoming true

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K.A.A.N. Look Comments
  1. James Raio

    Oh my God he sampled Nipsey's "look"!!!!

  2. jrebel_8 3-6