K.A.A.N. - K.A.A.N. The Conqueror Lyrics

Knowledge, bitch

Look, said it's the big, bad wolf
Knockin' down your door again
I could post a selection of sentences for the masses
It's safe to say I'm celestial
Soar with the constellations
Spit verses of complications
Put concentrate on the cadence
Of course it was correlated
Come catch me casually coordinated
Fornicate with foreign languages
My flow is blasphemous
This bastard was conceived by the powers of the immaculate
The son of Mary Magdalene giving infinite wisdom
My message was not diluted by aesthetics so hypocrisy
I'm constantly concocting things with Constantine
I'm Socrates my sovereignty is seldom seen
As soon the sound'll stop the feat
The feast I'll feed your family for the sake of your sanity
Candidate I'm a narcissist, write as much as a novelist
Novices never feel it exposing plenty emotion
The purpose was [?], my potion you couldn't sip it
Addicted, and now you trippin' promethazine for parentheses
Emphasis I should make 'em cease
I'm a beast when I'm needin' beats
I am very particular pick apart and then paragraph
Paraphrase in a paradigm, parallel to the past
The preacher sellin' the eternal lies
I supply the sicker line of dopamine that prey upon your mind
Then multiply the rhyme, divide [?] the faculty
The fact remains that I am actually your fuckin' king you can call me your majesty
Masterfully maneuver my movements, sure to subdue yah

Solution is you salute then follow suit my lyrics fondle you
Molesting your mentality, now you in need of therapy
Not to mention prescriptions that put you in a sedated state
You describing your sanity [?] that got away
You shake and shiver from the slumber, thought [?]
Now take us back to the place and the time of the crime
And tell me all about that maniac motivated maniacally
[?] with evidence and propriety
Priorly I was walking and minding my fucking business
And bumpin' ignorant rap about nothing another random ran
I saw him comin' so I ran, I never really had a chance
I tripped and took a look and he was standing with his frozen stance
The chosen man, it must'a poked a mole when they created him
You gotta stop this nigga, he crazy, it wasn't having sense
Some sort of coincidence I was in that predicament
It's like he had predicted it all pause for the pitiful
He pointed to the pen and my pad and promised to puncture it
Started punchin' profusely, the reason that I was bleedin'
Believed that he woulda killed me if he had never stopped
I praying that don't listen I lay in a foetal position
Protecting myself from a blow to the body I'm feeling fragile though
He trapped my clavicle shattered some bones and broke a couple ribs
He said it's customary to cut the victim and watch 'em leak
His stamina was something else, he sliced and he slashed
Causing contusions, bruises and gashes, I'm gasping for air
I tried to find the will to fight but he had taken it from me
I musta blacked out then woke up, got attacked by a vulture
His language was vulgar, I vaguely recall that, I called 911 no one answered the call back
I can't see I can't think there's blood in my eyelids
My mind moving frantic, this man did some damage
My plan is now pan out, I pray that I don't see him
Again he's about to blow up like Jihads
Insurgents from Islam, he's too calm, he's so cold

The force was strong inside of this one, I never seen nothing like it
And lighted my lack of resources, he had no fuckin' patience
Just pacin' back and forth my lifeless corpse in a balance
Adrenaline runnin' through me, fuck it I'm feeling paralyzed
Apparently we met before he tried to explain
It was decline within the music that had drove him insane
He couldn't take it anymore reflecting all of his pain
Inflicted simple suffocation for ignorant publications
That praise to promote the popular even when its a detriment
That's affecting the innocents, sentences to a simpleton
Little do people know what they're choosin' for entertainment
Is actually more subliminal than they had imagined
You couldn't fathom what the fuck we're bein' fed on the daily
But quick sidetrack they're tryna take the labels for ingredients
Over the food we eat so that we can no longer see it
Ingenious, take the power of knowledge away from people
And put em in the position where they're completely dependent on every word that you say
And they treat it like it's an artifact
Jumpin' [?] is intelligence and attention too much to ask of the people
I'm pleadin' that you believe in me
Easily I defeat the seat the scene was set for you to see
It wasn't filled with money, women and diamonds for jewellery
I swear that I intended this soothing with something logical
Put it up in your mind so you know it wasn't impossible
To dominate the mind like a murder by KAAN the Conqueror

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