K.A.A.N. - Hypnosis Lyrics

"The divine wisdom created the world by playing before the throne of God
... Before the throne of God"

I wonder what we're workin' for
Wonder what I'm finna be
Wonder what the future holds
Wonder if the path I'm on is even aligned
Just give it some time
See patience refines
Don't rush it, it's Russian Roulette
Really realize where you're at
Really read the signs on the map
Really take a breath and relax
Really pace yourself 'cause it helps
Lost on a quest for wealth
When you're unable to find peace
With these lines that I speak
I'll seek and search the end of the world for some more perspective
A broader way of thinkin' never closed minded
Open up the blinds and let the light shine through
My writer's block been kickin' in like Mutombo down in the post
Approach the paper then attempt to articulate what I'm on
The faintest memories they fade I block 'em out when I can
I set the goals to make the vibe more like a transient trance
Give it a feel you can't replace or find with nobody else
It's authentic
All in it
My vision a 10 year plan
Break it in half and it's yours and we'll call it long division
Off a smidgeon
Missed it by a single digit
Decimal was dead wrong
Adjusted decibels and turn 'em up to make your head nod
Still goin' in 6 years strong long shit
I'm sick and tired of bein' sick and tired feelin' nauseous
I'm over analyzin' everything I'm too cautious
Take a step back, take a step back
Nigga nigga
Let 'em feel that, let 'em feel that
Feel it Feel it
I put the pen to the paper I paint a pretty picture
Was once told that if it ain't broke then don't fix it
I'm holdin' on by a lot of hope and a big vision
I'm holdin' on, barely, terrified that they don't get it
I can't be misunderstood, Maybe I ain't that good
Maybe I ain't do the shit the way I was supposed to do it
Maybe I ain't give my all
Maybe I'm just lyin' to myself and everybody else

I've been keepin' low from the light, awww yeah
Lost in the unknown with no sight, awww yeah yeah
I can't let it go
Feelin' like it's all goin' away
Blowin' away..."

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