K.A.A.N. - Double Dealing Lyrics

Bitch I'm bumpin' Wu-Tang
Makaveli fuckin' water 'til the barrel rain
Give a fuck 'bout a bitch, I let my nuts hang
This a Benz, lil bitch, not a Mustang
All this shit for me and mines, it's an us thang
Paranoid, don't know who to fuckin' trust mayne
Fuck a bitch, [?] like a [?]
Before I die, bet a nigga reach the tippy (tip top, top, top)
On my line, nah decline, bitch I'm busy

Only thing I fear is God, man I can't relate
(Why they ask?)
Probably 'cause they never got they papers straight
(Where you been?)
Somewhere in the jungle where the [?]
I heard they serving cake, I'll take two slices
Call me anime, no fuckin' way
I got a little bit of weed down, put it up in the air, I'm here to motivate
Tell them niggas when I come around, just keep it cool, I'm too explosive mayne
Every single nigga foreign sub, this shit get dark
There ain't no helping hand, told 'em all I would never change

Bitch I'm bumpin' Wu-Tang
Makaveli fuckin' water 'til the barrel rain
Give a fuck 'bout a bitch, I let my nuts hang
This a Benz, lil bitch, not a Mustang
All this shit for me and mines, it's an us thang
Paranoid, don't know who to fuckin' trust mayne
Fuck a bitch, [?] like a [?]
Before I die, bet a nigga reach the tippy (tip top, top, top)
On my line, nah decline, bitch I'm busy
On my line, nah decline, bitch I'm busy
On my line, nah decline, bitch I'm

Niggas never really had much, we had to work for it
Only God knew that there was more in store
Back then they used to laugh at us, now we doin' sets at The Laugh Factory
Only one on that lab rat shit, I stayed late until the track's mastered
No backpacking, just fast rapping, just big dreams that you can't imagine
Nowadays this shit's so private, gotta censor some with that closed caption
Lord knows I can't go backwards, I'ma go out wit' a fat backwoods
Made mistakes I can't take back, I gotta live with all of these bad decisions
Started separatin' from the lazy niggas and the blind ones that couldn't see the vision
Who am I to pass judgement on you, just another nigga on a fuckin' mission
When them labels didn't take no interest, took it all to heart, I can't forgive 'em
Independent 'til the day I die, I need all of mine
That's how I'm feelin', 'less you cut a check for 'bout 20 million
That sound better, that sound appealin'
Counted out about a million times but I'll push through, I bounce back, I'm still here, can't go back
Won't fall nigga and you know that, damn
Nigga we was at Ground Zero like first responders
Never folded, not once
Niggas never wanted it as bad as us
Put out a project a month until that shit stuck
Make us stumble and fallin' but we got right back the fuck up

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K.A.A.N. Double Dealing Comments
  1. Benjamin Rosenblatt

    You sound what I think a crow would sound like this is ass

  2. Parkerfilm

    You copied my film name

  3. Life Challenges

    So did he not sign with dre I'm guessing?

  4. Daniel Glassmeyer

    The best lyricist today

  5. ReaperHackz

    Man the beat and flow switch at 1:50 is so fire!!! 🔥

  6. Snook Deville

    The man has to be close to 1000 songs by now. Every single one fire. Rebirth of Lasane Crooks.

  7. Ash Williams

    That music in the second verse is from the Midsommar sex scene lol

  8. PerspectivE

    Thanks Fanatic for uploading all these hidden gems. Most people wouldn't be able to find this shit, you deserve just as much recognition.

  9. Xailoh-V つみ

    #K.A.A.N.BestRapperAlive don’[email protected]

  10. P Erickson

    K.A.A.N out here GOated !

  11. Dustin Jones

    K.A.A.N this sounds like a Kid Cudi song for me! Can't get enough of your wordplay, flow and just soul delivery! Always makes me wanna look up for brighter days knowing someone is out there opening themselves up. Something I myself cannot do

  12. prophethx hx

    wow. Comparing to his old shit.... this is straight trash until @2:00 then straight fire.

  13. Devin Miller

    K.A.A.N is GOD if you don't already know!

  14. Dick Don

    Da fuck is this shit 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Shawn Starr

    What does Kaan stand for?


    Shawn Starr knowledge above all nonsense

  16. Mxrider

    Hell yeah, killed it 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Dylan Mongillo

    Hes the best in his own way. And still improving.😌😁

  18. skyline2fly

    The authenticity of this original sound that is created is soo sick.

  19. MCBYT

    Where did he release this? I've only seen this + the M2MH album on Youtube, did he stop using Soundcloud?


    They're both on spotify

    Michael Horvath

    MCBYT fr he never upload anything on his cloud

  20. Chris Hernandez Mejia

    Yo K.A.A.N, I just subscribed to u bro. Yo songs r fire bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. U be spittin flame bars out bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Chris Hernandez Mejia this ain’t his channel

  21. The Dude

    If you disliked this you can eat a fatty chode, if you dont like it dont listen. You dont need to dislike.

  22. Bradely Dowling

    Smoking crack?

  23. Lily S. Davis

    Aaahhhhhhh TF IS DISLIKING K.A.A.N?!?!?

  24. Areeb Qureshi


  25. Noah Lott

    I fuck with K.A.A.N. hard

  26. SCRewITupACE Ent

    It's ah it's ah us thing!

  27. chris akin

    How the fuck did this guy fall off soooooooooooo hard

    CH Shooter

    The second part is actually really good

  28. lequan Lemon

    This man is underated

  29. Almighty Dolla

    Damn that vibe switched up like a fake friend🙊💦🔥

  30. TheOfficialRpZ

    This song is called 2 busy btw 😂


    He uploaded it as both on Spotify

  31. Kairo 4670

    This guy always on his journey to success, PEACE.

  32. Nathan Boi

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that this and "2 Busy" is literally the same song?


    He probably changed the name.

    Gavin Cambridge

    Nathan Boi it think it’s two songs together. First beat is too busy and second is double dealing. Just a guess

  33. Charlie Stock

    Hidden gem

  34. Caleb Herbert


  35. Richie Gomez

    This is dope!

  36. Alex Garcia

    K.A.A.N ft Eminem?

  37. Alex Strand

    .........I see what this is lol

  38. omar khan


  39. ToneBeenTrill

    I literally listen to kaan everyday. Glad to see hes still making tracks

    Reese Meehan

    hes always droppin new shit if u listen to him every day wouldnt you know that? 🤔

    G from Every Other Weekend

    Reese Meehan

    That’s literally what he just said dumbass

  40. Zombie Panda


  41. girlthats me

    this is another bangeer

  42. Olando McCoy

    never disappoints when it comes to K.A.A.N

  43. Greg Maxim

    Why did you start mumbling your old shit was far better

  44. shyne

    Your from blacky like it since I guessed

    Pizza Pizza

    @Mahkram Saile Well KAAN, Jake Hill, Josh A, Witt Lowry, Coldsteeze, Futuristic, Ohsobrkn, Yellopain, Kam Michael, Sadboyprolific, gianni and kyle, Papithbk, Drake Chrisholm, Ivan B, Luke Christopher, Nate Good, Abstract, 2AM Club, Bazanji, Croosh, Cam Meekins, Apollo, J-Wright, Ryan Caraveo, Hendersin, CallMeKarizma, JZAC, YONAS, Packy those are all I can remember off the top of my head...

    Mahkram Saile

    @Pizza Pizza fuck yeah I don't know any of these dudes except Witt Lowry, but I totally forgot about him till now. Much thank, will look into

    Pizza Pizza

    @Mahkram Saile Np

    Austin Adams

    You’re* and that’s an assumption


    @Austin Adams suck my dick nigga

  45. moehinne

    yes u still here, luckily

  46. moehinne

    i love your smartness in all of your songs

  47. moehinne

    this song is fukin amazing, isn't it..this is it mate

  48. Miles Peterson

    Yall caught up 🕺🕺

  49. Call Me Rakkoon

    Honestly, I'm such a big fan of K.A.A.Ns music but I really didn't like this one

    evitaN sevalS

    I respect your opinion I'm a big fan myself
    I would like to ask why dont you?

  50. Spiritually Astrologist

    Kaan inspires me to rap and make music keep it up!

    The Dude

    Hell yeah bro he Inspired me to make music aswell. I wanna share something I figured out he does in every song he uses alliteration in almost every song. For example: Masterfully Melodic and Modest Minus the Minor I Been Minding My Business, My Midus touch has been itching.

  51. Decent

    If you hating please tell me on what, this man literally just rapping his heart out

  52. Austin Hosbrook

    Can’t keep up with these fucking fire ass drops man.

  53. Kellen

    I know he doesn't breathe but does this man sleep?

    Pizza Pizza

    Don't know but I know he is slept on...

  54. Alex Schweitzer

    Fire af like always

  55. B U


  56. New Nen Gates

    This is different but 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Rthanos

    This dude is unfair..

  58. Shodzzy

    K.A.A.N. Is so fucking talented

  59. Blaz3rr

    Fire asf

  60. White Effect

    I love it

  61. Wayhrd YT

    This song is amazing but, is it called 2 busy or double dealing? Two channels have posted this same song with different names, just confused

    Alex Schweitzer

    @Wayhrd YT its 2 busy trust me lol

    Gavin Cambridge

    TheRealSaltyChips it’s both. First beat is too busy, second Is double dealing


    @Gavin Cambridge obv but why are there to copies of the song

    Gavin Cambridge

    Mori it’s the same song. Just one song


    @Gavin Cambridge I know that it's called a beat switch so altogether it's technically the same song, we're just trying to figure why this song was uploaded twice

  62. C Jenkins

    Man I love you but seriously? I expect shit like loyalty pt 2 eventually

  63. AussieBroAB

    This mans is the GOAT 🔥

  64. Socrates

    Not a single bad song from K.A.A.N

    Austin Greene

    Facts! Not a single one!

  65. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    All he does is SPIT FIRE!

    omar khan

    Yo u listening to K.A.A.N. now?? I used to see u on anime videos along time ago lmao

    jojo boko

    Omar khan
    He’s been listening to kaan for at least a while. I’ve seen him on kaan comment sections for months now.

    SupremeEL Profes'or

    I see you everywhere i go,we watch the same shit.

    Gavin Cambridge

    omar khan hey bro


    omar khan I see you everywhere man😂

  66. Corbin Franklin

    One of the most underrated artists. He’s too nasty 🔥🔥💯😬

  67. Chris Mckoy

    Stop it Bruh...

  68. B Positive


  69. XVX くずのは

    Listening to K.A.A.N. is like hearing the heaven.

  70. jaeden hicks

    Tooooooo fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Jason Guillen

    Always ready for new KAAN!!!

  72. Kellz

    Wasn’t ready for a KAAN upload les hear it