K.A.A.N. - Anti Intellectuals Lyrics

You have to understand how things are up here
So then, in the, uh, situation of the zen [?]
Safeguards are set up
Within which, you can learn how to act without deliberation
Which is in, see, in a sense
Going back to the state of [?]
Now it doesn't mean that you give up thinking
It doesn't mean that you become an "Anti-Intellectual"
You all can also learn, and this is part of the later phases of said training
How to think spontaneously
How to deliberate spontaneously
The saying is, you see:
"Stand or walk as you will, but whatever you do; don't wobble"
So, this is our difficulty
Because the human mind, uh, ha- is a feedback system
Feedback ha-has a peculiar susceptibility to nervousness
There was a young man who said;
"Though it seems that I know that I know
What I would like to see is the eye that knows me
When I know that I know that I know"

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K.A.A.N. Anti Intellectuals Comments
  1. KingMamba LA

    Slick mad af he didnt go crazy on that

  2. creativemind26 los

    He's referring to the eye that controls all you, all that you are, everything you see & everything you don't see. Some of you are slave workers, some of you are feinds, some follow the rules and others end up dead. Which one are you ?

  3. Kiwi Korea


  4. VECTOR -

    The Sample is Why Do You Get Anxious By Alan Watts.

  5. Colton Decker

    Sounds like Alan Watts KAAN you the greatest logic using his stuff now you

  6. Revoluti0n95

    Kaan if you see this you give this dull world hope. Your the goat.

  7. Lily S. Davis

    K.A.A.N dropping all this fire the last 3 days nobody can keep TF up 😹🤯🙌🏻🙌🏻💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. ILucky Me

    There’s gonna be so many edits with this 🤯

  9. Idenshi Ikari

    Damn... That's all I can really say..

  10. omar khan

    What a message! Long Live King KAAN!


    He's still alive. Lol

  11. Trail Blazer

    My man well done

  12. Jacob Francis Ingles

    Fuck I love kaan. Absolutely amazing