k-os - FlyPaper Lyrics

Feeling stuck?
Shoe gazing?
Pesky flies getting you down?
Try new supersonic FylPaper
It's catchy, and it's pop

FlyPaper, do it again, do it again
Do it again, can he do it again?
Do it again, do it again
Do it again, can we do it?

[Verse 1:]
Ya, you see everyday
All the people standing at the train station
Left, right, left, right, left, right
We don't talk to each other now
What an alien nation
Up, tight, up, tight, up, tight
I hope one day some things can get better
I hope some way our hearts can change the weather
As we walk this yellow road
And try to shake the load
In this 4-1-6 area code
It's another night in TV land
I say

I'm not one to repeat myself
But if it ain't broken
Don't fix it
I see you burning all that midnight oil
But I'm caught between a rock and a hard place
That's why I'm walking in the city with a hard face
Seems I'm afraid of being afraid

Do it again, do it again
Do it again, can we do it?

[Verse 2:]
You think I don't know
Oh how I see your
Eyes run dry
Subliminal pro
I've got to go
Just so I can be the
Pound in your chest
Game the fame
For checkmate, I've got a new mind state
Plus I've got the power of the cat, rotate
I'm, straight digging in my record crate
Lights in your party so they leave the hate
Time is a thief that leaves nothing behind
And I've got no grief or acts to fry in this fair city
I'm just a man who wants to understand
Who wants to know the plans, tell me the plans, tell me the plans


Do it again, do it again
Do it again, can we do it?

[Verse 3:]
Yo, ok it seems at times that I'm under hypnosis
I suppose this city life is a process
I wrote this, like a million years ago
Tried to get out of the game a million tears ago
But I'm back, chillin', illin' for top billin'
Levitate to the ceiling by resurrecting the feeling
Hip-hop, it started out in the far
Are we lost in the dark? I think we maybe forgot?
But never mind that, we like to party
We don't start trouble and we don't bother nobody
'Cause Y is a letter with a long long tail
And I write these lyrics you can feel like brail
Hail, the most high, I post high
I used to swing low, now I let the crabs know that
My antimatter is shattering any ladder thats crawling with snakes
Make no mistake we not fate, wake up


Ooh, got stuck, ooh, FlyPaper
I don't care, I don't care
Who's that girl? She's FlyPaper
She don't care, she don't care

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k-os FlyPaper Comments
  1. Emily Stow

    Probably one of my favourites by him ❤

  2. Garnizzle

    Fave K-OS song, so good.

  3. Eric Pudalov

    We used this as our first dance song at our wedding. Pretty different than your typical slow dance, huh?

    Alexis K

    Eric Pudalov Good choice though!

    Unity 613

    That's awesome!

    Christoffer Howard

    Eric Pudalov I wouldn’t advise any other artist

  4. Yusre Yaasir

    if its not broken don't fix it

  5. fek yerselph

    lol shoe gazing


    +fek yerselph pesky flies getting you down! ;)

  6. rooney radley

    love it! thanks for posting! They used to play this at abercrombie when I work there like 9 years ago 

    harold thomas

    rooney radley that would be so cool, K-os is really a different artist from others

  7. Joy Padgett

    this is favorite song ever! thank you!


    +Imperial Stormtrooper Ha. Imperial Stormtrooper. You must like the new Star Wars out already.

    Ashley Finch

    +Joy Padgett I love this song. This is my second favourite hit by this group :) besides "man i used to be" which is my first favorite.

    ik St

    @Bob Jones I've actually had this profile pic for months now. I like the new look of the stormtroopers. As for the movie it was certainly not bad but it's not the greatest freaking movie ever made like even many noobs to star wars think.The movie is really nothing like the other star wars movie.

  8. Jesse Curtis

    k-os is a beast.squad!


    +Jesse Curtis ya he doesn't have many fans but his songs are AMAZING!

  9. hazeddon

    But k-os has worked and as far as I know toured with drake, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. Angelo Galindo

    me too! for years!

  11. KathiYAH

    Been searching for this! Thank yoooooooou!

  12. Mike Sosua

    Great song !! Hi from montréal !

  13. QueenJellybean

    I did a dance to this in 2007 & I still love this song <3

  14. Twiggy Boy

    i saw him in saskatoon in a huge garden it was nuts, he puts on a good show, well atleast, that was years ago, after his third album.

  15. Psychedelic Tragedy

    Still lovin' it =)

  16. M Barbara

    I live in the 416 area code; yay forTorontonians!

  17. brandonjamres

    @YouWillNeverKnoweth 2102 BIOTCH

  18. Sammy T

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this song in 2011!

    james smith

    2018 :P

    devis ago

    2018 too 😁

    Dante Amadeus .Black

    2019 :-)

  19. toraptorseveryday

    @shakur420 i know and you know that drake has no talent, but tis may be lost on k-os, he may honestly think that drake has skill we dont know, but i doubt that k-os is doing this for the money or at least not only for the cash. heres how i see it, k-os thinks drake has skill and drake is happy to have a mentor and fellow canadian tour with him, sounds like a good duo to me

  20. toraptorseveryday

    @shakur420 im not sure he's selling out a lot of rappers respect drake not sure why + there both from T.O. so it's a good move from a marketing stand point

  21. Kiera Ramsay

    this is such a good song... i remember me and my mom taking a trip to vancouver annd us listning to this in the car and us just yelling the words LOL :)

  22. CyricMccallen

    @shakur420 You obviously dont know how music is made. Theres no such thing as "selling out". You "sell out" as soon as you sign a record deal. Therefore the only time you arent "selling out" is when you sound like shit in your basement.

  23. hazeddon

    Well we obviously have very different opinions of drake as an artist but I still don't see how touring with drake will have any effect on k-os's music. Jay-Z toured with wale n trey songz, I don't see any change in either artists musical style after the tour, so I fail to see why k-os will be any different. The anchorman was pretty sick and Im sure black on blonde will follow the trend. And even if he sells out and dumbs his music down a bit, so long as its still good music i dnt mind.

  24. hazeddon

    @shakur420 Not to point fingers, but you should be happy he is getting more exposure, I love k-os and more so than anything I wanna see him succeed. If it means doing shows with the more popular drake, Im down with that, the more successful he is, the more albums I get.