k-os - ELEctrik HeaT - the seekwiLL Lyrics

Ok, its about to go down
Please step up
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go

[Verse 1:]
Its the return, burn like a supernova
Spit the plates, the great debates over
Don't rush, take it easy, slow down
Earth is a space ship spinning round and round
Were in it, together, we can make it better
Don't sweat a, thing swing with no vendetta
I rhyme in a graph style, carve every letter
To move every B-boy king like Coretta
Scott, keep it hot block once rock
The plot that we tried to recignise was not
The L to the O-V, M-O-V-E
K dub dropin' the dub, thats new TV
The E-M-C double E no doubt
Runin' the route, wakin' out, turnin' the part out
We all fall from grace and make mistakes
And race the pace the base with the anidote "base"
And every single word in the verb wildstyle
Its not a mission its a riddle lifestyle
I'm still in the struggle and I see the light guile
Turnin' pretend accend whats in the profile

Can you feel it, to the beat ya'll
Let the music play for the people
And if got a rock, whether your ready or not
yo, guess who's back with the sequell
Oh ya, just do it
Oh ya, just do it

[Verse 2:]
Now, in the beginning the light shined so bright
Within the city of my mind-scaped night
Listening, glistening the moon refliceting the sun
making me one with the music
Oh, get low, get for, get ho
Its different black gold
Yes I'm in the house but I never ever sold
Rhyme like vynl, 20 years old
With the mic in my hand, ringin' alarm
Singin' the song, bringing the calm to dramas so hard
To much info, been so instrumental, prtential, exponential
My DJ's cuts are presidential
Yo Jazz, let the rythm hit 'em
I woke up to make the main cut, to face the pain
What does space contain love?
Its the heat-seaker, packin' the speaker to beat the sleek creature
It was written the sequel


The world is yours unless the world is ours
What casting stones from afar
We're like people driving in our cars
On los highway, my way

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k-os ELEctrik HeaT - the seekwiLL Comments
  1. Anthony Meszaros

    what if kos music was lost in time and space

  2. Mohammed Benaissa

    Hoodie so saturnine

  3. Richard Hand

    I'm also suprised. I've known k-os for almost over 2 decades. He has a talent I haven't seen hardly any others. He apologises for his emcee arogance but I think that over exaggerated. He doesn't get much coverage here in the UK. clueless as to why. We also don't have much of a B- boy culture.

  4. Christopher Price

    I still jam this

  5. John Field Show

    I suspect that K-os is more slept on compared to other underground rappers of his time because his name is not SEO friendly

  6. Keny'e Bogan-EL

    Dammm I was 13 rocking out to dis, his first three albums STAYED in rotation on my cd player or radio

  7. The Renaissance Man

    k-os you are for me one of the greats. I do hope that more people discover your music, for their own sake. Classics upon classics, back to the 'musical essence',

  8. Brandon Barber

    today just realized the year book is full of Canadian musicians

  9. Rajat puri

    Only educated people seeing this vedio it is good for artist

  10. Bob Grime

    A real artist.

  11. Robot Junk

    that shit still beat 80% of actual rap

  12. AxL3 Lawrence

    2:53 tho

  13. L L L L

    Kid n play "my way"

  14. Celio CBB


    The greatest MC of all time!!

  15. AL EXPED

    its 2018 hiphop is dead, to bad theres no more music like this anymore

  16. Wesley C

    I suddenly, I saw ian d'sa in that yearbook, a cameo. :P

  17. Pyr0Z

    Who noticed the bassist from billy talent in the yearbook?

  18. Bee Bee

    Look at the views, this is tragically underrated, like disgustingly underrated! K-os has one of the best discographies I've ever listen to!! His music is life.

    Mysstterious M

    True! So true, sooooo!


    ahead of his time.

    Emla Fairs

    where did you find a discography download?

    Rajat puri

    Real thing can understand by real people


    Maybe he should get some shit face tattoos; that seems to be the 'in thing' among rappers and hip hoppers nowadays..

  19. AlexMuggsy

    like this!

  20. john mercedes


    Kenan McCaleb

    john mercedes great comment

    devis ago

    Here's a man you can't examine

  21. Ian Perlis

    Nice sample of Ed Belafonte "the world" at the end of this song. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  22. Ashutosh Mishra

    Oh man it's Mowat!

  23. devis ago

    I agree. He's extensively underrated. Deserves a hell of a lot more credit.

  24. Skye Walker

    what a sick rapper he's so underrated. He's the best modern hip hop artist

    Brian Barit

    Amen, Amen to Ali Bubba!!! ^_^

    Art Alcatraz

    He's not a modern Rapper. He's been around since the early 90s

    Skye Walker

    hes alive and producing music today

    J P

    He is 44 now and still working hard in his passion. (2016)


    & canadian too !!,,,

  25. 7thjoker

    sic hip hop... no yolo here

  26. Sergio Jewell

    This song has a Andre 3000 outkast kind of feel...

  27. Twiggy Boy

    did he tell you? i need to know if he is or nt, its super important

  28. LeRoyy McCoyy

    When I first saw this I thought it was will i am

  29. R Webb

    paying homage to an amazing track from one of the best hip-hop albums ever, and then making it seem irrelevant.

  30. Emily Owings

    I just love him! mehappierthanu said it best!!

  31. Cali ber

    someone ALWAYS ask me if im still rapping or if i stopped rapping.smh my answer... never that, but who cares right. actions speak louder than words, SO to them, and to me i feel like i have fell off sorry for that and if you never heard of CALIBER.well nows the time for me to catch your attention like i use too with my lyrical content. This new track MC FOREVER has been turning heads back to my music with the amount of swag, word play, and aggression put into it. LIKE,SHARE,COMMENT,SUBSCRIBE

  32. Yasmin

    Yeah I go to that school right now I'm so honored that a legend like K-os decide to film his music video Did you go to Mowat ?

  33. demonic87

    K-os and outkast are really fucking awesome. They should do something together.

  34. stedmana24

    the world is yours, unless the world is ours

  35. Hannibal Burress

    sir oliver mowat

  36. Pavleshka

    what school is that?

  37. Hannibal Burress

    i go to the school he biked up to

  38. tubeyhamster

    Sick DJ. I could watch this all day.

  39. jhyxwq123456

    Really wish they would upload this video in HD.

  40. dfredd

    bboy k-mel, that's dope

  41. Freddy

    makes me proud to be from toronto ..

  42. EAZYED420

    OMFG i work right there on the right at 3:19 FUCKING PALAIS ROYALE on fucking lakeshore.!!!!!!?!! Come say hi ill be the guy outside giving the finger to The Man

  43. Kudoss Guitar Music

    Still love it

  44. Zachary Walter

    Ian D'sa!!!! 1:31

  45. Mugen123456789

    The world is yours...

  46. DGalaxy

    This should have at least 2 mill a true master in the art of hiphop

  47. Braktooth

    For those who don't know there's real hip-hop north of the US border...

  48. mehappierthanu

    K-os has something that almost every mainstream hiphop artist lacks ... lyricism and i guess somewhat cryptism which make music powerful and beautiful.

  49. tubeyhamster

    God I love this song. It might be my favorite k-os song. I also love his videos, the way he is humble enough to let the dancers and skaters be the focus in order to best embody his music. And I just l-o-v-e the Michael Jackson homage at 3:13.

  50. SVRReelMaker

    @addisonscout respect

  51. tager22

    @addisonscout u forgot hopsin

  52. LastCaress7

    Same exact scenario with me, (comment under mine) I first saw superstar pt. Zero then the seekwill, both on BET, (which is a horrible network) but yeah I can't believe people just slept on K OS. This is dope, ill ass hip hop. Anyone who doesn't agree can step off. K OS is boss!

  53. Classic Gaming by HASHY

    @QuickWidowMaker There are plenty of professional skateboarders that are black man lol Stevie williams, terry kennedy are just a few examples of great black skateboarders :p there are many more tho.

  54. LastCaress7

    Its all a game...

  55. Travis L

    2:53 What a boss.

  56. William Thao

    @addisonscout YEAH I AGREE!

  57. genderrebel

    it's nice to see that real mixing and dj-ing is still around. :^)

  58. DGalaxy


  59. Neel

    Black guy skateboarding? Huh..

  60. Shytney Omelette

    1:39 Ian D'sa :D

  61. tubeyhamster

    My album and all MP3 downloads I have bought of this song have weird static in the background. In fact, the production on the CD seems very poor. This video version sounds fine.

  62. pat6656

    2:15 lmaoo

  63. Paul Pepper

    the world is yours unless the world is ours...

  64. cabasafication

    The two top liked comments are basically the same. and true

  65. beaverman17

    i fucking dig this man

  66. lLegitimate

    @mahadabdi24 it also lives underground

  67. Kyle Oliver

    this was filmed at my school!

  68. mahadabdi24

    @SakuraChick1997 eminem is good too but i dont kno personally i dont find him to be as good as he used to be back in the days

  69. M Barbara

    Never did drugs, but I can seriously get high on this. Absolutely genius.

  70. AtribecalledQ

    k-os's flow in this song is dope as hell.

  71. Andrew Madeo

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1:32 the guitar player from billy talent

  72. GillisMusic

    @jaydenshea I don't think so. I thought she's had longer hair than that for awhile

  73. csldude

    just amazing

  74. pepita

    sick video, sick song.
    fucking love it.

  75. james Bewley

    every word memorised - hard to sing the whole thing

  76. Thomao

    SICK turntablism there at the end.

  77. MindfullMC

    B-boy K-Mel representing.

  78. AlissaKelly

    Hes the sexy one from billy talent! =]

  79. AlissaKelly

    hahaha thats sooo Ian D'sa at 1:33!
    i love him

  80. mahadabdi24

    this is real hip hop like artists such as Atmosphere, Blue scholars , Brother Ali, Nas, Nujabes, Shing02, MF Doom. Put ur thumbs up if u agree


    glad to see the pageviews picking up on this piece. definitely a song that instantly stuck with me from the start. i bet a lot of people could relate.

  82. Godwin Gerard

    what school is this?

  83. crazyMX3000

    he sounds like his nose is abit blocked but still cool

  84. addisonscout

    why does this vid only have 454 veiws?

    this is real rap, Atmosphere, Blue Scholars, K-os, real rappers, thumbs up if you agree