K Camp - WCW Lyrics

That's my boo
I'm a make sure everything's new
I'm a put her in a brand new coupe
I'm a put her in a brand new coupe
That's my boo
I'm a make sure everything's new
I'm a put her in a brand new coupe
Show the bitch how a young nigga move
Let's get it
Let's get it
Let's get it
Let's get it
Let's get it
That's my boo
I'm a make sure everything's new
I'm a put her in a brand new coupe
Show the bitch how a young nigga move
Let's get it

[Verse 1:]
Flew her in the city, had to show her how I live
Filled up on that liquor, holding weight like Uncle Phil
Love the way she fuck me, love the way she keep it real
Put her on some bitches, now them bitches tryna chill, let's go
Ayy, show me the truth tonight
Let's take off the roof tonight
Jump in the coupe tonight
Ayy, buy you some shoes tonight
Let's fuck in the pool tonight
Break all the rules tonight just cause


[Verse 2:]
We can skip the talking, straight to fucking if you wanna
Baby it go down when you mix Hen and marijuana
Don't get shawty started, act retarded when it's drama
Ask her where she got it and she said straight from her mama
Let's go, ayy
Let's make a move tonight
Call up the crew tonight
Bring out the zoo tonight
Ayy, find out your mood tonight
Acting a fool tonight
Got something to prove tonight, just cause


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    still listening in 2020 anyone else

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    I hate that people sleep on k kamp 🤦🏾‍♂️ he so underrated

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    Gage Mainstone

    Katie Roe ayeeeee

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    This song is called "that my boo" not wcw

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    Tiktok anyone?

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    Ima put her in a brand new coupe let's get it

  10. Tonya Claridy

    I'm heartbroken my ex showed me this song she is my everything I still got feelings she left me we are both girls she left me for a boy can I get 5 likes

  11. Alissia Adorni

    Please put this on APPLE MUSIC

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    This needs to be in Apple Music !!!

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    This reminds me of someone special ❤️

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    K cAmp. Love you. Unique😁🐯

    Unique Howard

    K CAmp. Sx e. Sx e. Unique

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    why is it not on apple music😂

  18. Lit Costello

    This that drive slow at night vaping a fat cloud type vibe

    Bethany Brooke Hale

    Lit Costello that’s exactly what I’m doing 😂

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    2019 wassup

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    Just me ok!!


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    Why is this song only on YouTube 😫 wanna download so bad. It’s been my jam for years

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    I listen to this and it reminds me of my ex😭😭😭😭 (if u wanna talk hit me up on instagram official_rpgz_

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    I can’t find this song on Apple Music how do I get it?? Cuz I want this song so fucking bad!!!

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    S7VEN-M0N3Y /

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    Troy Jones

    SMSV I can’t find jt


    Troy Jones it’s on the Album “Kiss 3”


    Troy Jones spelled with periods in between the letters K.I.S.S 3

    Troy Jones

    I just went looked and tried those ideas it’s not on there kiss 4 on there not 3 tho


    Troy Jones yeah your right. Idk I have it in my library. Maybe I downloaded it from Datpiff.com. It’s been awhile. I’d try that site, it’s a free mixtape site

  62. northsyde Gee

    Missing him kjf

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    My sons father, my son is 11 months old, his father recently passed away and I️ always play this song on repeat because this was OUR song. On repeat ALWAYS. I️ listen to it and think of all the good times we had before he was tragically taken away from us at the young age of 24.... I️ miss him so much and wish everyday he was still here to show our son exactly what love is 💔💔💔💔

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    I liked it untill he said shoe "the bitch" how a young nigga move 🤔🤔

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    What every girl wants to hear “that’s my boo”.

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    Brand new cope

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    the fucking horn in the background is so beautiful. acumpanied by her tiny little sing song voice...

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    Anyone know more tunes like this to play to.gals

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    - via YTPak(.com)

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