K Camp - Racks Like This Lyrics

Ca$h Clay...
She wouldn't wanna turn her back on this, Ahah...
Rare Sound

With racks like this, she wouldn't wanna turn her back on this (Ahah!)
I'm back on this, right now I just feel like fuck that bitch (You think you deserve it)
But with racks like this, she wouldn't wanna turn her back on this (Yo!)
I'm back on this, you ain't got no flavor back up bitch

Bitch stop playin
You think you deserve a second chance (you think you deserve it)
Yeah, bands on bands (Rex!)
Bitch I got more money than your man (I'ma flex on purpose)
(Ah!) I know ya nigga ain't talking bout shit
(Ah!) I know his bank ain't talking bout shit
(Ah!) I know his whip ain't talking bout shit
I know his crib ain't talking bout shit
I know his team ain't talking bout shit
Brand new beam with a few more clips
20 racks on me, might hit Phipps

But what
With racks like this (Let's go), she wouldn't wanna turn her back on this (Ahah! Whoo whoo!)
I'm back on this, right now I just feel like fuck that bitch (I think she deserves it)
But with racks like this (Rex!), she wouldn't wanna turn her back on this (Yo! Let's go, let's go)
I'm back on this (Ah! Ah!), you ain't got no flavor back up bitch

Racks on me no wallet, please catch her she fallin
Drop top whip just crawlin
Drop top whip just flexin
Fucked her one time at the Westin (one time)
Fucked her one time in the suite (one time) bitch gotta know it ain't sweet
Been countin up all week
Stacked up the racks real neat (Ten racks)
Threw ten racks on a freak (Ten racks)
Ten racks get ya ass sweeped (Ten racks)
Look at these diamonds they shine, look at my bitch she fine
Can't go out sad about a hoe (Oh no)
When I know the bitch ain't mine

With racks like this (Rare Sound), she wouldn't wanna turn her back on this (Don't think you deserve it)
I'm back on this, right now I just feel like fuck that bitch (I think she deserves it)
But with racks like this (Rex!), she wouldn't wanna turn her back on this (Yo! Let's go, let's go)
I'm back on this (Ah! Ah!), you ain't got no flavor back up bitch

Rare Sound

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K Camp Racks Like This Comments
  1. Stephanie Dlt


  2. King Fresh prince

    🔥💯 who’s still here almost everyday

  3. Johnson KiD

    Most underrated rapper ever

  4. Tammy Maldonado

    Fuck you Sam

  5. dantrael randolph

    End of this video got me dead asf🤣

  6. Renato Semedo


  7. Deanne Renee


  8. cassidy banks

    Ppl plz understand that the government controls what gets all air play on the radios. Which is why you hear the same songs over and over. The radio songs have hidden messages/agendas to push for the kids. Listen ppl if u not into worshipping Satan, the devil and/or the baphomet then u gets no radio spins. U really have to be into sick stuff like sacrificing ppl animals exc.. u have to be all in to be Considered relevant or u end up like K Camp. Still very successful but no radio Air play smdh. It's a dirty game and I suggest to not join no matter how much money ur offered. DON'T DO IT!

  9. timelesssoldiers

    KD - "Potion" featuring D4G


    Listen on YouTube and all major music streaming services


    Beat is on point

  11. H. Bee


  12. queen love shay Love

    Dis shit go in!!

    queen love shay Love

    Hell yea!

  13. destiny casillas

    sounded like speaker knockers at first😁

  14. mike

    Fuck PV!

  15. SEXY BLACK901


  16. Dajsia Walker

    Still listening in 2019💕

  17. Marquis Murphy

    She look like Megan ❌🧢

    Gucci's Ent.

    Marquis Murphy thought I was tripping

  18. Paris B

    Kcamp is my husband in my head

    ROMEO Smith

    Wat about me

  19. Mr Bombastic

    Why lisen this song in 2020 ?

  20. Mr Bombastic

    Why lisen this song in 2020 ?

  21. Bryant Navajo

    That song go hard right dare!!!

  22. Sly DaxPoker

    3:25 *Im shroomed out and this part had me DEAD!* 💀

  23. Pink Heaven

    K camp is so slept on

  24. Flowes .ams.snxhcn

    Fireeeeeeeeee .

  25. lucki charm


  26. Samantha Maes

    any one listening in 2019?

  27. Crystal Brooks

    Camp need one more verse with one more nigga, like gotti or some 🤔

  28. Crystal Brooks

    Love this song 💞😍😘

  29. Raymond Avalos

    2 of the best artists out there yo..they fkn merkd that beat shits super dope🔥 hood nigga shit👊

  30. Charlotte Venson

    K camp on his shit rock out

  31. JuiceBoX 007

    damn this track was ahead of its time

  32. Kameron mcbride

    Shit since cut her off.. k camp been had them melodic hits. Stuck to his sound. This aint get enough play. Definitely a radio hit. Classic for sure believe it or not. 2019 and beyond ima alway bang this one.

  33. Domonic Hernandez

    Song you chill n smoke to when your girl cheatn

  34. Rico Kendrick

    Too hard for the streets

  35. Armani Summers

    He da nigga r now # kcamp in the front bagg in back wit da yooo

  36. Armani Summers

    Ayyyyyy this shit slapsss hard #moneybaggyo

  37. Deshaun J

    the original is better w/o moneybagg yo

  38. Richard Carlos Ferreira

    😉 som sem palavras top

  39. Angie Newsom

    This still the shit!.2019' .. Can't stop playing it.. But I wanna know how many people care if they ex flexes? LMAO! 😂😂😒

  40. Kiss of Art


  41. Raymond Avalos

    Two of my favorite artists🔥🔥


    K camp gotta be one of the most underrated rappers and that's facts

  43. janessa vibez

    I love this song so do my aunt

  44. Cedrick Honeywood

    In play all day💪

  45. Ngoako Morapa

    Racks like this!

  46. shay Turner

    Moneybagg yo part was hard❤🔥

    faustian qwalifa

    Upt.Shay5043 Turner straight murder

  47. Markisha Taylor

    Some one plz explian y he isnt on the radio anymore this shit is fire

  48. Kwaze Mbutabe

    This shit go HARD ASF!

  49. Nae Nae


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  51. Matthew Long


  52. Demitria Salas

    Still sound good

  53. Lvce Up

    March 2019 anyone?

  54. Da'Esha Davis

    Still listen💓💓💓💓

  55. RoyalJavier 1

    This didn’t blow up like it was supposed to

  56. Joshua Jones

    🔥 🔥 🔥 2019

  57. Rose Gold

    “Let the last nigga flip her taxes n brought that money back slow” 😂😂 I bet this one hurt a few mfs in the comment section 😂😂😂

  58. C money M money MONEY Game


  59. Jeremiah Wilcox

    Ain't Heard Of K Camp Since "Cut Her Off" She Must've Been His Manager 😂

    Nah I'm playing good song 😂💯🤘🏾

  60. James B

    Since 1Hunnid ft. Fetty Wap💯
    I fucs wit K, Ooo, Snap!!! Cut dat Bitch Off ft. 2 Chainz

  61. Keyna Smith

    Word up racks like this

  62. Kiara Baker

    Bih I got mo money dan yo man

  63. Chancen Bateman

    This is a vibe


    Shit so hard #Bagg

  65. Lul Baby

    This video cutee😍😍

  66. Chekeyla Taylor

    This that flex in yo ass type music .. yeah bitch racks like this he wouldn't wanna turn his back on this yeah fuck that nigga u ain't got no flavor back up bitch 🤣🤣😝💯🤙🤷🏾‍♀️

  67. Greg Brown

    Hot af! Cash Clay Beats bodied this track......

  68. Janiyah West

    Who just laughed so hard when that old lady said wtf😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 only me......okay

  69. 2fuckks 2

    Wut da fuak lmao

  70. dash music

    Dis DAT funk😎

  71. Rico Johnson

    I fuks wit Holmes shit ♨


    K camp ride like f&k

  73. Archie Brown

    I loved you


    Treywayyy gang

  75. HoodieVello



    Bangers 🔥

  77. Joseph Castillo

    here for moneybagg yo

  78. K Camp



    This song came out when I found out my girl was in a whole new relationship while I was with her.

  80. Lady Misunderstood

    Slum Lord bae!!!!!!

  81. eNvision Beatz

    respect the come up homie

  82. Lucian Soul

    *I was here when the song came out im just here bc i forgot to comment*

    *edit: this song still good too*

  83. Blacc Diamond

    The ending was funny af

  84. Tynasia Davidson

    Moneybag yoo🤤😍

  85. Demi

    It's official, I've joined the Kamp❤





  88. Alfaria Cokley

    me rack like this back up moneybagyo

  89. He_Buck

    I miss old kamp

  90. James Poss

    "Imma flex on purpose" 😎
    I love that part yo

  91. jerin browder

    I gotta give it to em... This has to be moneybagg's most CORNIEST verse ever smh😭😭😭

  92. Karen Lee

    I love me some fucking camp

  93. Max-Millian Nemushi

    Batman rich*

  94. Carolina Howard

    Underrated ❕But $Till Greatness In the Working 💎🎶📶
    🗣u think 🤔 u deserve iT 🏦