K Camp - Make A Wish Lyrics

[Hook: x4]
You're lookin at a star, make a wish
Top down, ridin with yo bitch
Money on me, that's a zip
Nigga hate but it don't mean shit

[Verse 1:]
Top down, ridin with yo bitch
Big in the city, no crib
I'm all in her mouth like spit
You know a nigga Will, I'm like Smith
Come for that Henny, understanding
Fly like a hot new wheel
Get more neck than a bill
Independent crown, what's the deal?
Open that thing like a letter
Tuck mo cash than the teller
The bitch steady bustin like berettas
In that cut, bad boy know better
And the kush got a nigga paranoid
Steady lookin out for the boys
Nigga this a hit, no Floyd
Ya'll niggas ain't makin no noise

[Hook: x4]
You're lookin at a star, make a wish
Top down, ridin with yo bitch
Money on me, that's a zip
Nigga hate but it don't mean shit

[Verse 2:]
Hate but it don't mean shit
Nigga I ain't worried bout you
I'm the new thing or the same
I should be worried bout who?
This shit started as a dream
Now a nigga hot like soup
Aye nigga what you mean?
Play that thing a holiday like true
Fuck it boy I'm livin it
I need a couple days, I'll be out here
She heard I'm too cool like Snoop
And the bitch wanna drop it like it's hot
Boy I be everything that you're not
See yo bitch getting lower than the squad
Girl you know you fuckin with a winner
The price going up like stocks

[Hook: x4]
You're lookin at a star, make a wish
Top down, ridin with yo bitch
Money on me, that's a zip
Nigga hate but it don't mean shit

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K Camp Make A Wish Comments
  1. Shawn Randolph

    Wack ASS rapper in Birmingham stole your song and they play it on the radio

  2. Reckless Nation

    I like this nigga style tho

  3. Ebony Allen

    this shit go hard

  4. Macy Dixon


  5. •mama Bear•

    its fire when that beat drop


    u can hate but it don't mean shit

  7. yvng.joint

    hes underrated🔥🔥

    - Madden Gaming -

    yvng.joint facts

  8. jamie smith

    K camp the shit

  9. memo gutierrez

    hold it down

  10. Bruce Brown

    oop whooop thats right mine awhoooo

  11. Jay Money

    K camp got the best turn up songs!

  12. Louie Bu'shea

    I'm not knocking K Camp

  13. Louie Bu'shea

    He kool but not the realist ever that is a very uneducated comment but I'm knocking him.

  14. Dominic Jenkins

    Finally I found did song I didn't know what it was

  15. Ezekiel Chambers

    This my song turn up

  16. Zederick Bagley

    Why all the good rappers like rich homie quan and k camp don't look like nun lol ugly ass folks bye

  17. Zederick Bagley

    Mad at this fucking phone

  18. Zederick Bagley

    This phone so slow damn

  19. Zederick Bagley

    Amen lol that's bar theew

  20. R.N.O Entertainment


  21. Nikki Tay

    realest nigga ever

  22. Vvltvre

    This shit sounds so much better in a car stereo. Well costom of course  

  23. Aliscia Bell

    mann k camp dope on dis shit

  24. J.E. Elysee

    best song he ever wrote

  25. holly Henry

    K camp killed this song

  26. holly Henry

    K camp the best

  27. Dearrah Sanders

    this junt  go  hard or nahh

  28. Little Money

    Lil nigga go hard, I can dig"it....

  29. Alisha Pratt Chase

    I jam this track everyday to work. What you no about that :)

  30. Mariah Parks

    MAKE A WISH love this song

  31. K.R.I.T 4eva

    Big in the city no K.R.I.T.

  32. Quaj

    Drop it lower than a squat...ouch!. I love it!!!


    Love the "yeah yeah's" and the "no no's" whoooooo!!!!

  34. Jazzy Campbell

    This is my song. The beat. Yess

  35. Lisa Jean

    I love Kcamp honestly

  36. cam toma

    this song is hard kaah

  37. Kanaja Taylor

    You looking at a 🌟 make a wish

  38. Sonnie Johnson

    My new shit,..,

  39. Kristopher Reed

    K camp my nigga

  40. Kush Patel

    When does the instrumental for this come out?

  41. Indian Dior


  42. Awak333

    This shit goes off!

  43. BigPimpin91

    Anyone know where the NODJ version is?

  44. Dash Wavy

    DMV we hip. Well I am can't speak for everybody

  45. Lucas Ragagnin

    Fuck In Musiiiiiic

  46. Tyler Wells


  47. Elisha Branton

    Aye k camp makin wishes come true. Dis bumpin