K Camp - Damn Right Lyrics

Ima keep it a thousand
Its been a good year
But I feel like next year will be better
For you (Dramatic), and for us

I can see the money coming with my eyes close (Damn Right)
When comes to that grind nigga anythang goes (I know u feel me Damn Right)
I'ma always get that dough (Damn Right)
I'm trying get it back you know (Damn Right)
I'm worth a Mil on the low (Damn Right)
I can feel it boy I'm close (Damn Right)

Ok it started with a nigga that just had them hoop dreams
Then I fell in love with music I was only 13
Grab the mic started flowing plenty doubted I kept going
Plenty years in that booth perfecting craft I had to show em
While y'all sleeping I was working all night getting it in
Mama looking at me crazy cuz I failed a class again
Couldn't work a 9 to 5 cuz that shit ain't for me
In my head had vision one day I'll be on TV
Putting on for side but I knew I had to grind
It ain't happen overnight man this shit took sometime
Stayed focus had a dream then I hit them billboards
And I'm only getting started I gotta plan nigga what's yours

I can see the money coming with my eyes close (Damn Right)
When comes to that grind nigga anythang goes (I know u feel me Damn Right)
I'ma always get that dough (Damn Right)
I'm trying get it back you know (Damn Right)
I'm worth a Mil on the low (Damn Right)
I can feel it boy I'm close (Damn Right)

I got the world in my hands I control the show
See that money I done seen that shit come and go
With these bitches they gone love yo ass until u broke
That's why the only thang she get from me is that good stroke
Love will get you killed I'm cold inside just like a freezer
I outwork these niggas I earn my spot just like a cheetah and
Yo ho gone let me slide through don't need no visa
First they hated then I turned they asses to believers
Damn in due time(in due time) I'll be fine(I'm good)
Tell'em ketchup(Ketchup lil nigga) I ain't talking Heinz(Oh no)
Them hating niggas we don't see those
I get high just to balance lows I'm in control so u know

I can see the money coming with my eyes close (Damn Right)
When comes to that grind nigga anythang goes (I know u feel me Damn Right)
I'ma always get that dough (Damn Right)
I'm trying get it back you know (Damn Right)
I'm worth a Mil on the low (Damn Right)
I can feel it boy I'm close (Damn Right)

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K Camp Damn Right Comments
  1. Breee Williams

    This Song Bring Tears to my Eyes 😭💯 All Facts

  2. HBM PhattyB

    2020 anybody?👀👁👀

  3. Dallas Anderson

    We still hur 2019 DAMN RIGHT 🔥💥

  4. NiggER Man Fucker

    Sounds real nice in my z71 Tahoe

  5. Octavius Williams

    Damn right

  6. wykeitha godwin

    Damn right 2019

  7. Antonio Scott

    Only a mil views smh classic👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  8. Kara Butler

    😘😘😘 love K camp

  9. Levi Martin

    Who still here 2019

  10. Lederrick Cotton

    Man Camp and Hommie,Thugga had the Game on lock miss them li few years they was Great Migos was on the Rise then damn times flys

  11. Dtoianjae Maxwell

    I slept in a tent with my boyfriend how you feel


    2019 When it comes to that money anything goes Damn Right 🎯🕟🏌️‍♂️ No Cap

  13. 1deep 4eva

    Im cold inside jus like a freezer .. '19💪🏼

  14. Dtoianjae Maxwell

    Damn right

  15. Patrick Gray


  16. John Oshae

    🔥🔥 2019

  17. Lynell Stephens


  18. Jesse Smith

    everybody switching up sides get that lil money and act completey different wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jesse Smith

    grind over shine baby boy

  20. Jesse Smith

    FActs I Sleep Wit My Eyes Open and Open My eyes when i Sleep let that sink in

  21. Jesse Smith

    They say slim you think them niggas you wit is really with you and i say dam right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can relate to this so much .

  23. Santura Zapata

    5 years 🤧

  24. Terrence Howard

    Player haters, we don’t see those,
    I see money with my eyes closed...
    2019, still bumping...

  25. Travis Bell

    2019 shii🔥🔥

  26. Cody Ford

    2019 still bumpin some old k camp 🔥

  27. Oliver Adrianna

    Still bumping in 2018!!! 🗣️🗣️✌🏽✌🏽 Motivation Song!!! STG!!!!

    YuNgC OTE

    Oliver Adrianna still bumping #2019

  28. J Drakeford

    2018 DAM RIGHT ❗

  29. Jackie B

    2018 still listening 💯💯 DAMN RIGHTTT 🤑

  30. 2wenty 6ixx

    Still My Mf Shit Nbs 2018

  31. Jordan Mitchell


  32. Chandra Crosby

    Keep it grind dude

  33. D Ramirez


  34. MaNdA BayBay

    I stay chasing a check♡♡$$$ priorities before privilege. ☆☆Damn right! !!!¡¡¡

  35. The Real ThrillzGotBeats

    I work a 13 hr shift... Every Friday- Sunday. Come home sleep a few. Hit The club and dj my set. Back to work for another shift. Monday-Thursday. Im in my graphics studios grinding all day. Im still playing this for motivation.

  36. XTake DatL

    When it come to that grind nigga anything goe's salute

  37. La'Cora La'Cora


  38. Papi Faded

    Keeping me focused. Been dropping 2 EPKs a month. Straight fire.

  39. Keith ke-locc Allen

    2017 and I still sell weed 24/7 to this just now I own a shop god works 🙏🏼

  40. pablo pacheco

    fire as shit

  41. JERZ_05 Dietsch

    I can see the money come Wit my eyes closed #DamnRight

  42. Donna Robertson

    Babyboy plz don't let me down... I'll be alright I always am.... It's still all unblevable... Fairy tales aren't real. But then again my c b handle was Cinderella.. Oh lord

  43. Brittany Beadle

    song kept me motivated from rock bottom heroin addiction at 17 got out the shit And now im 21 own a business and this song keeps me driving every day stg crazy how music can impact a life

    Brian Woods

    stay strong ma

  44. lece small

    One way another I'm going get the dough 💲💯 😏

  45. K Nicole

    They beytches

  46. Kalob A

    when it comes to that grind anything goes damn right

  47. Nathaniel Clark

    his best song

  48. Calvin Wash

    this shit is different but I like it though

  49. Joshuah Lewiz

    damn right !!!!!!!!

  50. dolton kenway

    wwow assassins creed 2 sample

  51. LIL ESSIE10120

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee godblesss mann

  52. LIL ESSIE10120

    everyone subbbbbb to my channel please love all yalll

  53. C bert

    this shit forever ridin!

  54. TruVizionaree

    Still my shit in 2017, damn right 😎💪🏾

  55. Keith Nevels

    get money

  56. bling money g

    am sad some some time

  57. bling money g

    my life is good some times

  58. bling money g

    I love a lot of hip hop bitches!!  so if ya hearing this raping is my fucking name Eminem hip hop[ out

  59. jay ross


  60. Kristy Lynn

    I love his voice

  61. Deshanda Henderson

    keeps me motivated finna be a senior with two jobs and a lil brother to provide for tryna get it

    Henry Cummings

    Deshanda Henderson........ I got mad respect for you on this..

    Darell Woods

    U gone b big...webbie voice

    Mr.Tamir Williams

    Stay motivated keep us head up

    Money mike Slick will

    Hope u made it out the struggle

    Rhonda Neal

    Deshanda Henderson same here I feel it keep grinding boo

  62. Destinee Smith

    when he say "damnn right" omg 😍


    That’s the whole song

  63. Jose Ortiz

    I get high to balance lows thats how I felt my whole life.keep doing you camp , damn Right.......

  64. Jeremy Barela

    still my work song

  65. Jasamine Sheppard

    muah 👑'Camp

  66. Precyous Thomas

    this is slapps

  67. Ray Miller

    Gettin money

  68. YSENTYoungScrilla

    Tht damn rt by K camp I fuks wt it 100!! Keep doing ur thang Homie!! @Young Scrilla

  69. terrie flemming


  70. Mickayla Russ

    Lol he said he ain't talkin Heinz.

  71. Trill Trapp

    dat knocc

    Unique Howard

    Unique loveyou

  72. ericeighteen

    "Tell'em catch up... and I ain't talkin Heinz"

  73. Cael Greene

    I'm always gonna keep that dougho

  74. Noah McCall

    Turn up

  75. Noah McCall

    I can see the money coming with my eyes closed

    Litty Carolina

    Noah McCall Damn right

  76. GaNgStANy716

    Fireee camp killd it!!!

  77. Kris. DeVault

    i can see the money coming with my eyes closed! #damnright (K. Camp is one amazing rapper! i have mad respect for him!)

  78. Ohmy Dawg

    kamp the fucking boss

  79. mikayla fountain

    Cut her off

  80. ItsjustchrisNBD

    DAMN RIGHT. I listened to Money Baby first and thought damn bro, another sell out. Then I came across this. Damn right, this is real shit. He used those hype tracks to hype him self up. Damn right, smart man right here. 

    Zayna Watson

    JRig11 love you too much baby

    Zayna Watson

    Lol you have a friend to me and my best friend .

    Zayna Watson

    I love you so much. Are you working this is your favourite Zayna Watson

  81. angela johnson

    i love this songs............

  82. Luck Burns

    Neva thought I would get on his music but he real asf...

  83. Stanley Bates, Jr.


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    my nigga snap the truth on this

  85. Pretty Re'

    Yasss Bishh , This The Thangg 3 Love It #DamnRighhht

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    this shit go hard! Inspiration