K Camp - Blessing Lyrics

K camp
Link up
I'm gone sing to your girlfriend cause she like it
Okay now baby girl you know exactly what's going on
Still searching for what you can't find and oh it's been so long
Whoaa ohh oh

But you ain't got to tell nobody
I know what you feel inside
Come ride like a Maserati
I can be your man on the side

Yeah I love when your body on top of me
When I'm deep inside no stopping me
I'm a hit it so good you'll be proud of me
We can do what you want but don't lie to me

Want you to know you're a
Blessing [x6]
Yeah baby girl you're a
Blessing [x6]
Want you to know that you are a
Blessing [x6]
Yeah baby girl your a
Blessing [x6]

The way you walk you got it
The way you talk you got it
The way you smile you got it
And you don't take shit from nobody

I know you a bad little chick that I met right around the way
I see your mind want you to leave, but your heart telling you to stay

You ain't got to cry no more, you ain't got you cry no more
I ain't telling you I'm perfect but for you I'll go to war (yeah)
So Let me know now, tell me how you feel
Cause whatever you don't do, another women will (true)
But don't get me wrong, don't think I'm forcing you, no
You know how it go we can take shit slow

Want you to know that you're a
Blessing [x6]
Yeah baby girl you're a
Blessing [x6]
Want you to know that you are a
Blessing [x6]
Yeah baby girl your a
Blessing [x6]

The way you walk you got it
The way you talk you got it
The way you smile you got it
And you don't take shit from nobody

No [x6]
No [x6]
No [x6]
No [x6]
Nooobody, nobody, I just got to say you a blessing

K Camp
Turn up, ohh

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K Camp Blessing Comments
  1. Amauria

    I made my ugly flipagrams and Lomotifs to this song🤧

  2. muffin gang ayye


  3. Calli Moore

    it’s so sad is it real

  4. Anthony Coe

    I love this song!!!its forever in my heart ❤️💯💯💯

  5. Anthony Stokes

    keep on drooping these songs I'm your big fan

  6. 我々だ大好きゆうくん


  7. Say Less

    You ain't gotta cry no more😥aint telling you I'm perfect but for you I go to WAR!

  8. Just Die

    is dat bich died from falling?

  9. The cringe

    Everyone now :


  10. bxbyyy_Keyshia76 Johnson


  11. Makayla Monroe

    This so sad but it make you won't to dance when you hear him 🙏🏻🙏🏾

  12. bxbyyy_Keyshia76 Johnson


  13. bxbyyy_Keyshia76 Johnson

    I Love your voice 😍💕

  14. bxbyyy_Keyshia76 Johnson

    Who is still bumping this in 2020??

  15. Maggie Boan

    Love this song

  16. Priscilla Rodriquez

    This song still has me weak when I hear it 🥰

  17. Dajour Livingston22

    Damn dude killed her.

    Teeto Finesse

    Dajour Livingston22 merch that was real

  18. Mac Malone

    2020 anyone

  19. Marcos Valentin

    It’s 2020 who’s still listening 👂🏾 to this ??? 😍🥰😇

  20. Zamarea watts

    If y’all realized that it said January 1994- July 2004

  21. qt. wxirdo

    Three months later this came out my dad died.

  22. Shabss

    Heard this ages ago. Then Netflix brought me here

  23. Whitney Forney

    Still listing in 2020. 😍❤️

  24. Bridget Alias

    Bumping in 2020?????

  25. ItsJustErickA A

    I love this song when I was younger Now I’m older and I realize the meaning of the song

  26. ItsJustErickA A

    This was my shit 5 years ago

  27. Tresha Burgess

    Yum eatthemup yum eatthemup blessings

  28. Okearan Henderson

    First 2020 comment💖

  29. andrew griffith

    I wish she knew how much of a blessing she was to me, I should have returned the favor/:

  30. Eric Douglas


  31. Jarryd Hayne

    2020 anyone?

  32. patricia fuentes

    Who still watching in 2020 lol

  33. Amit Brahma


  34. Chris Starnes

    This is cj your song is sad 💔

  35. Ahnayah Brewer

    this is my favorite ❤️

  36. rayvon norman

    Any 2020 people in here 🗣

  37. John Mora

    See u woman need to appreciate a guy who would treat ya good. Instead chasing ones treat ya like garbage to much chess games

  38. its MK

    Who is listing to this in 2020😌🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Riyah Garrett

    Zen says hi me to

  39. Gina Jones

    My baby is my blessing..
    Dont know where I'd be if he wasn't there..

  40. Renee James

    Ayee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Glizzy Martinez

    2020 anyone????🤔

    Kerry Stennis

    Hell yeah right now I'm bumping it ‼️

    jamea williams


  42. honeyswagkissess

    love you so much

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    Who still play this 2020 😍

  44. Hannah Mitchell

    This my new song! X

  45. Joyce Clark

    It is 202

  46. THEYSAY Nae

    just such a beautiful song

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    2020 anyone ?🔥

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    2020 anyone?

  49. shorty._dee

    who here in 2020 ?

  50. Johnna Holcomb

    Sorry 2020 but i still love it

  51. Y.K. CoLdy

    So you telling me that little fall down the stairs killed her🤣

    Niah Capers

    coldy she hit her head

  52. Dorothy Harden


  53. Matthew Rock

    They way you walk you got it.🙏❤🔥💯✊👊👍☝

  54. Delizah Martinez

    2020 n still bumping this

  55. tracy davis

    boy i love you so much in my life so you can't talk

  56. Tresha Burgess

    Happy new year's

  57. Tresha Burgess


  58. Tresha Burgess

    Yum eatthemup


    I'm his blessing

  60. J Dixon

    Bout to hit 2020 still bumpin

  61. Davion Agee

    Yassss kcamp

  62. Yolanda Lopez liera

    Did she die

  63. Kamora Byther

    who else felt that when she hit her head on the rail


    2019 or 2020?

  65. Aesthetic Cece

    3rd fav K camp song !🖤🖤💜💜💔💗

  66. Elegant Pharoah

    *So k camp girl got killed?*

  67. lindzzz xo

    ''Nah you ain't gotta tell nobody I know what you feel inside'' this one right hereee

  68. ali Ambriz

    Will never get old.💯🔥

  69. kountri boy Gaming

    She look good in the clothes

  70. alonso torres

    2020 anybody ? Going on till the lights give out 🔊

  71. Moo. Ly

    Awe I miss this song

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    I luv this Song more than any other K camp song who else

  73. Dalonte Stanfield

    This shit bang it a blessing to here good real music

  74. Natasha Cotton

    This is so underrated 😩

  75. Deanna Bailey

    That was sad when that girl Died

  76. teebdolo

    dude got some good songs I like. been sleeping on em

  77. Kamarri James

    everytime i listento this song i cry

  78. Serenati Hightower


  79. Chrissie Vigil

    This song though!!! 💞2019

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    start @0:15

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    🚀🚀still 🔥

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    I wonder if this song was about his girl that would b fuked up

  84. tequanna hudson

    Mann " Tuition Paid in Full" tearsss

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    Love this song k camp period 😝🤞🏻💯

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    quality music LD

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    Almost 2k20 and I’m still in love with this song 🗣

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  89. Live The Dream

    December 2019
    If u see this i want you to know you're a *Blessing×6*

  90. Family Of six

    I feel bad

  91. Rachel Lynn

    My ex made this Song about me , he knows i have a bf but me snf that ex are still close cause we grew up together but my bf know i wont switch up on him cause we been together for almost 2 yrs and he in jail and im still with my bf but my bf know im not giving up my childhood friend cause he Want me to

    Rachel Lynn

    And my ex know how i am and the only reason we ex cause he moved to his mom House out of town but ik he still got my back of sum even goes wrong

    Rachel Lynn

    Even my 1st ex to

  92. Zay Martin

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