Juvenile - What's Happenin' Lyrics

[Juvenile talking]
Whats up everybody
This your boy Juve The Great
Right here with my people sinister
And we about to take y'all back to the old school
That old school gangster shit
Check this shit out

We the only ones with work in the middle of the drought
then them niggaz round the corner come and see what we about
But we don't know they face so we don't want them by the house
But Skipper started bustin when he saw them pullin out
We did them niggaz dirty for fuckin up our vibe
We packed up all our shit and moved it to the other side
Visited our spot this girl was on my dick
She said I love you Juvenile but you know you the shit
I grabbed on my glock its where the fools hang out
I'm only tryin to hustle another change route
But they ain't gettin nothin if I ain't on beam
I'ma leave them niggaz sufferin to find they own things
Workin with plenty for talkin 'bout hoes
I don't give them a penny, they comin out they clothes
Grabbin on my jimmy to see if nigga swole
Have to get it right with this big 'ol totem pole

Yes I'm thuggin Yes I'm clubbin
I ain't trippin on you look bitch I'm buzzin
Hoes and niggaz I'm not lovin
Fuck what you gettin if I ain't got nothin
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin
What's happenin, what's happenin, what's happenin with that

We pull up in front the club and my rims was lookin nice
The subwoofers bumpin, I need it in my life
We had a couple of fellas was stuntin with they eyes
We jump out of the Lexus and got they mind right
See I ain't gotta rep cause they know I got chains
You can catch me in that ? boy, that money green thang
Get a fish and shrimp po' boy and go sit on St. James
I'm a playa like my ole boy thats where I get game
Goes start passin cause they want me to see 'em
Ain't givin no action if they want some per diem
I keep a soldier rag from the A.M. to the P.M
My heater in my lap lookin great up in the B-M
I know them niggaz watchin cause they know that I'm buck
But they can catch a hot one for fuckin with a thug
Nothin was poppin so we went in the club
All the hoes started jockin cause they knew who we was


The owner wasn't trippin, he let a nigga in an
The place was jumpin and the hoes was grinnin
Not at us though it was at the other women
Some was butterscotch some yellow like lemon
Had a couple of foul ones chicken and pigeons
Some was kinda fine but them bitches didnt listen
Told them meet us outside and hoes got missin
Put it in reverse and went back for more women
Everybody's rollin and you can really see it
Look at how they scopin for somebody to be with
I ain't on shit and Ive been G'in since the 80's
Ain't about goin somewhere probably then "Beat It"
You already knowin the way that I'm rockin
if you anin goin then ain't nothin poppin
Now I'm about to leave cause these niggaz eavesdroppin
I got my heater on me now an I don't have to cock it


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Juvenile What's Happenin' Comments
  1. Yo Gotti Cmg

    This still hot in 2020🔥♨️ Like If Think So!!! 🤔

  2. Calvin Cameron

    Juves best body of work IMO especially right after katrina.

  3. Bünyamin GÜLTEKİN

    year 2020 play [►]

  4. exxon landers


  5. Anthony Wilcox

    What up

  6. Adam Sullivan

    Shits beats harder than Jehovah's witnesses at ur door.

  7. Michelle Bergeron

    Amanda Bergeron this is another good one... you know this throw back?

  8. Jeff Brooks

    Juve Da Great!

  9. blackjackjutty

    Juvey fell off back on back off slack off light bulb straight thuggin

  10. DaBlack SuperMan

    He sounds like a fucking robot but niggaz really think he jamming is the funny part

  11. Billy Mathias Norwood

    Louisiana baby! Never gets old!$$$$

  12. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyy juvenile how's things hope yr good handsome Yeahhh wts happens wts up wt ya jury fr real yr the mf*uckking shits allways poping that's shits bustit it up mking thats realest paper getting it done everytimes mking them dollars meets handling them street's wt them supppers hottss firrrirerr lyrics im so lovigggit jury yr too baddd sexxiy hotts finnee self jury keeps mking them hotts firrrier jamms yr the realest badesest evrrrtimes so lovigggit the realest G thats jury $$$!,

  13. NYG_DiBiasE

    The bass be knocking this my shit

  14. Brandon Climer

    2019 and this shit still shakin shit on walls when it breeze by people's cribs on some 12s and better. Bring these type rappers back to prominence and blacklist all these lil turds tryin to play the part

  15. Alex Pena

    this is still 🔥 in 2019 ... who with me ?

    Charles Adams

    Just wake me up

    Monique Green

    Alex Pena I’m wit cha!

    Yacan Son of Israel

    TEC's "White flag" brought me back to the original 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    DJ Blur

    1 of my fav songs

  16. Joseph Senegal

    Juvie the great

  17. CALICOTV301

    Classic sir mix a lot "posse on Broadway" flow e40 also used this flow on "balling with my homie"

  18. donald harris


  19. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyy juvenile how's things hope yr good handsome and all is well yesss jury yuus fr shows the shits yuu definitely gott to gett out there and mks its work fr greater a lazy man can't nevrrr eat its allways about mking that paper fr mking that best life livings thats the real life happpens jury kerps being about getting yrs nevrrr give up thats better situation fr getting its done evrrtimes gott to keeps mking it happpens so lovinggit jury yuus the man fr shows!!,

    John David

    Salone Onwuachi iam hard working man lets hook up

    Salone Onwuachi

    Wts John Davis really are yuu serious hook up im sorry i can't i have a man butt thanks fr invite fella enjoy yr day John!!,

  20. Nia Perkins

    Yessssß workout be on... 💪🏾

  21. digital prob

    I like that juvenile

  22. Da Sweet Spot

    2019 like a mf

  23. Salone Onwuachi

    Wowww this the jamms that's jury what's happens kws thats right gotts to bes getting it hustleing busssit up that cash flow so lovingggit$$$!!,

  24. Janet Tas ylor

    I like tht beat

  25. Yoshiyahu Yisrael

    Sir mix alot flow. My posse on broadway

  26. Patrick McMillian

    I'm an Elk.Bitches.

  27. Franchise Florida

    When men wasnt walking around wit purses...


    Florida lmao and wearin dresses

  28. 83s Baby

    Im thinking back when i was in my teen years i use 2 wang dat song on my olds 98 elite i was wanging in that bitch sick with it

  29. Mundy Mondy


  30. Ferreira Mike

    2019 at Brasil, Hug !!

  31. BigBeauf _____

    Why is it called Po'Boys?

    Terry Wright

    Because the first poboys were made with french fries on french bread for people that had little money and could not afford a "all that jazz".

    BigBeauf _____

    Terry Wright All that jazz?

    Shawn Magra


  32. Tony Bradley

    Fuck what u got if i ain't got nothing

  33. Tony Bradley

    This that stepper beat,y'all don't want none

  34. Dailesia Walker


    Someone tell Soulja boy everyone does it.

    Same flow

  35. John Brown

    Juvenile this is my song

  36. Crystal Malveaux

    Louisiana listning in 2018

    Kimberly Johnson

    2019 STILL LISTENING🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    We don't know they face so we dont want them by the house....and i still keep a soldia rag from the am to the pm!!!


    I used to love this song!!! Throwback ♡ the best

  39. BigBeauf _____

    Shrimp PoBoys are good.

  40. Jarrett Henderson

    204 people mama a ho

  41. Johnny Revels

    I’m from NC but I love the life style in Louisiana

  42. russellclayton Clayton

    Russs 👌👩👨👌💦

  43. ᏕᏋᎷᎥᏂ

    35 V 3481 :)

  44. Demond Smith

    The industry hate real rappers they so Hollywood

  45. Mike Stoltz

    Keep a soldier rag from the AM to the PM.

  46. Barış ÖzdemirSPEC

    35 V 3481 ;))

  47. Johnny Martinez

    My posses on broadway flow

  48. FortniteMobile

    Always herd this song in my truck while I played call of duty black ops on his TV in his truck, good old days

  49. David A AFG TILL I DIE!!

    Juvenile still the best!!

  50. Bac Hand

    Get fish & shrimp po'boy and sit on st. James


    Ima playa like my old boy that's where I get game

  51. kenneth francis

    Still bangin july 18'

  52. jeffery price

    Still a club banger

  53. whodat Nola

    The last verse he kill it

  54. Ricky Potter

    Posse on Broadway was the bedrock

  55. Hiei Absent

    2018 and still fire!

  56. Quanda Jones

    #2018 this still my SHIT

    Shawn Magra


  57. mopar man

    Sir mix a lot rip off beat and flow 👎

  58. Charisha Hubert

    That's what's Up!!!😘

  59. karin

    we the only ones working in da middle of the drought 🎶

  60. Lucious Threats III


  61. Choostill Cole

    Already.juve my nigga.Choo D-TOWN......

  62. George Dees

    Shit is fire it should have been released as one of his single

  63. Dee Richardson

    this shit came out when I was 7 now I'm 18 still bumpin this

    BigBeauf _____

    Dee Richardson And your parents let you listen to this song?

    ToTheTrue YAH

    I'm 27 years and I'm still listen to old school hip hop.

  64. cj jorge

    He borrowed this style from Sir Mix A Lot my Posse's on Broadway

  65. TrillYung King

    guitar strings are mesmerizing af

  66. 1 Family

    My posse on broadwsy is still a banga str8 gangsta

  67. Young Twins

    So clean

  68. Young Twins

    What's happening with that

  69. Young Twins

    so money

  70. Silent Spatter

    We the only ones that work in the middle of a drought 🍄💊💉🚬

    Whistle Teets


    Chronic killz

    They're coming around the block to see what we about.

    Jason Austin SR

    Tec from baton rouge spider nation took that shit DAM!!! The song called white flag

    James Kitt


  71. Black God Larro

    why he sound like a long dick in his throat

  72. Chapo. Jr

    goddamn !!..what this track make me vibes..

  73. metalhead78

    That bass

  74. J Nady

    Love that shit

  75. nainai ASMR

    what's happenin.. goes hard!!!!!#loveit

  76. vwa 98

    this song's about selling drugs and then going to the club.

  77. Bossedupp.b

    juvenile smart asf ... go listen to sirmixalot - posse on broadway


    that song is fire

    LO Network

    U jus realizing that

  78. karim bundy

    still listen to 2017

  79. Brett Y.

    What happen to good music like this shit? Was Happen Wit that.

    James Kitt

    I blame NBA pussies

  80. Elijah Kelley

    Whats Up Whats Happening by Rapp Artist T.I and What's Happenin by Rapp Artist Juvenile......Seek Game

  81. corey smith

    real nigga shit juv on point💪

  82. FlavorousWhale

    this remind me of posse on broadway

  83. Mike Ortiz

    2017 what's happening!

  84. Alicia Martin

    f***k what u gettin if I ain't got nothing.
    real talk😎👌

    Black God Larro

    Alicia Martin stfu nigga

  85. Brinson Fields

    ride to this & smoke

  86. Chris Salley

    2 mo ro people gonna b gud fuck tha rest !

  87. Chris Salley


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    I like this song

  89. Mike Jones

    you understand

    Eswill Deane

    yes tru whata happen