Juvenile - Power Lyrics

[Hook: Juvenile]
I'm from the hood and I represent (power)
J. prince, nigga, that's (power)
V-12 engine, that's (power)
Electric company, I need (power)
Satellite dish, bitch (power)
You can't charge up shit without (power)
You want to know what make the world spin? (power)
You're running low so nigga, plug in (power)

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
Power is muscle, there ain't too many niggas with it
Money on my mind, I swear I wear it like a fitted
I'm pouring out my heart to be that nigga in the city
Homies in the hood already saying I done did it
Power's what I got, I show it off cause I could
Field goal kicker, motherfuckers, I'm good
The drop's got a v-12 in it, it go bbrrrrr
And the bitches be like, "uhhhhh"
I'm no quitter
I could get a nigga knocked off sitting on the shitter
I wake up in the morning and I call shots
I ain't trying to buy a car, I want the car lot
I'm in a whole nother tax bracket
Shop addict, a nigga got a saks habit
I talk money boy, take heed
They get the picture when I say cheese


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Power is something that you develop on the block
Pull up on a bad bitch sitting in a drop
Top down and a young nigga smelling like money
Coke cologne, now come and get a brick from me
Born in the ghetto, now a nigga in a mansion
Looking at my bezel and that motherfucker dancing
Power is something that get a nigga questions answered
Now these hoes so romantic
Look at me balling, we courtside at the game
Twenty for the ticket, 'nother hundred for the chain
Count money, money machines they going ccccccrrrrrrr
So that mean a nigga full
Nigga got to get it in the sun like a dog
Way before the watches, I'm the motherfucking boss
Money come with power and I think we got it mastered
Snatch the bird out the plastic


[Verse 3: Juvenile]
Power is respect, you gotta get it in the mud
Check the dna, see if it's really in the blood
Motherfuckers talking about me say I'm a thug
They figure since I'm balling up packets from the drugs
Niggas in the kitchen mixing dope like a chemist
They pray that I'mma lose it - that ain't in my religion
Boy, I drive birds down south like a pigeon
You ain't sitting on a hundred million, you ain't living
Smoking on kush, it's smelling like ass
I run through a quarter million like grass
Scarface, bitch - I'm feeling like brad
I'm a underground king like chad
I'm in the mansion with an opal model marilyn
She told me I was dope - no heroin
Power make a nigga show his arrogance
Let's break it down - bring the barrels in


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Juvenile Power Comments
  1. Christopher Drummond

    Out of jamaica power

  2. Feel The Steel TATT00&PIERCINGS

    WW3 brought me here.

  3. Taulimy Guillen

    I’m from the hood and I represent ...
    Juve the great

  4. fekstar127

    the gangbanger along with the state trooper . image slap failed for both... damm major industrie donkey selling trolls

  5. Mrs austin

    They pray that I’m lose it it ain’t in my religion

  6. Glenn Smith

    Ross&Ju need to do some more song together with MANNY FRESH as the beatmaster.👍😎

  7. Taulimy Guillen


  8. Gee Whiz

    Still gets play in my ride

  9. Alexjandro Avetis

    Nigerian iam motherfuckering Boss

  10. Taulimy Guillen

    U can’t tell judge shit with out ....

  11. Taulimy Guillen

    I put out my heart on the city niggas already say I did it 🔥



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  13. JetPak Jaw

    i'm from the Hood
    And i represent Power⚡🔌💡


    Juve!!!😎...2019...GO ROSS!!!

  15. Taulimy Guillen

    Juve still banging old school shit

  16. Sean Baechle

    This shit is STILL though... The fucking jam.

  17. 54gunna ike54

    2018 still bumping

  18. Kham Ando

    Love juvy


    J.Prince 💯👊✌


    Classic Juvi.👊💯

  21. techtee murphy


  22. God son

    Rick Ross Kill This Song He Make Any Song A Hit...☝

  23. Sharon McDowall

    Power...still a hit 2018!! Lets go

  24. Yaneidys Sevilla

    U can't tell the judge shit with out POWER!!!

  25. Everyone slept on this heat..J Prince = H Town TEXA$

  26. Queen Tiye

    I LOVE A Real Brotha like Juvenile that's keeping it REAL😎✌✊❤

  27. Curtis Amerson

    Came back hard

  28. Carolyn Prather

    J Prince that's Power

  29. Caglar Altay

    Power amk

  30. Rodney Wallace

    I mema this jam..

  31. Qemoii Davids

    still rocking this in 2017 straight out a Jamaica

    K. I. S. TV

    Me too, in the USA baby!

  32. DiamondGlittzz Beauty

    My shit☺️

  33. Jamal Williamson

    Juve the Great Rick Ross the Boss the great Mannie Fresh this song should have been bigger


    rick ross is a ex state trooper .

  34. Reginald Irish jr

    this may be just a rap song but it has a powerful message

  35. james bondero

    look like them TRU'S will rip some shit apart

  36. Larry Watson

    honestly this should have been a Radio hit

  37. BossPaper'd Up

    ain't it ironic the song called POWER but he got the word EMPIRE on the window

  38. Illuminati genius

    juve u still fire man stay up homie

  39. Paladin

    man come on juvy why you stoop this low to this cfrap style rap, 400 degress juvy


    whatchu talkin bout willis juve always spit fire. He is on point , never foget 400 degreez SON

  40. SMASHVILLE6217

    At first I thought this was gon be the theme song for the show Power

  41. Al King


  42. Bobby Horton

    counting money machines goin cluuuuuuuuuuugghhhhhhh

  43. Tyra Marie

    lookin good juve

    NewGeorgiaPeach 251

    Tyra Marie Yassss! lol

  44. Buridoughboy

    I'm here from Kai Greene 😎

    Fredy B

    +Buridoughboy same here bro. gotta' get this for my next gym visit.

    omega ahole

    +Fredy B same lol

    Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Late night session

  45. SurveTV

    Lol thats my pastor in the video pastor vaun haha

    Melvin BUGG JR

    what was his whole speech on heros and villains


    I don't even know bro! ima christian hip hop artist and one of my closes homeboys is signed to juvy label we all from Louisiana, told me to check out the new track and i seen the pastor at the church I was going to at the time,


    +Surve What a fucking hypocrite. The pastor of a Christian church in trap video that preaches hedonism and glorification of an infamous drug lord and fight promoter (J. Prince).
    Your pastor is straight up demonic.


    +CCCL350 call it what you want? all i know is after my first performance I haven't performed in Houston since!! fans love me here but I guess i called out to many things like this, so these preachers & Christian rapper event dont call no more word is I exposed to much of the fake and he is no longer a Pastor but I'm still dropping truth, it was just shocking to see him at the end.

  46. Denisia Jagan

    love dis song

  47. Darryl Waker

    This song go hard!

  48. Kern Trim

    rick ross came good on this beat

  49. Jay Jones

    This shit is 400 degreez. Juvenile to me,was da leader n best rapper out of hotboys, den Lil Wayne n so on.

    Twist windley

    Jay Jones facts


    Jay Jones nah cuh B.G. 1ST then so on

  50. RogerCobretti

    Rap-a-lot Records.  None better.  Juvenile goes off on this one.  57 motherfuckers need to stop listening to Eminem.

    Playa Champion is back

    more like they need to stop listening to Lil Wayne.

  51. mattrugg22

    Rick Ross crushes this

  52. twozoo caman


  53. twozoo caman

    under fucked and ecxused they did IT    im under  D      BLOCK   D

  54. Divine Goddess

    Don't get me wrong, this song is one of the hottest I have heard  in a long time, and I bump it everyday. Been a Juve fan since I was in high school.

  55. Divine Goddess

    Juve you held your own on this song. Rick Ross fucked up the song.I wanted to hear another verse from dat Man Juve! Juve is still the greatest!! Juve the Great!!!!!

  56. iller919

    No Idea to small no dream to big. Cliche to a fool but truth to a man who seeks wisdom. Wow!


    to sum it all up its "The Secret" that is being shared, look it up and learn the power of your thoughts

    Okami Amadeus

    @Julian Aparicio Indeed!

  57. ThatOneGuy

    Awww shit, it's Haystak!

  58. Jermaine Brown

    this my shit power real shit

  59. Bobby Washington

    That Shit Hot....

  60. Andrew Brooks

    Yo video is playa juve and Ross did their job shots out FAM its ambition

  61. Jermaine Brown

    this my shit power im buying the cd real shit

  62. faja harry

    ToSha still luvz her Juv-Ja King!!2sha

  63. nick lucaj

    I instantly have power when I listen to this!!!!!! great fuckin song, good shit juvi

  64. THEKEWLKID3311

    Shoulda had boosie & bun b

  65. matt robinson

    I want that car!!!!! got dem SWANNNGAAAAAASS boomtown baby

  66. IAmTheOne

    man i love how he flows. its so...DAMN.

  67. IAmTheOne

    please get back with mannie!!!

  68. Enzo GG Nostradamus

    my bro fresh

  69. Solomon Montgomery

    Fo sho Fo Sho. Hollygrove all day. Ya Hurd me!

  70. Slayton701

    J prince nigga that's , POWER
    Welcome to Houston's notorious
    5th ward . Where I guarantee yo bitch ass won't leave alive w.
    any kinda slick shit.

    Antoine Block


    Slayton701 well.... SCAR did bro

  71. killa season

    shit go hard af i agree juvenile dmx n mystikal hardest ogs in the game i think it would of been sicker if juve would of had dmx or mystikal on ths track cuz im like fuck rick ross

  72. CBWAVY

    This is actually an awesome song. I'm not a big Rick Ross fan but he added to this song nicely. Damn wish I knew about this song earlier.

  73. King Cake

    "Im no quitter,I can get a niggah knocked off sittin' on tha' shitter"-it's a RAP!!!Uptown all in the bldg.-Louisiana, Tx.,Miss., Ala., Ga. stand the fuck up!!!

  74. csmemarketing

    Juvenile still da BOSS!

  75. zar GRABAR

    Juvenile & DMX !!! 2 REAL KINGZ

  76. Bank Bank

    this song so good

  77. throwed0ffMex

    not a bad song.. but the "power" voice kinda fucks up the chorus... and Juvie please dont ever wear those stupid glasses again.. wear them G ass ones you wore in respect us, g-code days.

  78. James Bond

    same shit

  79. James Bond

    the nigga talking that shit sound like the devil wtf

  80. Kutin Boss


  81. Christopher Higgins

    Juvenile go HAM

  82. Yeehaw Juice

    he made cash money what it is him and the hot boyz

  83. koccimane

    i lis7en 7o 7his 7rack because of Juvenile! CMB forever fuck ymcmb!

  84. Laron Overton

    Real nigga since cashmoney


    Moe yo get my an power

  86. s0mey0ungj0nes

    If only Scarface could replace Rick Ross.

  87. Vicki K.

    This song go hard

  88. cohypaful

    Juve go hard...he the reason theirs a cashmoney anything ....cause 400 degrez still go hard...

  89. pitz4life74

    juvee went in on this ....!

  90. meatrean kyles

    I really love juv music u go harder than most

  91. TheRealtalk617

    No shit ! If you dont like it, dont listen to it. Go listen to Gospel !

  92. Detroit's story teller

    This shit so hard!!!

  93. NFC

    why the fuck did you view the video then you pink toe bitch?!!!