Juvenile - In My Life Lyrics

[Mannie Talking:]
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls
lil children, dogs and cats
right now, you are listening to the incredible drum patterns of
DJ Mannie Fresh


[Chorus (X2)]
Mannie: I'm a buy cars, I'm a get clothes, I'm a rock jewels,
I'm a fuck ho's, I'm a smoke weeds,
Got alot of drinks, steppin out, gators, coca-cola mink
Juvenile: I Need it in my life, I want it in my life
come put it in my life, I'm a keep it in my life

[Verse 1 (Juvenile)]
Its ya nigga Juve, from the magnolia, still loakin,
You ho's gon' know whats up with me
Bust the pussy open
Loose titty, loose booty,
round down and up,
if a gangsta can't touch it, what you bouncin it fo'
Now give me leway, watch how a G play
Watch how my name get caught up in the he and she say
Its UTP day, we with the streets may
They represent us when they hear us at the DJs
Break bread with me nigga, is ya mad with me
though we was beefin , your supposed to spend your cash with me
I'm in here last with me, hold me down, give me a whip, give me
a bitch and let her blow me down,
I'm so gutter, I'm so slick, i'm so grimey
I promise you something, I bet you gon find me
I'm a eat, purchase, whatever I please
CO, give me the keys, aww please, I need two of these

[Chorus (X1)]

[Verse 2 (Juvenile)]
I'm a be so courageous,
and so contagious,
Until my fucking rap sheets gonna recieve mo' pages,
Listen to Juve cuz this my year mon' (my year mon')
Invision I'm bout to kick it in here mon' (in here mon')
Don't you see the Soldiers and Bauds when I appear mon' (appear mon')
About being written on my face cuz I don't fear none (don't fear none)
Me and my team got a scheme to go light the block up,
Skip, Smoove put in work and wacko poppin the chopper
I Scream the "U" cuz I mean it,
the only difference is you be throwing your set up when you screamin
I Seen it, Man all of the obstacles that I been through,
what make you think i'm a be scared of a bitch like you,
I'm ya dog, let me get it all consign me,
you ain't paid them last people yet,
dog don't even remind me,
I gain knowlege, my game polished, and it is obvious
you can't block it, you can't knock it, this is profit

[Chorus (X1)]

[Verse 3 (Juvenile)]
Can I untape the clips and chill ?
Show my niggers its real,
Can my people shop in Beverly Hills,
I got alot of work I know thats gonna be ahead of me still,
But my peace mentality gon' keep me ahead in the field
Pardon me, but I got paper to chase,
Now cut thru the talking and bring me straight to the safe,
I know where the cameras at and I'm destroying the tape,
I'm not leaving no evidence for the forensics to trace,
I had a problem on my hand, a few bills I had been payin',
I figured about a lil'bit less than 75 grand,
and my dog Rocky, caught a nickel for a pistol,
Its serious when the federales comin' to get you,
Life is at a standstill, all change in this damn field,
What you say, can get you and ya mans killed,
This my last chance to come up, this gotta be it,
Juve comin up, the first round' lottery pick

[Chorus (X1)]

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Juvenile In My Life Comments
  1. trichome333

    Break bread with me
    Nigga is you mad at me
    I thought we was homies
    You supposed to spend your cash with me

    Juve always has some bros over hoes lyrics in his raps. Me and my boys practiced that shit to help each other make it.

  2. Deeton Charles

    This era raised me.

  3. Roger Garza

    N.O 2 S.A

  4. mike rene

    juve the great! anyone know what red jersey juvenile had on?

  5. Antonio Barbosa

    01:26 The director made a dumb choice with that camera angle, because Juve looks like a midget with his baggie shirt and relatively short arms.

  6. Casandra T

    2020 and I'm still on Juvie!

  7. James Murray

    Pardon me, but I got paper to chase.

  8. James Murray

    UTP for life!!!

  9. Julie Aikens

    In my life. The world health organization Tabacco treaty has all it needs ta do so . Yamean.
    Anyone get it...... tyendinaga... that's that one word it might not make sense right now..... I mean that

  10. Mister G

    Mannie Fresh and Juve, doesn't get any better than that!

  11. freddy ga

    RAP CITY THE BASEMENT BIG TIGGA DAYS!!! I was in grammar school when this came out!! Good times!!

  12. Koko Strong

    2020 still jamming dis Song...who else is?

  13. Peter

    Impossible to listen to old juvy when you were raised on the uncensored shit :(

  14. Panthera Onca

    I had to wait fo the beat to remember 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  15. Samora J.


  16. Ray Smith

    He reppin the Bills Ha

  17. Keisha Crawford

    Thats my baby!I❤u Juve!

  18. J Chr G

    I don't need you in my life

  19. Move Mother


  20. deidra greer

    Manny Fresh know he was cold on them Beats

  21. Will Collins

    Still in 2020 the shit that's out nowadays makes this kind of music sound better and better

  22. FLA SupaSavage

    Juvie why u got on that Fatboy jersey 🤣

  23. Humble Servant

    Who still bumpin this in 2020??

  24. cross7387

    If making a fire ass beat a crime. Mannie fresh,timbaland,dr dre all should be doing life without parole

  25. Pamela Silva

    Br aqui ta!

  26. David Gregory Dobson

    What’s up juvenile

  27. Sam Estrada

    To come from nothing to this ............ American dream

  28. Tarkia Lewis


  29. Sparado Ao

    I'll promise you something an I bet you won't find me haha

  30. treelo_the_first

    this is the most 2000s song i've ever heard



  32. Ali Khamis

    he is so cool, his music is dope, I been listening to this since I was teenager, now in my mid 30s, it still buzzes me up whenever I listen to his music, he rocks 😊☺

  33. Shemika Moore

    Damn Juve was sexy ASF

  34. Trap Moses

    Manny was a fool with them beats 💯

  35. Ms.Hershey Kiss 211

    2019/2020 ayyyyyeee 2020 grad in the building ayeeeee ctfu in the a.m. motivation

  36. Keonne Williams

    I need it in my Life. 💰😎

  37. Keith Evans

    This use to be my shit🔥🔥🔥

  38. Corey Green

    I love this song 💯

  39. Anthony Niroshan

    Simply just off da hook!!!

  40. Alexis Knox

    This is the jam from the ninth ward

  41. Marathon Gaming187

    My god the intro to this song hits you in the chest hardbody


    This song is EPIC... All Juvi music is bangin...Mani fresh is dope! [My Baby]....Ballin and Flexin hard... 2019

  43. Alberto Marcel

    Yall see how back in the days niggas use to wear dresses 😂😂😂

  44. Uncle Ruckus

    Reason why blacks stay poor .. watch the video

    Perry Saunders

    So what's the excuse for the Whites in West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi? Bottom in Income and Education....

  45. josh crawford

    Girls remember these wize words from the homie Juve.. "if a gangsta can't touch, what ya shackin it for"? 🐾💯

  46. Lamont Taylor


  47. Taulimy Guillen

    Good times!?
    Juve the greatest
    I came to USA wend he was killing it !

  48. YS Entertainment

    12 year old me played this shit on repeat. Good times


    Tight cut 👊🏾 😎

  50. Wear Montgomery

    `|``|`^"llamas @newportnews

    Wear Montgomery


  51. Wear Montgomery

    I need it I whantedit ™¥

    Wear Montgomery

    @goo.glekeep pluscollectio ns,;_

    Wear Montgomery


    Wear Montgomery


  52. elpidio figueroa

    You I love my myself n why god makes me go

  53. Avenger John Wick

    2019? 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Juvi

  54. Charlene White

    Sexy, fine, cute,and my kind of New Orleans Man,he keep it got dam Real

  55. Whenyoutrybut Stillfail

    From the N to the O in this mofer. If you don’t know then you’ll never know. Frfr only nigga I’d let dip this. 😍2019 and on 4ever

  56. dana thomas

    This Mrs .Dana you been rolling

  57. Van Rodney

    Boy this was my shit boy

  58. Ron Latronica

    All I have left to do is cop a coat of mink.

  59. darius cooper

    Man I'm tryna go in on this type of old school stuff

  60. isis murray

    Juvie is that dude!!!


    You mean Mannie

  61. Quinterra Johnson

    Baeeee fineee 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  62. Col Campbell AI 2024

    Long Live Mannie 🤙

  63. Ken Drip

    Juve had sum real izm in this video #FreeGoodGame #S/oPimpJuJu

  64. Chota Alex

    2019 fire

  65. Eric peppy

    The first time I ever had ecstasy my friend had this album screwed and chopped. They had the craziest surround sound and it was a fuckin wild evening.

    Ian H

    I hope you don’t do it anymore that stuff is bad.

    Eric peppy

    @Ian H
    Oh shit man this was like 13 years ago. Only did it that one time.
    Thanks for the worries though

    Ian H

    Eric peppy yeah man no problem. Just don’t want someone to be addicted to heavy drugs like that

  66. Taulimy Guillen

    Juve still in game !!!!

  67. Technosys

    Who came here after listening to Ride Dat?

  68. Steve Siri


  69. chris kelley

    Juvie was a underrated lyricist

  70. Niro Taylor

    Why even have edited songs, Dumbest shit on the planet.

  71. Dexter Mwale

    Damn only 6.7m viewers🤦‍♂️ this song straight🔥

    the naillady_4u

    Thos song was in my head today lol!!

  72. B L

    00’s Down South sh*t 🙌🏽

  73. ShaneStanley109

    How did the fashion go from baggy to cross dressing wearing skinny jeans lol I will never understand 🤔


    Mannie fresh a damn fool on them pads.



  76. The Best


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    Fire 2019

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    Who's still listening?

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    Im here mf.

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    Manny Muthaphuckin Fresh

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    Memphis kim on it 2019

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    Juve stayed putting put bangers back then. When back that ass up come on in the clubs everyone drops.

  84. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyy juvenile how's things hope yr good handsome yehhh thats jury doing the damm thang getting that paper mking it happens evrrrtimes in life getting it the real G wayy allways holding that shits down getting that money in his life thats jury is the badesxxt allways shinning he's mf*uckking man realest badesxxt firrrirerr hotts jamms so lovigggit$$!,

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  88. Kelly Hutchens

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    Heyyyyyy juvenile how's things handsome hope yr good this the hotts jamms evrrrr jury brought this shits too real its hitts firrerrr hotts the baddest jamms of the century kws thats shits real jury f*uck what they talking about getts thats mf*ucking paper keeps mking thats shits shinne jury buying up all them hotts fashion on they mf*uckking ass's thats yuu gott it in yr life thats and gonna to keeps it in yr life like tgats fr real tho jury is the mf*ucking man allways ridding thats shits up on top evrrtimes mking thats happens thats definitely how's juvenile getts it done evrrtimes the realest badesxst G keeps mking them hotts firrerrr hitts so lovinggit$$$!,