Juvenile - Break A Brick Down Lyrics

(This is, this is, this is, this is!!)
Yeah... ha ha!
Whoahh (yeah)

You put the coke in a tube, and whaddya get
Whatever you want a car to the flip of your wrist
Drug traffickin been happenin since seventy-six
They lock us up cause government be wantin tax from the shit
I call my people in Detroit, they get that 9-1-1
Hoe gon' put it in her pussy and come flyin with son
And it's plenty full so he gonna consignment some
Same nigga that I be gettin the lime-ah from
Got yay too! How you want it? Soft piece or hard piece?
Work ain't movin, I'll break it down in a heartbeat
I'm tryin to put the new 25's on my Rover
So when I hit the lakefront they gotta slide over
Yeahhh, these hoes be respctin my cars
When I pass, they smile and start adjustin they bras
Niggaz peep hard and get to twistin they lips
But they could easily meet God so homey don't even trip

Ridin with the strap on my lap, other one in the dash
On the way to drop this nigga off a fo'-and-a-half
Last time he put my shit on his tongue
He frowned up, cause the boy was NUMB
Can you break a brick down? I can break a brick down [3X]
I can break a brick down, but I prefer to sellin it whole

I read the paper today and everything was kinda chill
Word is circulatin niggaz is tryin to find a deal
So he could ride behind the wheel
of the 300 and put the dub deuces in the grill
You think you can't get killed? Me neither
That's why we almost forced to keep heaters
A quick ruckus if a bitch touch us
Ain't got no beef with no Muslims but move or you get hit brother
These streets move forward and backwards
These fiends out'chea somethin more than just actors
One nigga get popped, another fo' get a package
Watchin out for the law man patrollin the action
What next? We tryin to bring it back to the team
Let our dogs see how it is to do your own thing
Not like Baby though, really put your own bling
You ain't doin nuttin for me nigga, do your own thing


G shit to 'em, I don't just write rhymes
Goin platinum offa talkin about my lifetimes
I'm gettin love in these streets cause they like how I rock
I'm just a thug on the beat, fuck a hip-hop cop
Not jumpin on the bandwagon to get my props
Got somethin happenin fo' me right within my block
Now, everybody wanna be the king of somethin
I guess I'll just call myself the king of hustlin
I make things happen nigga, I'm a panhandler
Shit not like how it's lookin on camera
Won't exercise the right to put the bandana up
And nobody gon' handle us, we never put they hammers up
You couldn't make it where I survive
Right now my city murder rate is at it's all time high
And it's a must I have the piece in sight
When I'm drivin know I'm showin them no teeth, just eyes


[Chorus - second half only minus last half of last line]

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Juvenile Break A Brick Down Comments
  1. Kyle crush kammins The smash wrestler machines

    Juvenile is the best forever

  2. Mr SnubNose

    Was my shit in middle school when it it dropped I jammed this cd every morn 💯💯

  3. Mr Hombre Gordo

    Yeen doin shit fa me homie u ya own king!!! Fk a greedy backstabbing ass sucka. Keep it real w ya day1 homies. Salute all my "broke" Real Niggas

  4. Salone Onwuachi

    Heyyyy juvenile how's things handsome yehhh jury alllway gotts to gett it yessss sir mk that lickk gettingg paid mking its do whats its do gettingggg that maddd paper evrrrrty timess keepingg breakkking it down getts them brickkks popingggg jury allways the best wts cumms to handling it so lovinggit alllway the baddest hottess firrireerr realest baddest jammms so lovinggit$$$,

  5. Eternal Kloth Garden Gangsta

    "Everybody wanna be the king of something. Guess I just call myself the king of hustlin"

  6. Jay Love

    Juvie be keeping it real I like the song

  7. Terrance Weems

    My nigga is top 10 dead or alive 😎🔫💉🗜

  8. Kakawana Magee


  9. Dion Thomas

    Top 5 Juvie albums
    1.400 degrees
    2.juvie the great
    3.Reality check
    4.project english
    5.G code

    Rod Purnell

    my Juvie top 5 1.400 degreez 2.G code 3. Diary of a Soulja 4. Project English 5. Juvie the great

    Jenel Flenoid-Bey

    All of em


    Do yourself a favor...listen to juvenile soulja rags album. It was local in new orleans in early 90s

  10. Honey Dip

    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. LA BoutaBagDoe

    My Shits💯 Classic!

  12. Toni Henry

    new '25 on da rover

  13. Jefferson Guzman

    exercise the right to put the bandana up 🔫🔫👌👊

  14. Janera Dallas

    2017 shit still hard 🔥🔥

    Jefferson silva

    Mac JoJo The Great 😎

    Rubuen White

    Janera Dallas diz dat real Hood shit

    brian salathe

    Janera Dallas 2018 still hittin


    They lock us up cause the government be wantin to taxes that shit!!!

  16. Carrying2k

    Juve and B.G. Keep it gangsta and Turk as well.

  17. Joshua Middleton

    song so hard you kno to report this shit 


    lol I hear that

  18. i3oosted

    This ninja keeping it real since day 1

  19. marchell collins

    My shit

  20. Peter Koenig

    i always bump this song when im fixing up a fat weed sack =D

  21. Keith Brown

    one of my fav Juvenile songs! i use to bump the shit out this song! i never sold a brick in my life, but this song made me feel like i should go out and try it a few times! the beat went hard! the lyrics on point! entire song went hard!

    Anthony Gomez

    Keith Brown yuhhhhh

  22. Corazon De Leon

    yes juvenile i can break a brick down. cant do that shit no more though niggas talk too much and i dont need the drama and i know me.

  23. kaboomldl07


  24. James Carter

    oh he did diss birdman in his sec verse startin on 2:13

  25. Dr. Jé

    Can you break a brick down?

  26. Mastermind420ish

    mad rap skills, well done J man

  27. Flight Productions

    man juvi that nigga he never switched up his style he stayed with tha time!!!

  28. Nikkie NikkeL

    this ma shit

  29. paul carrell

    i can break a brick down and make that bitch double
    if i know how to do one thing , that has to be the hustle...
    i can get it off the muscle , but i aint jumpin through no hoops
    niggas in the game all scared actin like fruits haha..ohhhhhhh

  30. paul carrell

    speakin of bricks..sumone front one hahah

  31. North Dayton


  32. fireman62truck

    best juve song off of reality check JUVE THE GREAT

  33. Bobby ReeZy

    i can break a brick down

  34. jcella500

    my shit project shit

  35. Black Trap Goku