Justin Stone - Got It Lyrics

[Justin Stone:]
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it

Half will love, when they hear it
Half will hate, cause they fear it
Location, on top
Y'all ain't even near it
Fade away you can't step to me
9 to 5 ain't enough for me
Your opinion means nothing though
Zero cares, no stressing me
Dealing with doubt in the back of my head
No I ain't sleeping at all
Probably the reason my eyes looking red
No, no, smoking involved
But it's all good
Yeah it's all great
Buzzing now all my exes getting irate

[Justin Stone:]
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it

Yeah, she want to see how I do record
I'm not the nigga that you ignore
I'm with the people that I do this for
I'm on a job while you're truly bored
Look on my dresser and see your mixtape it's a lullaby it made me truly snore
Everyone focus on me like a camera because my life is like a movie score
I was also my mind I did do be sure
I took a couple of falls
I have no one to call
Now I'm stunting on ya'll
You on your wave and I'm feeling like Jaws
You got a problem just give me a call
Nigga's be sad for tweeting me
While I'm out in the week
And blowing a refer
The God of nigga is tweaking
Also just keeping my brain out the deep end
I ain't been sleeping
What's the point cause I wake up and live what I'm dreaming
She call my name like its Jesus
You can just give me a beat and I'll kill it
I'm always speaking the L-spit
Fuck all 'em dodgers, I'm still sick
Now you haters gotta deal bitch
Real shit
Yeah, shouts out to my niggas

[Justin Stone:]
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it

Tell me where the check that'll ease my stress
That'll make me whole
Tell them I be from the land where the aces stand and the base is sold
Gimme the pay in full
Hip hop head with a faceless skull
On college ave
Was a raging bull
Chasing Daisy I'll take the toll
This was never supposed to happen
Nah, nah
OG's rolling and told me to stick to rapping
Now I'm in the middle of it all
Bet I wreck it
The record'll be corrected when I show them how misfit get this tall living in big city where scene so small
Half asleep I'm throwing cigarette ashes again
Been out my mind and going crazy rolling backwards again
Having terror dreams of heroin taking over my brother's mind been riding slow
My mind is fine
So save it for another time
I'm fine

[Justin Stone:]
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah
We got it, yeah

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Justin Stone Got It Comments
  1. PAKER#

    2018.. And this song still 🔥

  2. Alex Michelon

    Tobilla destroyed this beat

  3. Alex Michelon

    "Look on my dresser and see your mixtape, it's a lullaby, made me truly snore" dayuuuum

  4. Jamess

    Willis all the way, we up!

  5. KingM4RTIN

    Beat sounds like a minecraft dance party

    Justin Stone

    I love me some minecraft

  6. sTaTiic Gamer

    good shit this If lit🔥

  7. Andreitraise

    swagy track s music has copy right?

  8. Tarantula Fingers

    Dope 🔥

  9. Joe Bandilla

    You pulled another cold one! This going on my playlist!

    Justin Stone


  10. PlatinTM

    Justin is the only one musicer who answers to his fans.Good Job!

    Justin Stone

    I love you guys


    And we love you ^^

  11. J.C. T.V.

    Honestly dopest song on swagy

    Justin Stone

    Let them know!

  12. Energiized

    Justin killed the beat he's really on 🔥🔥 man! great Job

    Justin Stone


  13. bot slayer45

    Dab this is a good song😍😊😀

  14. Sauul9FN

    A little late tuning in to this but I'm looking forward to hearing Justin's and Tobilla's verse🔥

    Justin Stone

    Did you like it?


    +Justin Stone it's was cool. I really enjoyed Tobilla's on this song 😇

  15. Christopher Diaz

    aye justin plz answer bro but aye i hope you make it to the big boys labels and all those other things because we all got dreams and you have good talent im only 13 but i think your good bro i want to achieve something great when i grow up and bro if you put your all you gon make it someday cuz not everyone has good singing talents and they should notice someone like you i bearly heard you rn and your good so have a good day bro

    Justin Stone

    Thanks homie

  16. Braidyn McDonald

    💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍 loveeeee this

    Braidyn McDonald

    +Justin Stone thanks for your music bro 💁

  17. Willis

    tell em i be from the land where the aces stand and the base is sold..

    Justin Stone


    bot slayer45

    +Justin Stone yeah

  18. Abdul design

    dope vibes

  19. jessi fltschr

    OMG that beat❤😍

  20. Jose mina

    that so great.!

  21. Mrcool179

    It would be great if lyrics were posted with the song. Just a little thing which would improve the channel :)

  22. Jordan C.

    This is amazing !

  23. anurag

    this shit's dope! Props to Justin, Tobilla and Willis!

  24. Joel Gray

    Love the track and you seem like a really legit dude. Keep up this fire!

  25. Kronzrr

    Sick af justin<3

  26. Its Eddie

    Hmmm ok.. oook.... OK..... OOOOOOK!!!!! WOAH!

  27. FoamyShowme

    This is great

  28. ShowStoppa

    Justin needs to do a song with Hendersin & Ivan B.

    Justin Stone

    I have one with both. Ivan b one comes out in a week. And Hendersin one is already out

  29. Jeffrey Willson

    this is sick

  30. Precision Beats

    Bruh I just found out about you and you are straight fire g fr🔥 do you have an email I can send beats to by any chance??

  31. Rick Rickulous

    Good beat though!

  32. Rick Rickulous

    Lol i can't handle this man hahah this song goes hard ;) kidding this is not rapping man

  33. NiifTee

    Fucking banger

  34. Henry Zhang


  35. Julian •


  36. Breezy

    Best artist I love his music soooo much ❤

    Justin Stone

    Thanks :)

  37. Magic Turtle

    All the turtles listen to that dope song.

    Justin Stone

    You are a cool turtle

    Magic Turtle

    holy moly didnt thought that u would reply.

  38. damen statham

    I need to change.

  39. Yasemin

    Nice beat! Love that!

  40. redeemedby Jesus

    on replay

  41. Sha

    Damn, this is sick. Fire flow over that beat.
    I put up a new hip hop single on my channel today too, if anyone wants to check it out. Hopefully I'll get my stuff on here eventually lol

  42. HeyMistahCarter

    I haven't heard the song yet but this dude seems like a very nice guy ... He has replied to so many people on a Chanel that isn't his ...

    The beat started and it fuqn bumps and this dude got bars

    Justin Stone

    I always try to respond!:)


    you got a new fan from florida.

    Justin Stone

    +antievangelist good:)

  43. Swag Vini

    Amazing song! +1 epic of Justin!

  44. AmazingProphet

    The homie Tobilla SNAPPED haaaaaa, great job y'all.

  45. Fragger PvP - HG

    ✘ It's very very swagy ✘

  46. coolwhtboy

    playing Justin Stone at a car show. people come up and ask who it is... I say "the next big thing!" keep it up!

    Justin Stone

    Thanks for the love :)

  47. Miky

    Im his friend in roblox.

  48. Lui

    Dope asf you need more support

  49. fortijs

    <3! This is FIRE!

  50. ohhShaunny

    Justin is just killing it lately😍👌 Good work man🙌

    Justin Stone

    Thanks man

  51. Ethan Larsson

    this is amazing, I love how he responds to us!

    but will he respond to me?

    Justin Stone

    Of course :)


    +Justin Stone <3

  52. Anthony Martinez

    straight fucking bars⚌

  53. F F

    Are your songs nocopyright?


    Comeback over 9000

  55. AcedYoFace Plays

    I used to hate Justin's music but now it's my life

    Justin Stone

    Glad I could win you over :)

  56. tsk

    Hahaha, since Justin's been appearing here a lot lately, I've been saying "Oh hey Justinnnn"

    Justin Stone

    Oh hey(;

  57. culpy

    Every time I get high, I sit and look at +SwagyTracks songs backgrounds on their videos and just think.

  58. Project Vibe

    1.25 speed is g, try it Justin 🔥

  59. James Chin

    Guess i have to buy some new beats.... Damnnnn

  60. Andrew Yenney

    My man is back at it again!

    Justin Stone

    Thanks drew🙏🏼

  61. BySqwl

    good song its awesome <3

  62. Tobilla

    Thank you all for the love! Shout out to my brothers Justin & Willis! Yahm!

    Justin Stone

    The homie^^


    ayye. my man.

  63. iRMB

    Yo this shit is hot 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Concept Ice

    Justin is a legend.

    Justin Stone

    Thanks icey!

    Concept Ice

    +Justin Stone yeeeeep!

  65. ItsJake

    oooo this is good shit right here

  66. Osias Madrid

    this beat is hard af

  67. Cooper

    Wow this guy spitting Fire!🔥 🔥 🔥

  68. ItsInstincz

    This shit is lit. Keep it up!

  69. PatsNation

    Holy shit Justin back with another banger

  70. Bruno Richter

    das wäre ein mega Beat für Gary Washington

  71. Best Replays Jr

    Justin back at it again with 🔥🔥 and brought some friends

    Justin Stone

    I had to;)

    Best Replays Jr

    +Justin Stone ;)

  72. OhSafeAsh

    Bruhh, the beat though<3
    Good shit Justin!
    Keep it up and you'll be up there soon enough.

  73. f1checker

    If this gets famous, I was here :)

  74. Hydrates

    This is dope Justin, one of the best you've made imo, you're only getting better

  75. NumbCorns

    i dont like the 2nd guy

  76. Oi nobody io

    Justin one of my best rappers and this is 🔥

    Justin Stone


  77. MrGu4x1! O lek das dorgas ;3

    Justin <33 very good!

  78. Emji

    Throw back when G-Eazy used to only be known on channels like this... Now he is world wide... I wonder who will be next?

    Justin Stone

    Hopefully me (;

  79. NewbDynamics

    So many sick songs from you in the last time! Come to Germany lease :D

  80. David Espinosa

    Me: Hello 911, my house burned down
    Fire Department: Justin Stone?
    Me: Yup
    Fire Department: Saamee

  81. Mark Marcum

    well shit.... My house burned down because of this fire 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Fabi Plays

    Holy shit. This is fucking dope as fuck....

  83. DopeGrime

    All Love Justin <3

  84. SNPR

    I loce the music of justin stone so much❤️


    @Justin Stone <3

  85. exo

    Too good

  86. The Viper

    Omg Nice ❤️

  87. Hyp3 Gamer


  88. erictran.

    The bass is shaking my table like hell! This song is sick Justin!

    Justin Stone

    Thanks retro!

  89. makenna

    Good job justin, inlove with this song (:

    Justin Stone

    Good glad you love it!

  90. SelfmadeBeats

    Good work, sounds amazing ;D

  91. ShareYourChill

    Very Cool ! <3

  92. Mvtfrfc

    Sick bruhh 🔥

  93. Master


  94. Exit -

    that beat tho😍